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  1. RULES:
  2. 1: No TK, we do allow some TK though. Look in the TK rules section for more.
  3. 2: No mic spamming. This include playing music while your a spectator and playing ear rape at any time.
  4. 3: Keep it around PG13, most swearing is allowed but racism is not.
  5. 4: No bullying.
  6. 5: Cross teaming is fine
  7. 6: Use common sense
  8. 7: Staff can TK each other, if anyone is caught in crossfire they must be respawned.
  9. 8: Be aware of the different groups, they can bypass some specific rules
  10. 9: If a staff has their tag hidden, don't tell others that their staff
  13. -Revenge TK (If you revenge TK someone they can't be punished for TKing you)
  14. -Class-D can TK in ONLY light containment
  15. -Special round/Event round TK, ONLY if staff say it's allowed
  16. -Known TK? Basically if someone asks to be killed you can do it.
  17. -Cross-Fire TK
  19. GROUPS:
  20. -Hitman club: These guys can tk if they get a hit, 1 Quarter = 1 Hit. Hire them to kill people for you.
  22. EXTRA:
  23. You can hold your items in 914 to upgrade them.
  24. We give warnings a lot as we don't want players to leave and we want to give the best experience, But we won't be afraid to ban you if things go too far.
  27. Join the discord! We'll be announcing when staff applications are open and when they are they'll be in the #forums channel.
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