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  1. General
  3. - Higher tickrate on overwatch demos, and GOTV demos in general
  4. - When watching a demo, make us able to switch players open minimap etc.. without closing the demoui
  5. - Make Overwatch more in depth with the demoui tool. (rewind etc..)
  6. - Make the official Competitive servers at 128 tickrate, with as low var as possible. (casual stays at 64)
  7. - When you are searching for a competitive game you can see how many servers that are online. It is way to many compared to how many players that is searching even at peak hours. if this is one of the reasons why it's not 128 tick then close some of them down.
  8. - Add maps that have been used in tournaments to the official competitive matchmaking
  9. - Being able to chose the region of servers you want to play on (like dota 2 has)
  10. - Vote for overtime if a official competitive match ends with a tie
  11. - You should be able to take BOT's weapons by standing close to them and press "e" (use key)
  12. - BOT's should have a more suitable buy preference m4 and ak > all other weapons if they can afford it
  13. - Veteran coin should display the amount of years you have played above 5 years, instead of just showing 5 years even though some have 10 years experience.
  14. - In official competitive matchmaking, if a cheater is banned mid-match or a cheater you played agianst was banned the result should be removed from your rank gain. (for example if you lose rank because you lost to an obvious cheater)
  16. Gameplay
  18. Guns
  20. - When at zero velocity (standing still) Every gun should be 100% accurate. (remove unacuracy value for the first shot)
  21. - The Scar-20 (ct auto) should be a 3 shot kill body and legs, its more balanced if Terrorists have the more powerfull Autosniper as its more expensive and they are the team that has to advance the map while CTs are defending
  22. - When standing still the AWP should hit exactly in the middle, even when double zoomed. (when someone is peeking between a tight gap or close to a wall there is 50% chance you get a wallshot instead of a clean hit)
  23. - p90's Running accuracy should be lowered
  24. - Desert Eagle Should allways kill at one shot to the head despite the range.
  25. - SSG 08 (scout) Should not be accurate while falling
  26. - Tec-9  Do something about it....
  29. General
  31. - Increase the damage a player takes when shot trough an object or  a wall etc..
  32. - Improve the directional sound
  33. - On the official Competitive mode make roundtime 1:45, Bombtimer 0:35 and the round restart delay 0:05.
  34. - Buytime to 0:15 instead of 0:45
  35. - When someone is hit in the head and survives the Head bounces backwards, sideways, forewards, the hitbox moves aswell making the next 1-2 shots miss because of that. this is why you are fabbled by hitting them once in the head and you cant understand why you didnt hit him one more time.
  36. - Tone down peekers advantage, it should still be peekers advantage but not as heavy as it is now.
  37. - Make so that rapidly pressing ADADADAD decreases your accuracy so its like you are running.
  38. - If a player stands on top of a weapon, you can not use "E" (use key) to pick up that weapon
  39. - Remove aimpunch when you have armor
  40. - Ability to have assist shown with a different color instead of red (quicker confirmation in firefights)
  42. Grenades
  44. - If you run through a smoke there is a delay for when you gain back your vision to normal, even though you are outside the smoke.
  45. - Fix the bug that if someone starts to defuse at the same time as a smokegrenade explodes the defuse sound is missing
  46. - Make the AOE HE Grenade Damage more consistent
  47. - Make us able to withdraw nades faster. the animation is much slower than 1.6 and CSS so it takes much longer for someone to throw a nade when switching from another weapon.
  48. - Make the grenade hitbox smaller so that grenades doesnt hit "invisible" walls and edges
  49. - No grenade should block playermovement, if a player is hit the grenade should just bounce off without slowing down the player
  50. - Enemy Decoy grenades should only be visible on radar if spotted
  52. Suggestions
  55. Maps
  57. De_Inferno
  59. - A site on de_inferno, Make the box in the middle (HSbox) wallbangable
  61. De_Dust2
  63. - B site Double Doors entrance (gap) should be the opposite (mirriored), like in 1.6. this makes the map more balanced, and not just RUSH B terrorist map.
  65. De_Train
  67. - Needs a lot of rework. just look at train_ve and start from there. the current verison is not enjoyable to play or balanced
  69. De_Mirage
  71. De_Nuke
  73. - On Bombsite B Have windows on the doors like the _ve editions has. 1.6 and CSS also had windows on the doors, making it easier for Terror to clear the site, making it a bit less CT sided
  74. - The squeaky door should not close by itself. (no door should)
  76. Settings & Commands
  78. - Make Post processing default to off, make a feature to disable/enable it in the options menu and make the command (mat_postprocess_enable) changable without sv_cheats enabled
  79. - Either make ragdolls (dead bodies) rendered server side, or make us have the options to turn it off with the command (cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0)
  80. - Making it possible to chose refresh rate in options (easier for players who are unfamilliar with launch options etc..)
  81. - Make an own setting for the weapon quality, shadow and lighting (good looking skins without having everything else cranked up on max)
  82. - Bring back the minmodels feature from CSS (where you could decide which playermodel your and the enemy team has.
  83. - sv_grenade_trajectory visible for everyone on the server if enabled, not only the server operator
  87. miscellaneous & functionality
  89. - When using vocie chat in lobby, instead of a continued voice let us use the bound mic key to talk (like a push to talk system)
  90. - Fix the bug that makes you not being albe to connect to another server trough an IP when playing on a community server (it throws you to the main menu)
  91. - When you are playing on a server and you use the "retry" command, it throws you to the main menu instead of reconnecting to the server. (like above)
  92. - Sometimes when someone kill you the message is stuck with for example "Freddy killed you with their Ak-47" on your screen and it is stuck for a while.
  93. - When joining a Community server, and it is "Full, Reserved Slot, etc.." make it take you back to the server browser screen instead of the home screen.
  94. - Make the overall menu more responsive and more user friendly like CS 1.6 And CSS
  95. - Make an ingame crosshair generatior in the options (make it as in depth as CSS)
  96. - Better server browser and the funtionality behind that
  97. - While in a lobby, be able to use every tab, including changing options
  98. - When closing the console, you should be able to reopen it with the button you have it bound to without opening tabs to make it work.
  99. - Make the "commend" feature more prevalent
  100. - Inspect feature should include all animations of the weapon.
  101. - Be able to write notes on the demos you have downloaded for easier viewing and sorting
  102. - Fix the bugged visiuals on maps, which is replaced by black and odd colors
  103. - Some weapon skins are bugged, you can only see the outline and the rest is filled with grey/black
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