VisualVanilla 2.0 Changelog (12-24-2022)

Dec 23rd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. + Compatibility with v1.0.2699.0 (Los Santos Drug Wars)
  2. + Compatibility for vehicles from the Los Santos Drug Wars update (Dynamic shadows from headlights)
  3. + Compatibility with FiveM (Rebuilt from scratch by Stryfaar)
  4. + Compatibility with RageMP
  5. + Fog Volumes have been re-enabled, experience more realistic Light Pollution as in the vanilla game
  6. + Ped Lighting at Night is now bluer, and more consistent with the sky colors
  7. + Completely Custom Sun & Moon Positions, special thanks to CP and robi29 for the initial values (Heavily Edited by me using Trailer 1 scenes as reference)
  8. + Moonrays! The moon will now cast godrays or rays of light. Yes, Godrays are now enabled for all direct natural light sources: Sun, Moon, Lightning
  9. + Nights are now more colorful and poppier, enjoy an improved night time experience!
  10. + The moon now casts light and shadows at night
  11. + The moon shall now always be present/visible at night (with working phases, of course)
  12. + Updated Old Gen Sky Colors with the changes seen in previous Old Gen Visual updates
  13. + Snow and Light Snow are now bluer at night, akin to the Blizzard and Xmas weathers
  14. + Vibrant waters, as seen on some pre-release screens
  15. + IMPROVED reflections on Overcast, Cloudy, Rainy, and Thunder weather
  16. + IMPROVED Vibrance on all weathers
  17. + IMPROVED Old Gen Sky Colors Optional so the environment matches sky colors too
  18. + FIXED bug near the shorelines of Vespucci Beach, the Lighthouse, and many others. Previously, diving into these areas cause yellow fog
  19. + FIXED a couple of incorrect values (fIntensityFade) of the restored NG lens flare, thanks to Alex106
  20. + FIXED Sky Artifacting bugs present on some hours, especially during sunsets and foggy weathers
  21. + FIXED weatherdetector.asi causing crash with ENB (It only works with ReShade now)
  22. + REMOVED VisualV Vehicle Mesh Shader from the Core Mod, as well as the Vanilla Chrome Shader Optional
  23. + REMOVED Noise seen in all weathers
  24. + NEW OPTIONAL: Darker Night Times
  25. + NEW OPTIONAL: Beta Sun Position
  26. + NEW OPTIONAL: TV Commercials Sun Position
  27. + NEW OPTIONAL: Simple and Effective Dithering, special thanks to LanGonCer9807 for the research
  28. + NEW OPTIONAL: 3D-Era Moon Scaling
  29. + NEW OPTIONAL: Cinematic Moon Scaling
  30. + NEW OPTIONAL: Max Payne 3 Moon Scaling
  31. + NEW OPTIONAL: RDR2 Moon Scaling
  32. + NEW OPTIONAL: Realistic Moon Scaling
  33. + NEW OPTIONAL: Vanilla Moon Scaling
  34. + NEW OPTIONAL: VisualV Chrome Shader
  35. + ...and many more I didn't get to list down
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