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Aug 16th, 2012
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  1. 2012, aug/15
  3. More details discovered about aug/5 cyber attack on Saudi Aramco company.
  5. The company has about 40000 computer clients and about 2000 servers, the destructive virus was known to wipe all information and operation system related files in at least 30000 (75%) of them all data lost permanently.
  6. Among the servers which destroyed are the company main web server, mail server (smtp and exchange), and the domain controller which as the central part of their network.
  7. All clients are permanently shut down and they will not be able to recover them in a short period.
  8. The main company web site ( ) was down during 24 hours and at last they redirected it to an outside country web site called "".
  10. Hackers did not tell more news about the attack till now, we must wait for it.
  12. Reuters reported from aramco managers that they will back all things to normal position soon
  13. ( ) :
  15. “An official source of Saudi Aramco confirmed that it had isolated electronic systems for
  16. the entire company today and cut off external access as an early precaution.
  18. The source ... reiterated the lack of any effect at all on the work of production due to
  19. the strength of advanced protection systems
  21. and ( )
  22. “The major components of the network are safe, according to an e-mailed statement from the state-owned oil company known as Saudi Aramco. Normal operations should return soon, it said without specifying a timetable. The virus entered the network through personal computers,”
  24. Hackers say these are all bullcrap. The damage are very wide and will affect the company's normal work for a long time. Also hackers say that they have stolen a very large amount of sensitive information from the company before destroying them. Hackers may publish some of this information later.
  26. Other references :
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