Horizon 8-A

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  1. Prologue:
  2. Unno and Mochizuki speak back in Sanada.
  3. Class Plum gathers during a break in their exams.
  5. Chapter 1:
  6. They discuss their plans for interfering with the Honnouji incident to make sure P.A. Oda doesn't interpret things too favorably for themselves.
  8. Chapter 2:
  9. Christina speaks with Oriotorai.
  10. Class Plum continues their planning.
  11. Oriotorai tells them their final exam will be practical instead of on paper.
  13. Chapter 3:
  14. The Speers learn they'll be splitting up to train in different places.
  15. Fukushima and Kani will be joining Katsuie's group while Kiyomasa, Asano, and Nabeshima will be going to Sanada.
  17. Chapter 4:
  18. Katsuie's group prepares for the summer break.
  19. The Speers prepare to leave for their respective destinations.
  21. Chapter 5:
  22. To avoid losing the trust of the other nations (because having your treasurer punished as a criminal doesn't make you look trustworthy), Masazumi and the others reluctantly try to find a way to avoid Shirojiro and Heidi's divine punishment.
  24. Chapter 6:
  25. Asama and Masazumi work out a deal to pay Shirojiro and Heidi's bail and Heidi swears they will pay it back within two weeks.
  27. Chapter 7:
  28. Terumasa prepares to fix the Azuchi and Osakabahime (a humanoid Mouse) gives some unwanted help.
  30. Chapter 8:
  31. Sakon, Mitsunari, and Onitakemaru prepare for summer break.
  33. Chapter 9:
  34. Asama returns home to officially tell her dad she'll be living at Toori's place.
  36. Chapter 10:
  37. Fukushima and Kiyomasa try to find each other, but just miss each other.
  39. Chapter 11:
  40. Class Plum heads down to the surface to eat some udon (not from Shirojiro and Heidi).
  42. Chapter 12:
  43. Christina and Tadaoki join them with Carlos I's question that Christina had been left with.
  45. Chapter 13:
  46. The question is coded into numbers and they try but fail to decode it.
  48. Chapter 14:
  49. Ankokuji Ekei of Mouri arrives to negotiate passage to Kantou via the Musashi.
  51. Chapter 15:
  52. Negotiations continue.
  54. Chapter 16:
  55. Negotiations conclude.
  57. Chapter 17:
  58. Speer shenanigans.
  60. Chapter 18:
  61. Misunderstandings and a confession between Kiyomasa and Fukushima, but Fukushima has to leave for summer training before they can resolve anything.
  63. Chapter 19:
  64. Class Plum's final exam is to get a single attack in on Oriotorai before she reaches the academy.
  66. Chapter 20:
  67. The Reine des Garous and Yoshiaki arrive to help Oriotorai.
  69. Chapter 21:
  70. Futayo (while carrying Masazumi) fails to defeat Yoshiaki.
  72. Chapter 22:
  73. Gin and Muneshige arrive and deal with the Reine des Garous.
  75. Chapter 23:
  76. By managing to escape unharmed, Gin and Muneshige manage to tie against the Reine des Garous.
  77. Naomasa attempts to grapple with Oriotorai but fails.
  79. Chapter 24:
  80. Nate and a few others try their best to hit Oriotorai just before the end, but they all fail.
  81. At the very, very end, Kimi grabs Oriotorai's breasts for Class Plum's win.
  83. Chapter 25:
  84. Ishikawa Kazumasa arrives on the Musashi.
  85. She used to be a Musashi Ariadust teacher and would have been Class Plum's teacher had Oriotorai not arrived and defeated her five years prior.
  86. She is now the Speers' teacher.
  88. Chapter 26:
  89. Masazumi (and Horizon) negotiate with Kazumasa and decide to hold a further meeting with Hashiba in four days' time.
  91. Chapter 27:
  92. On the day of that meeting, Miriam tells Azuma she wants him to take her outside.
  93. Mori Ranmaru, a P.A. Oda automaton, arrives to set up the divine transmission connection for the meeting.
  94. She also asks Musashi not to approach Kyoto until the Honnouji Incident is over.
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