Training Amata

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >Day Amata in your house being a maid again
  2. >and she just broke another vase
  3. >you look at her as she does her best to not look you in the eyes
  4. >”...not again Amata...”
  5. >Amata just looks at the floor, looking miserable
  6. “I’m really sorry master. I’m just so clumsy”
  7. >and then an idea struck you
  8. >”How about I help you practice to be a bit less clumsy?”
  9. >Amatas face brightens as you give her a reassuring smile and the two of you go and fetch the training gear from your study and you put it on her
  10. >some time passes and now Amata is cleaning your study with you observing her and holding the remote
  11. “I-I don’t t-think tha- Aaah this w-will help...”
  12. >Amata whimpers some more as you push the button on your little remote control
  13. >”Nonsense Amata, just try your best to clean and try to not break anything, soon you will be even more nimble on your hoofs than it is necessary”
  14. >Amata fidgets while trying her hardest to do some cleaning as the sounds of vibrations fill the room
  15. >you stuck small bean-shaped pink vibrators into her... special places
  16. >inside, on the bean, and a few inside the other place
  17. >and you alone hold the controls
  18. >it was delightful how Amata squeaked and closed her hind legs at the first jolt of vibration as her wings sprung open
  19. >and that has been how you have now been spending some time, giving Amata jolts every now and then
  20. >so far she has dropped a lot of books and whatnots, and the room is filled with more dust than in the beginning but dear god is it worth it
  21. >Amatas bothered blushing face, her subtly jerks and twitches as she tries to not let the vibrators bother her, her whole uncomfortableness of the whole situation, and it is like liquid Viagra to you
  22. “MMMMH!”
  23. >Amata bites down onto the book she has in her mouth now as you press the button for the one placed on her clit
  24. >she even gives you a slight wet wink
  25. >she tried to hide it with her tail in shame, but you saw it
  26. >”What’s the matter Amata?”
  27. >Amata turns to look at you while her hind legs shake a bit
  28. “N-nothing”
  29. >there is some wetness on the floor now
  30. >Amata notices you looking at the floor and looks at it too, only to gasp and shy away more with her ears drooping
  31. >and by doing that the book that was in her mouth comes falling onto the floor
  32. >you sigh and push the button again, making Amata yelp
  33. >there is a wet sound of winking again, and now the vibrators that were inside her fall onto the floor
  34. >”Amata, now you dropped those too”
  35. >Amata whimpers
  36. “B-but I can’t help it master... my... my...”
  37. >”My what?”
  38. >Amata closes her eyes as hr blush deepens and her voice sounds very shushed
  39. “M-my m-m-marehood can’t keep them in b-b-b-“
  40. >you sigh and get up and walk to Amata as she stutters on and lift her tail up to expose her marehood
  41. >Amata squeaks in surprise
  42. >she’s winking rapidly now and she’s absolutely drenched
  43. >”Ah, yes, I guess that does make sense, with movement like this those things will not stay in you now do they?”
  44. >Amata does not answer you and just blushes and averts her eyes from you
  45. >now this is problematic, how are you going to train Amata now?
  46. >”Amata, take that duster into your mouth and start to dust my desk. And keep that tail up”
  47. >Amata does as she’s instructed and starts to dust your table with her tail lifted up high, exposing her most tender of places
  48. >she has her front hoofs braced against the table as she stands on her hind hoofs to have enough reach for the whole antique table
  49. >you undo your zipper and expose something of your own
  50. >your now painfully erect member
  51. >Amata’s little lewd act has send you over the edge and it’s time to take action
  52. “Mhf?”
  53. >”Keep cleaning and don’t stop”
  54. >you start to rub the tip of your member against Amatas soft wetness as it hungrily winks at you, begging for more
  55. >Amatas hind hoofs shudder at the pleasure and she almost drops the duster
  56. >you keep rubbing your glans against her, and it feels way too good to be true
  57. >her marehood is giving off unbelievable heat as her juices start to drip along your shaft
  58. >you can’t take it anymore and plunge your member into her hungering hole
  59. “MH!”
  60. >Amata bites down onto the duster and pauses her shaky dusting as her front hoofs give out from under her and she lies on the table in an awkward angle
  61. >you say nothing and lift her up to lie on her tummy on the table, her hind hoofs dangling off from the side of the table and you start to pound her hungrily
  62. >Amata drops the duster from her mouth
  63. “AH M-MASTER! N-not so rou-AH rough”
  64. >you pay no heed to Amatas words and plunge into her over and over again, feeling her inner walls gripping your member and milking it hungrily
  65. >but there is a surprise in store for Amata
  66. >you are still holding onto the remote for the ones that are in her other hole
  67. >and you push the button and the effects are astonishing
  68. >Amata arches her back as she lets out a squeal of delight and you can feel the vibrations spread throughout her insides, reaching even your own member
  69. >Amata seems to loose control as she starts to slightly move her own body, helping you plunge into her as your loins slap against her perky buttocks
  70. >you grip her by her shoulders and press her against the table as the vibrations and milking get too much for you
  71. >Amata herself is clawing at the table in lust with her hoofs as her whole body starts to shake
  72. >you cum in Amata as her body is rocked by a powerful orgasm
  73. >her screams of delight are so loud you worry they’ll wake up the whole village
  74. >as your member ceases to pour its seed into your mothpony maid you collapse onto the floor, your legs suddenly feeling powerless and unable to keep you up
  75. >Amata herself pants on your table, letting her hind hoofs dangle lifelessly as your fluids and hers start to drip out of her slowly
  76. >”Haah haah, you’re going to have to clean that off the floor Amata”
  77. >Amatas spend voice answers you with her usual “yes master”
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