Spir - Unfinished stories

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. >be anon bringing home grocery's to annoying pregnant rara
  4. >youve been getting her stuff ever since she got preggnant with some stallion whom she still hasnt identifyed.
  5. "Rarity ive brought you all the stuff youve asked for"
  6. >turn to see her drinking some wine
  7. "What the fuck?"
  8. >"oh darling! This isnt what it looks like"
  9. "Seriusoly your drinking???"
  10. >"No! well yes but its ok because im not even Pregnant!"
  11. "WHAT?"
  12. >She fumbles with her words trying to recover from her fopa
  13. >" Well you see i was packing on the pounds and somone noticed and it just kind of slipped out.. And i havent figured out a way to fix it!"
  14. >Hands hit face as are told orbital level's of stupidity
  15. "Whait then why the FUCK have i been getting you food for the last month?"
  16. >"Oh well... you see it was just so nice when you offered.. and i do love sweets."
  17. >Seriously?
  18. >"Oh im teribbly sorry darling is there... is there any way you can fogive me?"
  19. >You grumble to yourself when idea hits you
  20. "Well... everyone IS expecting you to birth a foal in a few months"
  21. >Shocked Rarity backs up against the wall holdign a hoof to her bloated stomach
  22. >"D..Darling I..its already to late! im expected in 6 months!"
  23. "Well whats more strange a late foal or no foal?"
  24. >*whimpering*
  28. "Lyra *pant* Lyra please i need rest."
  29. "Dont worry Bonbon were almost at Anons house!"
  30. >The cyan mare continued walking down the street eagerly with her pregnant counterpart in tow.
  31. "Just think Bonbon Anon's gana teach me more about human's today! *sqee* "Its just so exiting!"
  32. >The pair passed by several onlookers who had become num to the almost daily site over the past months.
  33. >"Wat do ya recken Lyra did to get Bonbon to agree to somethin like that Rar?"
  34. >"Im sure i havent the foggiest darling but i do hope Bonbon is happy with her situation"
  35. >"I'd think sheis seeing she's still lettin Lyra walk her down these streets on a leash like that!"
  36. >The two mares continued on there discussion about Bonbons reasons for agreeing to such a thing.
  37. "Oh! Sorry Bonbon hunny but i forgot we gotta stop by the hospital for more of your medicine!"
  38. "But Lyra... that.. *pant* that medicine makes my head feel funny!"
  39. >sighing the teal mare turned around to her big plump feeding her a small pill.
  40. "Oh hunny its for a good cause remember?" she said patting Bonbon on the head.
  41. "How else are me an Anon gana see what a Satyr really look like if you don't agree to our experiments?"
  42. >Bonbon's tongue fell out of her mouth as her eyes gloss over and her mind went blank.
  43. "See? Much better right? Now lets get over to Anons house for another session!"
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