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  1. 00:32   weryllium   maybe it's due to all the time you spend around depressed composers
  2. 00:32   weryllium   but i sincerely think that if you focus less on your 'prestige' or 'renown'
  3. 00:33   weryllium   and commit yourself to bettering yourself, and your craft, for you and you alone primarily
  4. 00:33   weryllium   then things will start to work themselves out
  5. 00:34   weryllium   if i may be frank
  6. 00:35   Mendelssohn Mhm
  7. 00:36   weryllium   you seem to be, whether subconsciously or intentionally, painting yourself in your head as some kind of romantic 'tragic genius' archetype, like your composers
  8. 00:36   weryllium   i will tell you right now
  9. 00:36   weryllium   if you are only doing this in a quest to become a 'well-respected' artist, i dare say you may be doing this for the wrong reasons
  10. 00:37   weryllium   if you truly love art, and making it, and sharing it, and i sense that you do
  11. 00:38   weryllium   then i really suggest you take a little step back, a deep breath, and reflect on /why/ you art. Focus on what drives you. and then come back and do your thing
  12. 00:38   weryllium   and with time, the passion that you bring to your work, the thing that no one can take away from you, will shine through.
  13. 00:40   Mendelssohn you're not entirely wrong
  14. 00:40   Mendelssohn granted, i tend to use historical figures as emotional crutches
  15. 00:40   Mendelssohn so that happens
  16. 00:41   weryllium   i think you need to try to distance yourself from them, a little
  17. 00:41   weryllium   their life stories aren't yours. their struggles aren't yours. not 100%.
  18. 00:45   Mendelssohn Mmhm
  19. 00:46   weryllium   i consider you a friend, and it really does pain me to see you go through all of this. i know it's hard, but i just want to help you.
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