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  1. Dear ______ (name of the receiver),
  3. I of the address above would like to invite _____ (name of the visitor) with a passport number ______ (passport number of the visitor) for a short visit to our country.
  5. We know each other very well since childhood. We used to study in the same school and we have grown up together. After completion of our studies he got employed in _____ (name of the visitor’s country) and got separated and never got a chance to meet.
  7. I would like to invite my friend for ____ days (the time period for his stay) in my country and spend time with me and my family.
  9. During his visit to _____ (name of the writer’s country) he will live with me only. I have provided all my details along with this letter. Feel free to contact for further details.
  11. Thanking you,
  12. Yours truly,
  14. _____________
  15. Name and Signature
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