Spark SCPSL Server Info

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  1. <align=center><size=20><color=#62d2ff>Spark Community Server</color></size></align>
  3. Who are we? Just a bunch of friends that decided they wanted to expand to form a community.
  5. Find us in our <color=#bcd6ff><u><b><link="">Discord channel</link></b></u></color> if you need help or just want to chat! Or head over to <color=#bcd6ff><u><b><link="">website</link></b></u></color> if you want to get your hands on one of those fancy ranks!
  7. <align=center><size=12><color=#62d2ff>The golden rule</color></size></align>
  9. We get it, you just want to play without having to constantly be reminded about the rules.
  11. Because of that, we only really have one:
  13. <align=center><size=12><color=#ff5d00><b><u>Don't be a dick</u> and use some <u>common sense</u> before you do or say anything.</b></color></size></align>
  15. Our admins love screwing around as much as you guys do, but they are the judge of what is happening - not you.
  17. <align=center><size=12><color=#62d2ff>Donations</color></size></align>
  19. Enjoying our servers? Want to help us out while also getting your hands on a fancy title and some goodies? Then head over to our <color=#bcd6ff><u><b><link="">Patreon Page</link></b></u></color>!
  21. Even with $1 you'll be helping us out a ton, and you'll get access to some goodies in our servers and on Discord!
  23. <align=center><size=12><color=#62d2ff>Non-standard server settings</color></size></align>
  25. We have a pretty significant set of changes in place in an attempt to better balance the SCP's and player loadouts, but a few of the most important changes are:
  27. - Custom ranks! Head over to our website to learn how to get them.
  28. - AFK users are automatically kicked after 4 minutes.
  29. - A complete rebalance of the default player loadouts, including some minor randomization for scientists and D-class players.
  30. - An increased health pool for SCP-096, 106 and 173.
  31. - A minor regenerative ability for SCP's while they are standing completely still.
  32. - The surface nuke room cannot be closed after being opened as to prevent camping.
  33. - The nuke will automatically start it's countdown after 20 minutes to flush out camping players.
  34. - A rebalance to the MTF and CI spawnwaves both in size and interval.
  35. - <b>And a few other things that you'll find out by playing yourself!</b>
  37. <align=center><size=7><color=#707070>By playing on this server you, the player, consent to your character, details, and/or voice being recorded for use in public promotional material, evidence, statistics and/or security.</color></size></align>
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