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The Everfree Nightmare (first draft)

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Aug 11th, 2013
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  1. The Everfree Nightmare
  2. Story concept.
  4. The beginning is comedic, with flutterguy's singing and spike's namecalling jokes, till they find out that these symptons are too dangerous because of continous mutations and Zecora tells them will stay like this forever. I didn't bother modifying Tinyjack or anything like that but changing it to sober or drunk forever would still work. Spike and Applebloom remain in ponyville.
  5. Just immensely rush the first part so they immediatly go to Zecora's hut. After they thrashed Zecora's hut...Zecora explains to them that she needs a large quantity of rare herbs from the Everfree Forest in order to cure them. She also reluctantly joins them. The time is shown as very short; at 6 in the morning they will stay like this forever. The ponies all packed up go with Zecora through the everfree forest at night looking for the herbs. The intensity between Zecora and the ponies is immense, Zecora is still mad at them for thrasing their home and her weird habits don't make her look trustworthy at all, neither to the viewers and neither to the ponies. After she can't take no more Zecora at one point wants to leave she accidentally runs in a bushel of poison joke with makes Zecora turn into a pony and loses her accent. They don't find any herbs at all for a long time.
  7. Out of a sudden they encounter a panther with two tentacles(Displacer beast) and they fight it in different ways, Twilight still uses her magic but it has weird effects which in turn makes all all her arcane magicturn to nature magic, she summons vines and bends trees to retain the beast. Then a different Manticore appears and slashes the tree branches, freeing the panther and they end up double-teaming the ponies. Flutterguy slightly attempts to commune with the creatures but with her voice it's no use. The manticore uses its wings to dodge and attack, it goes up in the air and almost stomps the ponies, in turn it still stomps on Twilight's magic trees, and eventually ends up stinging Rainbow Dash which is now poisoned. While the panther keeps any pony from escaping and they all get balled up, and everything looks like it's going to hell and it's over. Zecora tells Twilight to use her magic at her command, when she says now! she throws a whole bag of some potions at the creatures which causes them to go blind and on fire and yell in pain, and the other bag at Twilight's plants, which grow ten times the size, attacking the monsters and making them run.
  9. The plants also react as an elevator and now the ponies are very high up in the sky which allows them to see the entirety of the Everfree Forest...the scene stays for a good while for them to admire it, but they notice that a small part of the sky is turning orange. It's 5AM, they're almost out of time, but in the distance they see something sparkling from a cave, Zecora says that's where they have to go. Twilight says they'll never make it in time, and she doesn't have her party teleport spell to help them either. Now Zecora takes out a potion which she had for safe keeping, She forcefully rubs the lotion on Twilight's horn and the horn is cured...Twilight gives a short scolding, but she's running out of time and quits it.
  11. She teleports them all instantly to the cave and as they go further and further there's some herbs there growing, but it's not enough, three or more ponies might be left out. Twilight tries to come up with an idea;
  12. Twilight points out there's a bushel of poison joke in the cave and that her nature powers might help the herbs grow fast enough, but Zecora says it's gonna take too long for the poison joke effects to take place. Zecora points out that she has a potion with liquid made out of poison joke, but she's never tried it and she has no more curing potions. They all judge her for keeping such a thing with her, but Twilight takes the risk and rubs it on her horn. The horn this time is stiff and ends up with different colors and very weird symbols, compared to the first one. Twilight concentrates on her magic for a while...there's moments of silence as nothing happens and everything seems lost...but she tries again this time with far more sparkles and coming out of the horn and the plants start gradually growing and popping out more and more, the ponies all cheer, but Twilight seems to be losing control; purple orbs start popping around her horn and then spread all across the cave, give it some more time for the effects and then everything loudly flashes with white&purple arcane magic. The entirety of the cave turns out to have been teleported just about 10 meters away from Zecora's hut.
  14. They all gather the herbs and rush for the bubble bath as the sunrise is emphasized, and they all end up perfectly fine. In the end they destroy the last remnants of the poison joke and they start apologizing but Zee says it's alright for it was her fault, Zecora says: ''No it was actually my fault, I've moved away from my homeland because all the zebras couldn't stand my rustic, confusing and weird ways as a witch. I'm not exactly the most comfortable of creatures.''
  15. Now in the end either she changes her personality to be properly social, with mane6 helping her or she uses a specific poison joke to turn her into an already social pony and integrate in the town....of course this last one would give mixed results for the moral.
  17. The end.
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