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Anonymous is not responsible for the Puckett and Faraj hack

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Feb 6th, 2012
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  1. 2/7/2012
  2. ----------------------------------
  3. Emergency Anonymous Press Release:
  4. ----------------------------------
  6. The recent hacks of Puckett and Faraj, a law firm which defended the accused Haditha massacre squad leader, are actually not the work of Anonymous. Yet again, the corporate or government provocateurs at #Antisec have continued their smear campaign to ruin the name of Anonymous by using it for increasingly destructive action.
  8. Haytham Faraj, a fan of Anonymous and a partner in the firm, made the following statement about the hacks.
  10. "Anonymous hacked into my business email account and stole over 3 gigs of email communications. Ironically, I am a supporter of Anonymous' declared mission of exposing corruption, injustice, hypocrisy and governments acting in secret. I also supported Wikileaks. I volunteered to defend Bradley Manning and did a 30 minute interview on BBC TV about him. Anonymous will not find a smoking gun in the Haditha emails. In fact they will discover that which I stated all along. Wuterich did not shoot or kill women and children. He was entitled to a defense like everyone else in a free society. By putting my emails in the public sphere Anonymous did not violate my privacy. There is nothing in those emails about me. It violated the privacy rights of hundreds, perhaps thousands of other people who were entitled to their privacy by publishing their personal email and telephone information, to disclosing private and personal information that clients share with lawyers believing that the information will remain private and confidential. I am upset by Anonymous' thoughtless acts."
  12. By attacking this firm, the lawyers' clients have had their sacred right to privacy trampled upon unfairly. The great majority of the people harmed have nothing at all to do with the Haditha massacre.
  14. A group of Anons have increasingly played into sophisticated manipulative propaganda campaigns and may vocally support these kinds of actions. Meanwhile, the silent majority of Anonymous is growing uncomfortable with this new and inaccurate meaning for Anonymous. Anonymous is not hacktivism. Anonymous did not hack Puckett and Faraj.
  16. We are Anonymous
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