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  1. Morgin made sure Link was nice and secured between his legs, before he started to remove link's trousers. Link began to immediatelytreact with surprise, considering that this sort of thing had never happened to him before.
  2. 'W-What are you doing?" Link cried out, looking back up at the Moblin in surprise.
  3. "Hylians cover themselves, we do not, and, it will be easier to administer the ritual this way as well." Link calmed down a bi after that, but was quickly brought back into a state of surprise by, after having looked away, the Moblin took the opportunity to bring his hand down upon the Hylian's now unprotected bare buttocks.
  4. "Yow!" Link cried out, again, looking ust as surprised before, and questioning what was going on. "That really hurt!"
  5. "I do apologise... it seems you are a bit more... delicate than we thought." Morgin teased him a bit, conparing the two of them in regards to the same situation, but, he assured him that after a certain point, it would be made clear what effect the ritutal had on him. Link let loose one final sigh and signalled that he was ready to resume. He began to deliver carefully measured swats that were so perfect that it was clear how man times he'd previously done it. One swat every two seconds, counting to himself thirty, before stopping.
  7. Link definitely wasn't prepare for the growing stinging heated sensation in his rear, and was already starting to instinctively try to squirm away during the last few connecting. He'd gotten scraped, cut, bruised, all along his journey, but he had no idea that that part of him was so sensitive, even after all of what he'd been through. "How much longer... is this going to go on?"
  8. "The purpose of this ritual is to draw out emotions so, I can't exactly say how long, but it is definitely not over." He figured that this probably wasn't too reassuring, but at the same time, he didn't exactly want it to be over very soon anyway. something which he wasn't willing to admit to Link just yet. As expected, link let out was probably the most childish whine that even he didn't think he was capable of. But he still stayed in place. Morgin took this as a sign to proceed, and so he began to bring his hand down at the same steady pace as before, except this time he didn't stop at the count of thirty. He continued until the count hit sixty. This had a noticeable affect on link in every way. The color of his rear was starting to darken, and the curves of his rear began to show that there was a slight pinkening to them. By the time he'd finished the sixtieth, the pinkening had darkened to the point that it was clear that he'd been struck repeatedly over that area. At this point, Link began to squirm a lot more, and tears began to form in his eyes. Morgin kept a firm grip on Link between his legs, as well as with the hand on his back, but, it also took on a more soothing approach as well as restraining.
  9. "I'm going to pick up the pace now. I have the feeling we'll be reaching the conclusion shortly." This time, Link was reassured since it seemed like it would be over soon. However, there was something that even he didn't know that would take him quite a while to realise. Morgin resumed and oh boy did Link begin to feel what was built up to this point. Mordin was now giving Link the full experience of the ritual, with arms honed for combat be now being used for other purposes, caused a tireless onslaught of swats that seemed to never stop. In just one minuted, he'd reached the number of swats that would have taken two minutes with the previous speed. Link was now crying out fully and kicking furiously, but uselessly.
  10. "It hurts! Please stop!" But it was no use. Morgin was relentless. By the time two minutes rolled around, Link's rear was a very deep shade of pink that almost made it look like he'd been starting to sunburn. It was at this point that Morgin stopped. He stopped for a very particular reason, but it took a while for Link to realise that he'd stopped, once his sobs died down.
  11. "Why'd you stop now?" He asked, though that probably wasn't exactly helpful to his current situation.
  12. "It seems... that this particular ritual has a certain effect on you. One you might not have noticed..." Mordin reached down beneath him to give a bit of a tug on Link's now full erection. It became immediately apparent to him just what he was talking about.
  13. "W-What? But... I don't understand!" Link was blushing so hard right now, that he'd already gone beyond how red his rear was currently. The Moblin gave a bit of a feral laugh, something which Link hadn't heard before, before speaking.
  14. "There are some for whom this ritual, causes that, and it is nothing to be embarassed about. In fact, I must also apologise because, as I explained, there is also another side to the ritual, there are those that greatly enjoy performing this ritual, and I am one such. I did take it a bit far, but it seems as if I was right in the end." Link got a bit flustered, but, he still had the fact that he didn't know what even was happening to him at this point. Throughout all his adventures, he'd been completely unexposed to stimuli that might have caused a reaction like it.
  15. 'Fine but, what can I do to get rid of it?" It certainly felt strange, but there was something...good about it was well that he didn't quite understand.
  16. "Well, there are several ways, some of which are covered in the intimacy ritual, actually. But, the most common way involves using your hand. I believe though, that there will be a more interesting way, if you don't mind me continuing what we started?" There was more than a hint of eagerness in his voice, but he was just as curious as he was interested. He figured that if he didn't like the method that he was going with, that he could always ask him to stop and go with the other method. "I...don't mind, you can continue."
  17. "Good! I'm so glad that you're willing to try new things with us, Link!" The happiness in his voice was quite clear, and it further reassured Link that they truly meant him no harm, which allowed him to relax even further. He'd already been shown several brand new experiences that he imagined he never would have gotten just adventuring place to place all the time.
  18. "I'm glad you're willing to show me!" Link said, now fully ready to continue, wondering just what exactly was going to happen.
  19. "There are several ways we can proceed..."
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