Chapter 67 of Shieldbro,Tanuki,Firo,and Melty

Sep 24th, 2014
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  1. Greetings, I'm sure you all know by now that I am translating this simply because I wish to share the misadventures of Shieldbro with those who cannot read Japanese.
  2. I am not translating this for profit, and I feel extremely disgusted by asking for money, just for editing what I translated (I have read a few chapters and there have been barely any changes, and some of them are also incorrect). If anyone reads this and wishes to donate, please save your money and buy the actual Shieldbro light novel.
  3. Apologies for whatever drama this causes but I cannot help but address this issue. Anyone who reads this is free to edit and repost somewhere else, but all I ask is that instead of asking for donations you inform your readers to buy the actual novel.
  4. TLDR: Don't donate, Buy the fucking book here
  5. With that said~
  7. Chapter 67
  9. Jungle
  11. "There's a village just south west of here."
  13. Two days after the battle of monsters with Firo.
  14. We are approaching the village where Motoyasu caused the plant problem.
  15. By the way, the Ability correction from the Philorial Shield series takes precedence over the other equipment bonuses.
  16. It is necessary to use any abilities that will help in combat since Raphtalia and Firo cannot level up.
  17. The lower level Philorial shields finished granting their equipment bonuses after an hour or so.
  19. Of course, this is a very generous gift, and at this point I'll take anything.
  20. In the first place, releasing all the Philorial Series was more than what I could have hoped for.
  21. furthermore Firo's speed became even faster due to the effects.
  22. Well, this is great. We were very lucky......
  24. The problem is that the village south west of us has become a dense jungle again.
  26. "This is my fault......"
  27. "Probably."
  29. We advance through the flourishing forest by pushing aside plants.
  30. Metly was surprised to know that this was my fault.
  31. To think the Bio Plant seed I gave to the villagers turned them back to square one......
  32. I don't have the right to judge Motoyasu.
  34. "There are no strange demons."
  36. Firo mutters while investigation the neighbourhood.
  38. "I see."
  40. Perhaps the changes I made are more powerful than I thought.
  41. While pushing through the foliage we encounter a villager.
  43. "Ah, Hero of the Shield-sama."
  45. What should we do? Escape? No, I hear that a lot of villagers do not believe I did the things that warranted that bounty.
  46. If that wasn't the case we would have been reported by those villages in the beginning-
  48. "Thanks to Hero of the Shield-sama we can work in peace."
  49. "Pardon?"
  51. I question the villager as I look around.
  53. "This?"
  54. "Yes, can't you tell this is already an agricultural area?"
  55. "All I see is a dense forest."
  56. "We developed a large scale farming business thanks to the seed that Hero of the Shield-sama gave us."
  58. The villager proudly points around while saying so.
  59. There are bright red fruit-like tomatoes hanging off a bunch of plants.
  61. "The only drawback is that only the same fruit is growing, but it has become a village specialty already."
  62. "you guys are fast."
  64. Hasn't it only been a month?
  65. That is quite amazing.
  67. "Then there have been no problems at all?"
  68. "Nope."
  69. "Then......isn't it fine?"
  71. The villager smiles wryly at my answer.
  72. Long ago, the creator of the Bio Plant may have wished for this.
  73. Now, his dream is being realized in front of my eyes.
  74. ......It really is quite a spectacle.
  76. "So where is Hero of the Shield-sama heading to? Isn't Silt Welt in the opposite direction?"
  77. "Well, we are escaping this way."
  79. I am troubled as to whether or not I can tell the villager. So I'll just give him a vague answer.
  81. "Hah......Seems to be quite serious."
  82. "It is definitely not easy."
  84. Well it's not their problem.
  86. "Don't worry we will not inform any of the soldiers from the castle."
  87. "Leaving aside whether or not that is true, you have my thanks."
  89. Gu......
  91. "Firo is hungry"
  93. Firo hungrily looks at the growing tomatoes.
  94. That reminds me, a lot of Firo's food supply came from here.
  96. "Go ahead."
  98. The villager points towards the big fruits and tells Firo to eat.
  100. "Yay~"
  102. We also get some fruits while Firo begins gorging down.
  103. These tomatoes have a subtle mandarin orange taste to them...... It is delicious, but I feel it is a little lacking.
  104. Raphtalia and Melty eat while exclaiming their deliciousness though.
  105. While resting and eating lunch, several villagers come and I give them some food that I cooked.
  107. "I am grateful, in various ways."
  108. "Don't worry about it."
  109. "For the time being...... be careful."
  111. I was indirectly warned about a dangerous plant.
  113. "I understand."
  115. We finish our meal like this.
  117. "See you."
  118. "Yup. I pray that Hero of the Shield-sama can prove your innocence."
  120. We cross the dense forest for the border.
  121. 50 meters after parting with the villagers we are caught by a magical cage.
  123. "Kya!?"
  124. "What's this?"
  125. "Wh-what is going on?"
  127. It's about 40 meters in every dimension. A cage comprised of lightning.
  128. Is this......magic? Or is it some trap?
  129. Did the villagers set us up?
  130. So that they could capture us here!?
  132. "T-Trouble! Hero of the Shield-sama is being attacked by someone-!"
  134. Villagers that were watching yelled towards the village and it gets louder.
  135. This attack.....It's not from them?
  137. "I finally caught up, Naofumi!"
  138. "You......Motoyasu!"
  140. Motoyasu's party appears after pushing aside the dense forest.
  141. Did you hide yourselves in the jungle?
  142. that must have been difficult.
  144. "Naofumi, you won't be able to escape from this magical instrument [Thunder Cage]"
  146. Melty inspects the cage and informs me.
  148. "This is a setting trap, it must have been used by someone experienced."
  149. "What is the purpose of this trap?"
  150. "Never letting whatever it captures free."
  152. I see, so this trap was used because we always rely on Firo's leg strength to escape.
  154. "Maybe I can break it, but it will take some time."
  155. "You know a method to definitely remove this trap?"
  156. "If you an get the key away from the user......"
  158. I consider for a moment, stare at Motoyasu, and then Firo.
  160. "Are we going to fight?"
  161. "That seems to be the case."
  163. Rapthalia gets down from Firo and takes up a stance with her sword.
  165. "Raphtalia, you don't have armour. Fall back."
  166. "But......"
  167. "Can Firo fight?"
  168. "Yeah."
  170. Motoyasu is vulnerable to any beautiful girls.
  171. So far he has been treated roughly by Firo.
  172. Possibly......
  174. "Melty can you remove the cage?"
  175. "I can try......But don't expect anything."
  176. "Raphtalia, while we fight protect Melty."
  177. "Okay!"
  178. "I'll solve this brainwashing problem, with three people."
  180. Seriously, who in their right mind would believe a shield has the power to brainwash.
  181. I honestly honestly think that the ones framing me are the ones capable of brainwashing.
  183. However, this guy is one of the Heroes referred to by the holy weapons manual.
  184. Companion's thoughts = Not suspecting a Companion.
  185. There is also the bitch and trash king supporting this guy.
  186. I would be a fool to really believe this guy to be friendly.
  188. "Motoyasu-sama, please save my younger sister from the brainwashing of the devil of the shield."
  190. Hey bitch, stop adding oil to the fire.
  192. "Hero of the shield-sama! And......Spear......"
  194. A villager calls towards us from outside the cage.
  195. The villager looks at Motoyasu with a troubled expression.
  196. I can easily imagine the reason. For the cause of the village's disaster to appear again, even if he is one of the three heroes it wouldn't be pleasant.
  198. "You guys are also brainwashed too."
  200. Motoyasu, that guy is absolutely infatuated with himself.
  201. He looks me in the eye and prepares his spear.
  203. "I won't be defeated like last time."
  204. "...... What's with those lines."
  206. I was summoned to a different world, and on the second day was already being looked down upon by Motoyasu.
  207. Wouldn't it be fun to retaliate here?
  208. I change the Chimeric Viper Shield and take a stance against Motoyasu.
  209. Motoyasu's companions, that bitch and two other woman.
  210. ......There should have been another man.......But it's just Motoyasu. Did he throw away the unnecessary element in his harem?
  211. We face each other with Firo standing in front of me, Melty trying to release the trap, and Raphtalia protecting her.
  213. "What will win if the Spear and Shield fight?...... Of course it'll be me!"
  215. Motoyasu declares while smiling full of conviction.
  217. "Don't be a coward this time. Are you going to cheat again? Know your place, clown!"
  219. Motoyasu was about to say something, but stops immediately.
  220. It seems words have become unnecessary.
  221. Very well. I am different from before.
  222. Melty cannot fight, but I have Raphtalia and Firo.
  223. In this situation where I can utilize the shield to it's full potential, I will not lose.
  225. Now......Let's see who is stronger!
  227. ""Uoooooooooooooh!""
  229. We both step forwards and charge towards each other.
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