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  1. Side of doors block your movement.
  3. Respawn time should be as minimal as posible in this kind of games I think. Currently you wait for a long death animation and then wait for fade to black.
  5. Is there a variance on fan powers? I felt like some were stronger than other, is that correct? If there is, there should be some visual indications. (If there already are, ignore this :))
  7. Walk speed a little bit too slow. I get that you shouldn't walk at all probably for high scores but still it is unnecessarly slow.
  9. Laser traps are not so obvious when it is trigger or not. Does it kill with thin laser? fadeout laser? Only way to learn is trying!
  10. I think it would be better if the heads of trap starts glowing before it activates and the laser is only visible when it is activated.
  12. You die when you touch side of spikes.
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