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  1. Insurgent
  2. By Veronica Roth
  3. Thesis
  4. We’ve all heard about the movie divergent and the following movies relating to the series. These movies were only adapted from a novel written by Veronica Roth. And this book has earned countless of awards and criticisms from different critics. Furthermore, it has earned a #1 NYTimes Besstsekller award.
  5. Author
  6. Veronica Roth is a novel writer, and short story writer from the American Race. She made her writing debut when she released the Divergent Trilogy which has earned praise and criticisms.
  7. Apart from her ever famous Divergent Trilogy, she has written also the Carve the Mark Duology.
  8. Summary
  9. Follownig the events of Divergent, The social structure of Tris's world is beginning to fall apart. After the Erudite simulation attack on the Abnegation, the factions are in disarray. The Dauntless are split - half providing the military muscle for the Erudite and the other half seeking alliances with the other factions.
  10. But Amity insist on remaining neutral in the hopes of avoiding further conflict and the Candor don't have anything to bargain with, so submit to Erudite demands. The few remaining Abnegation are refugees. But there is another group - the factionless - who may hold the key to defeating the Erudite.
  13. Tris, is still grieving for the loss of her parents and must pick her way through these shifting alliances if she is to survive as a Divergent. And she is going to have to make some hard choices, choices that may mean betraying Tobias.
  14. Setting
  15. The story is still set in an alternate reality with dystopian environment. This world is like a post-apocalyptic place where nothing is as it seems. People are set in different factions which are to fulfil their own duties.
  16. It seems that the peope living in this world are the few people that are left on this world.
  17. Furthermore, it seems that the people  living in this world were the remnants of the original inhabitants of the world, possibly us.
  18. Characters and Characterization
  19. The main character is Tris – she is the protagonist of the story and a full divergent.She has all the qualities of all faction and therefore, she can join any faction but is not allowed to as culture says not to.
  20. Four – is the lover of Tris. He appears to be a divergent just like Tris and he is a part of the Dauntless faction in which Tris belongs to before the Coup.
  21. POV
  22. The Story was told through Tris’ POV.
  23. This allows the readers to feel Tris’ emotions as she narrated what happened and what was happening.
  24. Furthermore, this allows monologues to happen while the reader is reading the book.
  25.  And lastly, the story is easier to read because people can relate moer and they feel like they are the ones speakin in the shoes of Tris.
  26. Conflict
  27. The conflict is man vs man
  28. The man in this conflct are the erudites, especially the leader of the Erudites.
  29. This is because of the fights and chases that happen within the story that seem to not end.
  30. Furthermore, notice how Tris’ team and the Erudites are always clashing and how th Erudites’ wish for them to perish. This is the mani reason for the man vs man plt.
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