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Feb 28th, 2017
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  1. [8:27 PM] aidanzapunk: hi so
  2. [8:27 PM] aidanzapunk: i'm active a lot (most of the time)
  3. [8:28 PM] aidanzapunk: i run another server already
  4. [8:28 PM] aidanzapunk: and uh
  5. [8:28 PM] aidanzapunk: mostly i'd be able to keep things in check if they got too out of whack
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  11. [8:31 PM] DekZek: :thumbs: , but couldn't you have done that in one message?
  12. [8:32 PM] .馃敟 Ragnarok320馃敟 .: Serpent suggested the channel thing.
  13. [8:32 PM] BaconMastre: I'm all for an okey
  14. [8:34 PM] Serpent King: Neutral to support I have some concerns about your overall ability to handle user disputes, but I have no concerns about you intentionally abusing chat op power.
  15. [8:35 PM] Toomai: I don't pay enough attention to the Discord to make a legit judgement.
  16. [8:36 PM] aidanzapunk: that's fair
  17. [8:36 PM] PushDustIn: I'm the same as Toomai, so I'll vote neutral
  18. [8:37 PM] .馃敟 Ragnarok320馃敟 .: support
  19. [8:38 PM] MHStarCraft: I don't think anyone who can access this channel can abuse OP powers.
  20. [8:38 PM] Serpent King: Huh? if they had them, they could.
  21. [8:39 PM] Serpent King: Timson and BaconMastre could ban every one of us except for Toomai, Flare, and myself(edited)
  22. [8:39 PM] BaconMastre: You shouldn't give me ideas >:P
  23. [8:39 PM] MHStarCraft: I am close to Timson for 3 years.
  24. [8:40 PM] MHStarCraft: Of course he won't do such thing.
  25. [8:40 PM] MHStarCraft: @BaconMastre I don't think we talk to each other much but you're aok.
  26. [8:40 PM] Serpent King: K :offtopic:
  27. [8:41 PM] MHStarCraft: But anyways. I'm neutral.(edited)
  28. [8:41 PM] DracoRexKing: Support. Pretty active both here and in the wiki.(edited)
  29. February 27, 2017
  30. [1:15 PM] Daiki: neutral
  31. [1:16 PM] Serpent King: It's more helpful to me if you guys actually give reasons
  32. [1:18 PM] DekZek: Neutral leaning towards support I don't really care either way, but Aidan would be a good Op. holds Yoshis(edited)
  33. [8:26 PM] Disaster Flare: Support Dispute handling could use some work, but being as I've witnessed him handling servers, I do trust his ability to handle this server.
  34. [8:27 PM] Serpent King: It occurs to me that I should layout exactly what op powers are:
  35. -Kick/ban
  36. -Nickname changing
  37. -Message management
  38. [8:35 PM] aidanzapunk: "nickname changing"
  39. [8:35 PM] aidanzapunk: can't people change their own nicknames?
  40. [8:36 PM] Serpent King: Yes, but you would have the power to change others' nicks
  41. [8:36 PM] .馃敟 Ragnarok320馃敟 .: You can change other people's nicknames yeah
  42. [8:36 PM] .馃敟 Ragnarok320馃敟 .: Also some servers don't allow regular users to change their nicknames either
  43. [8:37 PM] Serpent King: ours does
  44. [8:38 PM] Serpent King: :offtopic: Let's keep this focused on Aidan
  45. February 28, 2017
  46. [7:38 PM] MHStarCraft: I still remain neutral.
  47. [7:39 PM] MHStarCraft: And why I say this.
  48. [7:39 PM] MHStarCraft: It's not because of the candidate.
  49. [7:40 PM] MHStarCraft: But first off, why end it so fast with just a quick assumption of approval.
  50. [7:41 PM] MHStarCraft: Second off, I yet again feel like there is no need.
  51. [7:41 PM] Serpent King: ...what? You were just asking me why not just end it now a second ago
  52. [7:42 PM] Serpent King: No need? The op/user ratio is 5/54.
  53. [7:42 PM] MHStarCraft: We have 20 minutes.
  54. [7:43 PM] MHStarCraft: But what I'm saying is that I want to buy enough time for other users to input their opinion of if aidan should get op or not.
  55. [7:43 PM] Serpent King: If they wanted to, they would have by now.
  56. [7:43 PM] BaconMastre: I'd argue that most everyone that would want to vote would have likely done so by now
  57. so ^^
  58. [7:44 PM] MHStarCraft: Thirdly, why would Aidan need op status anyways?(edited)
  59. [7:44 PM] aidanzapunk: ok first off it's why
  60. [7:45 PM] MHStarCraft: ^was just about to correct myself.
  61. [7:45 PM] aidanzapunk: secondly if i was promoted to op
  62. [7:45 PM] aidanzapunk: of the three i'd probably be the most active
  63. [7:45 PM] aidanzapunk: it's no secret that i'm on a lot of the time
  64. [7:46 PM] MHStarCraft: Neat point but you also have Serpent and Toomai themselves.
  65. [7:46 PM] Serpent King: (and flare)
  66. [7:47 PM] Serpent King: @MHStarCraft You are not making it clear what you want to happen here.(edited)
  67. [7:47 PM] aidanzapunk: toomai has said on more than one occasion that he doesn't care too much about discord, and SK has a busy life last i checked
  68. [7:48 PM] Serpent King: Gone are the days were I can babysit the wiki all night
  69. [7:48 PM] MHStarCraft: The main thing is that:
  70. >Anyway I'll be closing @aidanzapunk 's RfO at 8PM EST (less than an hour)
  71. It just appeared so sudden to me.
  72. [7:49 PM] aidanzapunk: so you're complaining just because it's ending sooner than you expected it to?
  73. [7:49 PM] aidanzapunk: kinda petty, if you ask me
  74. [7:49 PM] MHStarCraft: I have no qualms with you being an OP since you given a decent reason and need for it.
  75. [7:49 PM] Serpent King: Sudden? This ran for 3 days.
  76. [7:49 PM] aidanzapunk: then why are you complaining?
  77. [7:50 PM] Serpent King: There is no need to drag this out for long periods of time like an RfA
  78. [7:50 PM] aidanzapunk: ^
  79. [7:50 PM] Serpent King: Because, and let me capitalize this
  80. [7:50 PM] Serpent King: This is not a wiki
  81. [7:50 PM] aidanzapunk: better pin that just to be safe
  82. [7:51 PM] Serpent King: Aidan's responsibilities on this server would include peacekeeping, spam-killing, and npa-enforcing
  83. [7:52 PM] Serpent King: As an admin on a wiki, you have that plus.... Fact checking, vandal blocking, content disputing, user disputing, etc
  84. [7:53 PM] Serpent King: So the job is much harder and we need to be absolutely sure that the runner is able to deal with it
  85. [7:54 PM] Serpent King: So I ask you @SmashWiki contributor , for any final words on this RfO before I pass judgement on it.
  86. [7:54 PM] Serpent King: I'll extend to 8:30 EST
  87. [7:56 PM] MHStarCraft: So anyways, all that I was saying is that I felt like "Why is there no doubt?"
  88. [7:57 PM] MHStarCraft: Not all agreements are unanimous.
  89. [7:57 PM] BaconMastre: Were you expecting some sort of doubt? I admit that it's surprising to see it going smooth but that just makes it all the more easy for everyone that cares.
  90. [7:57 PM] Serpent King: Why is there no doubt? because no one has expressed any?
  91. [7:57 PM] aidanzapunk: because i'm a likeable person?
  92. [7:58 PM] aidanzapunk: (i'm kidding, don't hold that against me)
  93. [7:58 PM] Serpent King: ...maybe a little egotistical then
  94. [7:58 PM] MHStarCraft: That is why I called for last minute people.
  95. [7:58 PM] aidanzapunk: but in all seriousness
  96. [7:58 PM] Serpent King: also kidding
  97. [7:59 PM] MHStarCraft: What if they do have a problem with you being an OP?
  98. [7:59 PM] aidanzapunk: you saying "why is there no doubt" kinda has some truth to it, albeit not "this person doesn't like me"
  99. [7:59 PM] aidanzapunk: it's moreso not everyone in this server knows me, so they can't really judge me one way or the other
  100. [8:00 PM] MHStarCraft: Those last four I called out were on this server for a decent amount of time.
  101. [8:00 PM] Serpent King: If there are problems with aidan being an op, you wouldn't believe how easy it is to make him not an op
  102. [8:00 PM] Serpent King: Though I don't see that happening
  103. [8:00 PM] DekZek: Because we all trust Aidan to not mess up badly
  104. [8:01 PM] MHStarCraft: So, of course I won't call out to the people who only been here for less than a week.(edited)
  105. [8:01 PM] aidanzapunk: that's kind of odd to hear, coming from you, but i won't delve into that at the moment (@DekZek)(edited)
  106. [8:02 PM] MHStarCraft: So with that said of how no other established user who hasn't vote yet wants to vote(edited)
  107. [8:03 PM] aidanzapunk: well, technically, only two of the four said they didn't want to vote
  108. [8:03 PM] MHStarCraft: You have my :ok_hand: to pass.
  109. [8:03 PM] MHStarCraft: Just to get it over with.
  110. [8:03 PM] Serpent King: Who said he was passing?
  111. [8:04 PM] MHStarCraft: It means I now support.
  112. [8:05 PM] Serpent King: "support just to get it over with" is just as effective as not voting at all in my eyes
  113. [8:05 PM] MHStarCraft: So you think I still have a doubt and would rather oppose despite the crossout?
  114. [8:06 PM] Serpent King: I think you support just because it's easier than finding a reason to oppose.
  115. [8:06 PM] aidanzapunk: he's saying you should vote to state your opinion, not vote just to get the process done faster and end up regretting it later (potentially)(edited)
  116. [8:07 PM] MHStarCraft: Okay okay. I'll give a proper reason then.
  117. [8:07 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: Absolutely you should just be honest. Perhaps other people who aren't familiar with the candidate might learn something they didn't know
  118. [8:08 PM] MHStarCraft: I really do mean to support this runner for OP.
  119. [8:08 PM] MHStarCraft: And.....?
  120. [8:09 PM] Serpent King: I've gotta tell ya @TaleOfTheToaster I've learned nothing.
  121. [8:09 PM] MHStarCraft: Yes, aidan has proven to be a mature and capable op mod to handle the server.
  122. [8:09 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: I'm pretty much in the same boat Serpent
  123. [8:09 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: My vote is pretty much
  124. [8:09 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: oh crap
  125. [8:09 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: I accidentally copied something else and lost it :stuck_out_tongue:
  126. [8:10 PM] aidanzapunk: rip
  127. [8:10 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: File:Kill-E-Crank-E.png can now rot in hell
  128. [8:10 PM] Serpent King: "Oh crap" can be the vote of the century
  129. [8:11 PM] MHStarCraft: I don't get what you guys are going about now.
  130. [8:11 PM] MHStarCraft: Are you guys saying I'm naive about my vote?
  131. [8:11 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: But basically I'm perfectly neutral with the ability to swing either way, because I don't really see any downsides to giving OP powers to a trustworthy, active user, and people seem to trust Aidan, but I personally learned nothing about the guy from his extremely brief summary. You could say it wouldn't feel much like an 'earned' promotion, more just an 'oh ok then' promotion
  132. [8:12 PM] aidanzapunk: are you talking in general or in your opinion, if i may ask?
  133. [8:12 PM] AliksOdev: Support. He's active like everyday, and based on experience I think he can fit the role pretty well without going all megalomaniac on us
  134. [8:13 PM] MHStarCraft: Something that bothered me is that you didn't give a reason why you voted Toast.
  135. [8:13 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: There's some general views and personal views mixed in there
  136. [8:13 PM] Serpent King: [8:13 PM] MHStarCraft: Something that bothered me is that you didn't give a reason why you voted Toast.
  137. MMMK
  138. [8:13 PM] Serpent King: Alright wait
  139. [8:13 PM] Serpent King: Hold on(edited)
  140. [8:14 PM] Serpent King: Hold the fuck on
  141. [8:14 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: StarCraft I hadn't voted until just a few minutes ago, and I'm fairly sure I just gave a reason
  142. [8:14 PM] Serpent King: That is possibly the most hypocritical thing I have heard in a looong time
  143. [8:14 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: What I didn't give was a strong opinion
  144. [8:14 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: Because it's rather hard to form one with such limited information
  145. [8:14 PM] aidanzapunk: @Serpent King since nutta was an editor?
  146. [8:14 PM] Serpent King: Something like that
  147. [8:15 PM] MHStarCraft: Alright then, since you guys still think what I said was naive.
  148. [8:15 PM] MHStarCraft: I will still remain neutral.
  149. [8:16 PM] aidanzapunk: who said you were naive?
  150. [8:16 PM] aidanzapunk: besides you?
  151. [8:16 PM] Serpent King: for no reason again
  152. [8:16 PM] aidanzapunk: you said you supported, and we asked for a reason, so you gave your reason
  153. [8:16 PM] aidanzapunk: we said nothing more
  154. [8:16 PM] MHStarCraft: Okay, seems like I'm kinda getting nowhere with this.
  155. [8:17 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: Dots if you can't form a consistent opinion, perhaps it would be easier if you just abstained
  156. [8:17 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: Or answer honestly and stick with it
  157. [8:18 PM] Serpent King: @AliksOdev Thanks for your vote, it was most helpful. (sorry I felt like it got ignored a little)(edited)
  158. [8:18 PM] MHStarCraft: So you guys aren't taking this request as seriously as RfAs then?(edited)
  159. [8:18 PM] AliksOdev: I kinda just came outta the blue so it's aight
  160. [8:18 PM] aidanzapunk: when were we?
  161. [8:18 PM] aidanzapunk: this isn't a wiki
  162. [8:19 PM] Serpent King: It is being taken just as seriously, the difference is that the stakes are not as high
  163. [8:19 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: These aren't as serious as an RfA, but even if they were, our point would still stand
  164. [8:20 PM] TaleOfTheToaster: We wouldn't expect you to vote on an RfA you didn't have an opinion on
  165. [8:20 PM] Serpent King: Ok let me just change the perspective of this one a little
  166. [8:20 PM] MHStarCraft: Again I am very sorry for my ignorant logic.
  167. [8:21 PM] Serpent King: If no one can give me a legitimate reason within the next 10 minutes (as to why he shouldn't get op) enough to sway me, Aidan get's Op.(edited)
  168. [8:21 PM] Serpent King: Ready, go.,
  169. [8:22 PM] MHStarCraft: It's an unanimous decision then despite no doubt.
  170. [8:22 PM] MHStarCraft: I remain neutral because I would be honest, I haven't seen aidan's leadership and dispute handling in action.
  171. [8:23 PM] MHStarCraft: That's why I was ignorant about this argument.
  172. [8:23 PM] Serpent King: @aidanzapunk I apologize on behelf of all of us on how hard this is being made.
  173. [8:23 PM] MHStarCraft: I apologize too.
  174. [8:24 PM] MHStarCraft: That said, I resign from this server.
  175. [8:24 PM] Serpent King: No need to be over dramatic.
  176. [8:25 PM] MHStarCraft: I was already being overreactant.
  177. [8:25 PM] Serpent King: That doesn't mean you have to leave
  178. [8:25 PM] MHStarCraft: And honestly, 2012 still shows how ignorant of a person I am.
  179. [8:26 PM] Serpent King: 2012 was 5 years ago
  180. [8:26 PM] Serpent King: Live and let live man
  181. [8:26 PM] MHStarCraft: I probably won't leave but it's kinda more of jealousy issues.
  182. [8:26 PM] Serpent King: The past is the past, and the man who dwells in it will be haunted by his own mind forever
  183. [8:27 PM] MHStarCraft: I don't think I was ever that great of a wiki editor compared to the likes of you guys.
  184. [8:28 PM] Serpent King: We are getting offtopic here
  185. [8:28 PM] Serpent King: (although I am not sure what exactly you are talking about, dots)(edited)
  186. [8:29 PM] Serpent King: Anyway, Congratulations @aidanzapunk , our newest chat op pops the poppers
  187. [8:30 PM] MHStarCraft: Times up anyways.
  188. [8:30 PM] MHStarCraft: Congrats @aidanzapunk.
  189. [8:30 PM] aidanzapunk: cloud's victory theme
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