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Mar 3rd, 2017
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  1. Lee Tempest was kind of my combo alt that does a lot of side stuff for me. Jump freighter, Super Pilot, Dread Alt, Links, etc. Recently we were reinforcing some pocos in lowsec and didn't realize that my security status had dropped below -2.0.
  3. I was packing up a lot of extra mods, ships, etc to bring to JITA to sell off so that I could buy some skill extractors so that I coudl stop using the toon as an everything alt and make a dread alt with some extra skill points. I was even careful to leave my corp TRIF because we are at war right now. Apparently I forgot to check my security status, which happened to be -2.1 and in a 1.0 security system, that makes you a target.
  5. I had my cyno toon in Ignoitton on backup like I always do, just in case a ganker tries to grab me I can jump back to Ignoitton and be safe. AS soon as I loaded grid in Perimeter I saw the warning message popup that i'm not welcome. Panic instantly kicked in because I knew that my JF would be too slow to warp off before the police tackled me.
  7. I lit my cyno in Ignoitton, but when I decloaked and before I could click jump, I was pointed by the faction police. I knew immediately I was toast, but I had to sit there for 5 minutes or so while the police slowly killed me. Once I was pointed I announced in local chat "Merry Christmas, I'm about to lose 15 billion isk in my jump freighter on the Iyen gate, please have fun looting my wreck"
  9. I started slow burning back to the gate, but with webs and people bumping me i never made it.
  11. I have never lost that much isk before, so I sat and stared at my computer for at least 30 minutes. Its the real loss when things go boom that make Eve Online great. There is no respawning and magically every mistake you make is erased. When your stuff blows up, it's gone for good.
  13. Even if i petitioned the loss for not being able to use my exit cyno, most of my loot dropped and that is non refundable. I've just chalked it up to a hard lesson that I hope I never make again.
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