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  1. //Sylvia talk options
  2. [Moths]
  3. It strikes you that in all your time in Mareth you've never seen another moth, [if (Dolores) besides Dolores obviously|not even once]. You ask Sylvia why exactly that is—are they just rare, or did they come from another world like you?
  5. She puts a finger to her chin and looks slightly askance. [say: Well, I haven't really thought about it all that much. Even as a child, I never met any others. Before she... passed, my mother told me about proper 'courtship.'] She turns to look you in the eye, a slight flicker of playfulness in hers. [say: Moths mate for life, and we aren't very fertile. It's fairly common for us to only ever have one daughter in our entire lifetimes, and more are viewed as a divine blessing. I suppose that that would naturally lead to a low population, and with the demons...]
  7. She lets the word linger for some time, her downcast expression not suiting her in the slightest. Finally, she looks up once more, finishing somewhat somberly. [say: [if (dolores) We|I] might be the last one[if (Dolores)s] left.]
  9. //First time
  10. Despite the confident face she tries to put on, you can tell that thinking about this has dredged up some painful thoughts. What should you say to her?
  12. [Protect] [Respect] [Hug] [Nothing]
  15. [Protect] tooltip- Tell Sylvia you'll always be there for her.
  16. The sight of her downcast gaze is just too much—you don't ever want to see that expression on her face. You quickly [if (singleleg) sidle|step] up to Sylvia and put your hands on her shoulders, proceeding to tell her about how you feel, about how you'll never leave her. You're not sure what exactly the future holds, but you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you want her in yours.
  18. With each word, Sylvia's face morphs more and more, her mouth curving up at the same time as her lips start to tremble. When you're done, a single tear rolls down her cheek, but she quickly wipes it up.
  20. [say: Thank you, [name], I...] She sniffles a bit. [say: I'll never forget that.] Her smile seems to finally stabilize, and the look she gives you is nothing but warm. [say: Sorry for the commotion. Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?]
  21. //-Dom
  24. [Respect] (or a better button name) tooltip- Compliment Sylvia for her strength.
  25. Thinking for a moment, you start to tell Sylvia how impressed you are by her. She's borne all this weight by herself for years, without anyone to rely on, and not everyone could do that. As you communicate all this to her, Sylvia's face slowly brightens, settling into a smile, though its curve is somewhat sinister.
  27. When you're finished, she lets the silence hang for a few moments, staring at you just long enough to make you uncomfortable before starting to speak. [say: Why thank you, [name], that's so sweet.]
  29. She flutters closer, her arms surreptitiously slipping around you. [say: I could just eat you up right now...]
  31. She remains there, huffing into your ear, doing nothing further. Maybe you should change the subject?
  32. //+Dom
  35. [Hug] tooltip- Comfort her in the best way you know how.
  36. You can't stand the sight of her hanging there, dejected, and so you quickly sweep her up in a hug, shocking her out of her stupor. Without any words, she quickly returns your gesture, wrapping her arms tightly around your torso and pressing herself into your [chest].
  38. After a few minutes of this, she gently whispers, [say: Thank you, [name],] her voice devoid of its usual liveliness. Eventually, she pulls back, her cheeks looking ever so slightly damp, but a genuine smile back on her face.
  40. [say: Now then, was there anything else you wanted to talk about?]
  43. [Nothing] tooltip- Don't respond at all.
  44. You simply let the conversation dissipate, leaving the two of you to stand there in silence for some time.
  46. Suddenly, Sylvia perks up, an uncanny smile plastered on her face. [say: Oh, but don't mind me, [name]. Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?]
  47. //+1 hole in your heart
  50. //Subsequent times
  51. But despite a small quiver of her lip, Sylvia quickly composes herself, her face returning to the placid confidence you know so well. [say: Oh, but that's not something to dwell on.]
  53. Do you have a different topic in mind?
  55. //All options return to talk menu
  58. [Bog]
  59. You ask Sylvia how she likes it here. After all, this bog isn't the best place to live—it's humid, filthy, and full of insects. [if (silly) No offence intended.]
  61. She looks at you somewhat quizzically, taking several moments to think about this. [say: Well, it's just where I've always lived. It's home to me. I have no reason to go anywhere else, so I'm fine just staying here, as long as there's still food and the demons don't get too close for comfort.]
  63. She pauses for a moment before continuing. [say: I suppose I've even grown to like it. You can get used to just about anything...] The moth-girl looks back up to you. [say: Why do you ask?]
  65. [Invite] [Curious]
  68. [Invite] tooltip- You want to know if she'd like to live with you.
  69. You make your offer, and her face immediately slackens, seeming somehow paler than usual. When she doesn't respond, you start to ask again, but the overwhelming pressure of the silence soon eats up your words, and the two of you are left staring at each other, nothing passing between.
  71. Her eyes grow very intense for a moment, piercing you deeply. The twin black pools seem for all the world like great, yawning abysses. You're teetering on the edge, you feel like if you just leaned forward, you would fall, fall...
  73. [say: No,] she says definitively, breaking the spell. [say: Thank you, but no. I doubt I could handle...]
  75. She lets the point trail, apparently satisfied with this answer, but it takes several more moments before her gaze returns to normal. The awkward atmosphere suddenly hits you—it would probably be a good idea to find another topic...
  78. [Curious] tooltip- You were just interested, nothing more.
  79. You make a noncommittal gesture and tell her that it was just a passing thought. The moth seems to accept this just fine, giving you a warm smile as if your interest were the most precious thing in the world to her.
  81. [say: Well, will that be all?]
  82. //Both return to talk menu
  85. //A message for when you visit Sylvia without having done so for over 3 weeks.
  86. You check all of her usual haunts--the bookshelf, her bed, the small area she uses as a kitchen--but Sylvia doesn't seem to be around right now. Everything's in order, and the cave is otherwise normal, so you have no reason to panic at the moment. Still, she's usually overjoyed at your presence, so her absence [i: is] fairly unusual. It has been a while since your last visit, maybe she just wasn't expecting you?
  88. Just as you're wondering what you should do, the barest of buzzing sounds is your only warning before a quartet of chitinous arms suddenly assault you from behind. They wrap around your front and entangle you, twelve fingertips now gripping you for dear life.
  90. [say: I came as soon as I smelled you.] You feel a shuddering breath against the back of your neck. [say: I thought I was dreaming, I... You've been away so long.] The moth-girl releases her grip[if (dom < 50), allowing you to turn around| and then spins you around] to face her.
  92. Her eyes are wide and manic. Her face trembles oddly, and you can tell that she's just barely restraining herself, although you don't know from what.
  94. [say: Don't— Please don't leave me like that again.] She sucks in a deep breath, seeming to calm herself. [say: I just can't handle it. I almost... well...] She shakes her head. [say: No matter. Now then, what can I do for you?] Her smile is genuine, but her eyes still hold some of that wild energy.
  98. //Dolores sneak question; tooltip- Why did she do this so secretively?
  99. [if (book kept) Last time should have been more than enough evidence to trust you|Even after what happened last time, she should still trust her [father]], so why did she have to do all of this in secret? If she had just come to you first, things would have gone so much better.
  101. Dolores looks genuinely ashamed of herself at this, merely tapping her fingers together while she thinks of a response. Eventually, she does start talking, although you can tell from the hesitance in her voice that she's having trouble expressing herself.
  103. [say: I... It was almost like a compulsion. I had this absolute certainty that I had to do things like that, that it had to be by myself, that no one would understand. I know now that I was wrong to think so, but... I almost can't describe it. All I can do is to say that it shall never happen again, not so long as I know myself.]
  105. She nods firmly, and that seems to be that. You suppose that you'll just have to trust her word for the moment.
  109. //Talking to Sylvia about daughter boning; tooltip- Talk to Sylvia about the prospect of having sex with Dolores; one-time scene
  110. You try to think of how to approach this topic, but nothing really comes to mind at first. Sylvia can be quite possessive, and she seems fairly protective of her daughter, so you don't know how well she'll take this. Mareth is, after all, a land with wholly different customs to your own, and Sylvia is a bit of an odd one besides. Still, it's the right thing to do, so you start to explain the situation as best you can.
  112. However, the moth-girl just gives you a mildly confused look, as if this was entirely unnecessary. She waves an arm and says, [say: Oh, of course, that sounds like a lovely idea,] smiling pleasantly at you.
  114. This reaction is quite unexpected, but before you can ask for a clarification, she provides one. [say: Well, you just love your family, right? It's... It's been a long time since I've had anything like a family, so I want nothing more than for ours to be as close as possible.] You think you see some shadow of pain behind her eyes, but you can't quite identify its source. And in any case, it's soon gone, replaced by her usual confidence with no trace remaining.
  116. [say: And besides,] she says, smirking devilishly, [say: it's not like you'll be ignoring me now, right?] She punctuates this point by closing the distance between you and sliding a hand up your thigh.
  118. Well, that solves that, you suppose.
  122. //Dolores magic conversation after the story's done
  123. Dolores's interest in magic hasn't always had the best of results, but as her [father], you feel obliged to learn more about this aspect of her life. And it couldn't hurt to make sure things aren't slipping again. You ask Dolores if she's still practicing magic after everything that's happened.
  125. At this question, her eyes light up a bit, and she gives you a cryptic, almost weary smile. [say: Certainly, [Father]. Magic is the one thing I find truly beautiful in this wretched world, and it seems to love me just as much. I intend to pursue my passion until the day I perish.] She looks guilty for a moment. [say: Responsibly, of course.]
  127. What she said about it being \"love\" raises an interesting point. Why [i: was] she able to use the book so well? It [if (used book yourself) was|seemed like] a fairly complicated ritual, but she was [if (stopped) almost] able to do it all by herself. Do moths have some natural affinity for magic? Was it all down to luck and circumstance? Is she just a prodigy?
  129. Her smile widens just a tad, but she takes a moment to answer, her fingers fiddling with the hem of her dress. [say: Hmm... Well I can't say for sure, but it has always felt natural for me. I suppose, given that the book was with us in the first place, that there may be some relation there, but... I simply know this as my calling. I would find it difficult to explain to you, but surely there is something you feel the same way about?]
  131. Interesting. You'd like to know more about how magic [i: feels] to her, since she often describes it in such odd ways.
  133. [say: It's exquisite, far finer than any worldly delicacy,] she says with a somewhat snobbish pout. You suppress your reaction for her benefit. [say: However... nothing compares to the feeling of the magics in that ancient tome. Having tasted something like that once... I shall never forget that sensation.] Her eyes flash. [say: One day... One day, I will taste it again, on my own terms.[dpg]Well in any case,] she says, returning to her usual detached demeanor, [say: feel free to ask about these things at any time. I am always happy to talk about my interests.] A genuinely warm smile. [say: And to talk to you, [Father].]
  137. //Home stalking; requires stalking enabled and hours > 16, random chance in camp
  138. As the day starts to grow long, you survey your camp for a moment, considering the current state of affairs. However, your brief reverie is interrupted when you suddenly get the distinct impression of being watched yourself.
  140. You don't quite know why, though. No matter how much you scan the horizon, no threat appears[if (hours > 19) , although it is dark enough that it'd be hard to see if there were one| despite the relatively decent visibility]. The area around your camp is fairly flat and barren, so it's not like something could sneak up on you all that easily, and [if (wall) your wall should do a good job keeping out|[if (companion on watch) you do have someone on watch for|you feel confident enough in your ability to deal with]] any undesirables, should the need arise.
  142. Still, nothing seems to be here. How peculiar.
  144. You turn back to what you were doing previously, but a flicker of white at the very edge of your vision gives you a start. You whirl around to face it. Nothing. Just the same lifeless expanse as before. Your heart pounds in your chest, and you feel sweat begin to bead on your [skinshort]. There's definitely something here, you're not imagining things. Collecting yourself, you start to slowly and methodically examine every hiding place you can think of. However, you still can't find your stalker in any of the nooks or crannies you come across. Maybe this was all just an overreaction after all.
  146. And then you see her hovering there, just at the edge of your camp. A pale white body with six limbs terminating in purple chitin, and two wings beating fast enough to blur—there can be no mistake, it is your moth lover. Now completely still, Sylvia watches you intently, her face oddly devoid of emotion. When you meet her eyes, she does nothing. Does she not want to come over...?
  148. A sudden smile flits across her face, and she promptly bolts off. You barely have time to register the motion before she's already out of sight and over the horizon. It seems she wasn't looking to visit.
  150. You weren't even aware she knew where you lived.
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