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Apr 22nd, 2021
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  1. name="AAW.Net-Upto 5M" local-address= use-mpls=default use-compression=default use-encryption=default only-one=default change-tcp-mss=default
  2.      use-upnp=default address-list="" on-up=:local parent "AAW.Net - General";\r\n:local totalGuarantee "1M/1M";\r\n:local totalLimit "5M/5M";\r\n:local icmpGuarantee
  3.       "1M/1M";\r\n:local bulkGuarantee "1M/1M";\r\n\r\n:local clientName [/ppp secret get [find name="$user"] comment];\r\n:delay 1s;\r\n/queue simple add limit-
  4.       at=$totalGuarantee max-limit=$totalLimit name="$user Total" queue=default-small/default-small target=$interface parent=$parent comment="$clientName";\r\n/queue
  5.       simple add limit-at=$icmpGuarantee max-limit=$totalLimit name="$user ICMP" packet-marks=upload-icmp,download-icmp queue=default-small/default-small
  6.       target=$interface parent="$user Total" priority=1/1;\r\n/queue simple add limit-at=$bulkGuarantee max-limit=$totalLimit name="$user Other" packet-marks=upload-
  7.       bulk,download-bulk queue=default-small/default-small target=$interface parent="$user Total";\r\n/queue simple move [find where name="$user Total"] [find where
  8.       name="Queue Marker - Do Not Remove."];\r\n\r\n/system script run [find comment="$parent"];\r\n
  9.      on-down=/queue simple remove [find name~"^$user (Total|ICMP|Other)\$"]\r\n
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