Chaotic Happenstance IV

Mar 1st, 2016
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  1. >"Nonny?"
  2. "..."
  3. >"Nonnykins?"
  4. "..."
  5. >"Anonymous? Anon, honey?"
  6. >You grumble quietly in your sleep
  7. >Your lips were wrapped around... something
  8. >You don't know what that something was
  9. >There was this cottony fabric stopping you from properly getting at it and no matter how much you lipped at it
  10. >But you were GOING to get it
  11. >And you were GOING to suck on that fucker until the cows came home
  12. >Because you were sleepy and your inner baby was acting up
  13. >"A-Anon. Sweet chaos above WAKE UP!"
  14. >Someone started to gently shake you as you began to gently bite at the... whatever you were biting at
  15. >Though you did your best to stay asleep eventually the pushing started to wake you up
  16. >"Anon!"
  17. >One of your eyes opened, slowly blinking the gunk out of your eyes
  18. >Your other eye slowly opened and you made a VERY disagreeable sound as you pulled your lips away from the... something
  19. >Blinking a few times to focus your vision you noticed that you were staring at a solid yellow blob
  20. >Leaning back a hair more you saw a little bump poking out of the yellow... fabric?
  21. >Was this a shirt?
  22. >Why was a shirt in your bed?
  23. >Why were you holding it?
  24. >Ew...
  25. >You drooled all over the thing...
  26. >...
  27. >Eh, fuck it
  28. >You needed some more sleep
  29. >Closing your eyes you buried your face back into the yellow shirt
  30. >The pillow that you were holding stiffened, it's tail tightening around you--
  31. >...
  32. >...
  33. >...
  34. >What...
  35. >As far as you could remember not a single one of your pillows had any kind of tail
  37. >In fact you don't remember ever seeing a pillow having a tail of any kind...
  38. >Your eyes snapped back open at the revelation and looking up you saw that you were, in fact, not holding a pillow
  39. >Instead you had a blushing, sweaty and desperate-looking draconequus looking down at you with huge eyes
  40. >...
  41. >Looking back down you take a closer look at the spot you had been sucking
  42. >There, very visible through the fabric, was what appeared to be a nipple
  43. >Your mind flashed back to Eri's naked body that you had seen a few days ago
  44. >That...
  45. >That WAS a nipple wasn't it?
  46. >You were sucking your mate's nipple while you slept?
  47. >Before you let yourself be properly horrified with this situation you did a little wiggle to see if anything else was--
  48. >Annnnd there a boner
  49. >You had a boner
  50. >A big, throbbing, angry boner
  51. >And wouldn't you know it if it was nestled snug between your mate's thighs
  52. >...Alright
  53. >NOW you can start freaking out
  54. >You can start freaking out right this second
  55. >A blush EXPLODED across your face as you rolled away with a yelp
  56. >Your cock, which had somehow freed itself from the confines of your boxers, twitched hard as it slid out of the draconequus's silky smooth legs
  57. >Because of this you lost your concentration and ended up rolling all the way off your fucking bed and onto your hardwood floor
  58. "FUCKING!--"
  59. >Your bare cock slapped against the cold, hard floor with a meaty slap
  60. >Ohfuckingbugger!
  61. >OwowowowowowomotherfuckingcuntingpissingbleedingOWOWOWOWOWOWWOOOOOOOOOOO!
  62. >Eris poked her head over the bed to watch you roll around hissing in pain, concern in those red eyes of hers
  63. >"...Anon?"
  64. "Fuckingfuckingcuntingdamnedfuckingnigger!--"
  65. >"You alright there champ?"
  66. "Ofallthebleedingthingstofuckinghappentoday--"
  67. >"Do... Do you need a hug? Or do you maybe want to cuddle a little more to make it feel better?"
  69. >As you continued to roll around on the floor, swearing your heart, out Eris carefully lifted you into the air with her magic
  70. >Gently placing your dick back into your boxers and lifting the covers up she floating you into the bed and into her waiting claws
  71. >Her claw gently scratched your back and her paw ran through your hair as she held you close, patiently waiting for your hissy fit to be over
  72. >Though it took a while, you HAD hit your dick pretty fucking hard, eventually you ceased your thrashing and just laid limply in your mate's embrace
  73. >There was something about the way her claws stroked you really seemed to calm you down
  74. >That, along with her soft, warm body had you as relaxed as you could b--
  75. >...Goddammit
  76. >Your cock was twitching again...
  77. >You could hear Eris giggle in your ear
  78. >"Oh there's nothing to be embarrassed about, Nonny," she murmured, her tail snaking back around its usual place around your leg. "You're sleeping with one of the most beautiful girls in the world. It only makes sense that you'd get excited every once in awhile~"
  79. >Every once in awhile...
  80. >You fucking wish
  81. >Every since you and Eris had had your little pie war you had been like this
  82. >Waking up with your arms grabbing or touching your friend in ways that they shouldn't be touching
  83. >And you were starting to have... thoughts
  84. >Thoughts that one shouldn't be having about their mate
  85. >The kind of thoughts that would get you looks around the dinner table
  86. >And Eris, though she was trying to bust your balls at this very moment, was just as surprised as you about all of this
  87. >Every time the two of you woke up like this the frankenstein would blush, moan, bite her lip, or something like that
  88. >Then she'd pull you against her and hold you close while teasing you
  89. >Almost like you were a fucking COUPLE or some shit...
  90. >You sighed as Eris gave you a little peck on the temple
  91. >A couple of days ago she would have gotten thrown out of the bed for that
  92. >Now...
  94. >"Why don't you go and take a shower, Nonny?" your bed buddy offered, her claw playfully tickling your back. "If I recall correctly my favorite little human has work today."
  95. >...
  96. >Shit
  97. >She was right
  98. >You DID have work...
  99. >Rolling out of Eris's grasp (though you really didn't want to) you got out of bed and made your way toward your bathroom
  100. >Eris rolled onto her side, watching you as you slowly made your way over to the starting point of your day
  101. >You could feel her eyes on you and--
  102. >"Anon?"
  103. >Looking over your shoulder you looked at your friend
  104. >Your mate
  105. >Your bud
  106. "Yeah?"
  107. >Eris bit her lip as she reached up to tuck a bit of her hair behind her ear
  108. >You couldn't help but marvel at her prone form
  109. >Her shirt was covered in spit and wrinkled all to hell
  110. >Your blanket was partially draped over her
  111. >If you didn't know for a fact that she didn't sleep you'd say she looked like she had just woke up
  112. >But she looked...
  113. >She looked...
  114. >A small smile came to your-- Eris's face
  115. >"Do me a favor and get me some caramel from Bon Tron's shop when you come back from work?"
  116. >You stared at the draconequus for about a minute
  117. >...Whatever
  118. >You'll play along
  119. "I'll leave ya some bits so yer lazy ass can get it yourself," you say, yawning as you once again made your way toward your bathroom. "Ya lazy git."
  120. >Eris said nothing as you stepped into your bathroom
  121. >The moment you closed the door behind you you let out a groan
  122. >Pressing your back against your door you slid down it
  123. >With a frustrated sound you placed your head in your hands
  124. >You closed your eyes, and the instant you did so the image of Eris's breathtaking body came to your mind's eye
  125. >Like it always seemed to do when you closed your eyes
  126. "God... fucking... damnit..."
  128. >You let out a sigh as Anon closed the door behind him, letting your head flop down onto your pillow
  129. >Whoo
  130. >That was a close one...
  131. >You rubbed your legs together, doing your very best to ignore the wetness in between then
  132. >It looked like your plan was working
  133. >You just needed to play around with Anonymous like you had when you were Discord
  134. >Anonymous was now relaxed and at ease around you
  135. >Not at all the tense, nervous mess that he had been
  136. >So, seeing that you had gotten your hoof in the door, you decided to take advantage of it
  137. >Though in baby steps
  138. >A little kiss here, a hug here, a nuzzle there, "accidently" bending over to pick up something when he was about to come into the same room as you
  139. >All the while pranking him and joking with him like you were his best buddy
  140. >Which you were
  141. >... For now
  142. >Though he was a little bit fussy at first Anon eventually began to get used to your affection
  143. >He didn't complain anymore when you slept in his bed, he didn't shove you away when you kissed him on the forehead or the cheek
  144. >Discord the gung-ho gentlestallion was starting to disappear in Anonymous's eyes whenever he saw you
  145. >You know that it was only a matter of time until Anon saw you as the feisty female that you were
  146. >And if that happened your victory would be all but assured
  147. >All you had to do was wait for Anonymous to come to you and not scare him away by being too pushy...
  148. >...Hopefully
  149. >Best case scenario
  150. >Claws crossed
  151. >...
  152. >You bit your lip as you squeezed your legs together, your tail flicking from left to right
  153. >The same legs that Anon had been humping not five minutes ago...
  154. >Cracking open an eye you looked down to see that both of your nipples were still rock hard from Anon's teasing
  155. >You could still feel his throbbing cock sliding against your slit
  156. >Teasing you
  157. >Toying with you
  158. >Driving you so mad that you had been a hair's breadth from guiding his manhood into you
  160. >Making a frustrated noise you pulled your blanket over your head so you could muffle a scream
  161. >While Anon might have been conflicted about his budding feelings toward you his body sure as sure wasn't
  162. >This was the third morning in a row that you had had to wake Anonymous up so you wouldn't just hold him down and fuck his brains out because of the bucking teasing
  163. >And it was getting harder to stop yourself from acting on your feelings
  164. >Laying in that bed feeling Anon's hot breath wash over you...
  165. >Inhaling his scent...
  166. >Feeling his cock twitch against you...
  167. >What if he was ready NOW?
  168. >What if instead of waking him up with a shove you woke him up with a kiss on the lips and your claw wrapped around his tallywacker?
  169. >Would he freak out now?
  170. >Or would be finally stop being such a bucking baby and kiss you back for once?!
  171. >Whywashetakingsobuckinglong?!
  172. >Auuurrrrggggghhhhhhh!
  173. >You thrashed around, making a mess of the bed sheets, to make yourself feel a little bit better
  174. >Through the blanket over your head and the bathroom door you could see that Anon was sitting on the floor of his bathroom with his head in his hands
  175. >Though you might not have been a Changeling (as far as YOU know) you could practically smell the emotions raging in the man
  176. >Frustration
  177. >Need
  178. >Want
  179. >Lust
  180. >Hesitation
  181. >Need
  182. >Even fear
  183. >...
  184. >Untangling yourself from your bed sheets you quietly floated over toward the bathroom door
  185. >A part of you wanted to call out to the silly human, tell him that everything was going to be alright
  186. >Another part of you wanted to open that door, pull him off the ground, and kiss him until he wrapped those big arms around you and kissed you right back
  188. >There was a third and fourth part of you wanted wanted to summon up a chocolate milk cloud in this bathroom and...
  189. >...How would a hundred chickens fix this situation at all?
  190. >And what was that about dipping them in white chocolate fondu?
  191. >...
  192. >Some of the voices in your head were weird...
  193. >You did none of those things (some for obvious reasons...), instead placing a claw on the door
  194. >From the other side of the door you could hear your silly human sigh
  195. >Trying not to chuckle at how... different your little romance adventure was turning out to be you sighed as well
  196. >Just a little bit longer...
  197. >You had lived for forever and a half
  198. >You could wait for a little more
  200. >Light gleamed off the small silver butter knife as you spun it around in your fingers
  201. >In and out and in and out that little knife weaved through your fingers
  202. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see a group of ponies eyeing you warily, no doubt thinking that you were about to toss the bleeding thing at them
  203. >But you weren't... probably
  204. >You were just REALLY fucking stressed out and this helped calm you down
  205. >It was almost therapeutic watching that knife move from one finger to another...
  206. >"Anon?"
  207. >You looked away from the knife toward Cargo, your little horse boss, who was staring at you in concern
  208. >She wasn't concerned about the knife; no, you had been working for her long enough that it wasn't something that bothered her anymore
  209. >Something else had the little mare riled up
  210. "Is something bitin' ya, lass?"
  211. >Cargo looked over her shoulder before once again regarding you
  212. >"You have somepony that wants to see you."
  213. >Somepony wants to see you?
  214. >Who the hell would want to see you this time during the day?
  215. >And why wouldn't Cargo just tell'em to wait until you shift was over?
  216. >....Was was everyone else leaving the breakroom?
  217. "Somepony important?" you guessed, suddenly wishing that you had a bigger knife
  218. >Cargo nodded
  220. >"Princess Celestia is here. She wants to talk to you. She says that it can't wait."
  221. >Your nose scrunches up
  222. >You really weren't in the mood to stomach royalty today, but knowing that pain in the ass horse she'd just keep bothering you until you went and saw what the fuck she wanted
  223. >Shifting in your seat you rested your elbows onto the table that you were sitting behind
  224. "...Alright. Go an' get her."
  225. >Cargo's eyes widened
  226. >"Anon, this is PRINCESS CELESTIA. You really--"
  227. "Just go an' tell 'er to get her furry to get in here if she wants to talk to me."
  228. >"...I'm not going to tell her that, Anon..."
  229. >Rolling your eyes you motioned toward the door
  230. "Just go an' get her, lass."
  231. >The knife in your hands spun just a little bit faster as Cargo, a concerned look on her face, left the room
  232. >To your surprise Celestia entered the room not two seconds later
  233. >Alone
  234. >Which was odd since you don't ever remember seeing the big ol' horse without her little babby guards walking behind her like a bunch of baby ducks
  235. >You don't say a word to the princess as she walked over to you and sat down
  236. >Celestia didn't say a work either, just staring at you with this... expression as you kept your gaze on your knife
  237. >Finally, after a minute or two of uncomfortable silence, you decided to speak up
  238. "What do you want, lass?"
  239. >Celestia stiffened slightly
  240. >No doubt unused to being called anything other than "your majesty" or "your highness" or "your eminence"
  241. >"Anonymous," she said, all business-like. "I've heard some reports about some... unusual happenings concerning you and Disc--"
  242. "Eris."
  243. >"--Eris and because of it I decided to come down here to speak to you."
  244. >Stopping your knife mid-spin you began to spin it the other way as you finally turned toward the Princess of the Sun
  245. >There was a "motherly" smile on her face as she looked back at you
  246. >Though it was slightly strained, like she was having a harder time keeping up her facade than usual
  248. >Like she was actually concerned about what was going on with you and your mate
  249. >...
  250. >"...You look tired."
  251. "I've slept like a fuckin' baby for this past week," you replied
  252. >It was true too
  253. >Ever since you found yourself sleeping with your mate you haven't been tossing and turning like you used to
  254. >"You still look tired," Celestia pointed out, snatching the knife out of your hand with her magic and setting it down on the table. "Tired and troubled."
  255. >Your mind goes back to your mate and the look that she was giving you this morning
  256. >That desperate, hungry look that she had been giving you a lot lately
  257. >The look that you were starting to enjoy seeing...
  258. "...I've had a lot on me mind," you admitted
  259. >You turned toward the princess
  260. "You've known Eris for a long fucking while right?"
  261. >Celestia nodded
  262. >"I've known him for a very long time yes."
  263. >You placed your hands in your lap and looked down
  264. >Ho boy...
  265. >You weren't used to all of this... talking about your troubles THING
  266. >It was a lot harder than you thought I'd be...
  267. "A few weeks ago that cunt living in my house was fucking Discord and he was me mate. Me buddy. Every once in awhile he'd come over and we'd have a giggle about this or that or we'd go and meet up with that little yellow lass."
  268. >You started to twiddle your thumbs
  269. "But now me mate's a fucking lass, a fucking ten outta ten kind of lass that wants to jump me bones."
  270. >"Has he--she tried to force you to do anything that you didn't want to do?" Celestia asked, concerned
  271. >You snorted
  272. "Did she try to hold me down an' fuck me? No" you say, shaking your head. "If she'd have done somethin' like that one o' use would have been dead by now."
  273. >You sighed again, you nose scrunching up
  274. "I could fucking deal with Eris at first, thinking that Dizzy was just fucking with me, but as time went on I realized that he was fucking serious about this. Turning into a lass, wanting to be with... me, the whole nine fucking yards."
  276. >You could feel Celestia's wing wrap around your back
  277. >While in most cases you'd have slapped it away you let it be
  278. >Unlike most of the times the big white horse did it this time it felt... nice
  279. >Like she understood your distress and was trying to comfort you though it
  280. >...Hell, maybe she HAD been through something like this...
  281. >"Discord has always been... erratic," she said
  282. "Aye, but turning into a lass to fuck your mate?"
  283. >"Eris cares about you Anonymous," Celestia pointed out. "With the exception of Fluttershy you're the only one that she can truly be herself around."
  284. "I've seen 'er get real chummy around you when the two of you are together," you countered. "I don't see the two of you in this fucking mess."
  285. >To your surprise Celestia smiled ruefully
  286. >"That bridge was burned for... obvious reasons long ago," she said, eyeing you meaningfully. "Anonymous?"
  287. "Aye?"
  288. >Her wing tightens around you just a hair more
  289. >"I know that you, myself, and my sister haven't had the... best of relationships but I'd like to give you some advice if you don't mind."
  290. >...
  291. >Fuck it
  292. >What other options do you have?
  293. "Lay it on me then."
  294. >Celestia was silent for a few moments, no doubt thinking what she was going to say
  295. >You just sat there quietly waiting for her, your fingers twirling a phantom blade
  296. >"I've seen many, many strange thing in my life," she finally began, looking off into the distance. "From things so breathtakingly beautiful to things so horrible that you could--"
  297. >She stopped herself when you raised an eyebrow
  298. >"...You get my point I'm sure. And in seeing and doing all of these wonderful and horrible and fantastical things I've learned a very, very important lesson that had helped me through many trials and hardships."
  299. >Celestia looked around the empty room before gesturing you closer with a hoof
  300. >With wide eyes you leaned forward to hear what this lesson was
  301. >...It better not be about friend
  303. >You swear to all of the fucking gods if this horse started talking about friendship you were putting her through a wall...
  304. >With a smile, Celestia booped you right on the nose with a hoof
  305. >Your eyes crossed and your nose scrunched up
  306. >Uhavenafukengigglem80?!
  307. >"I've learned that one shouldn't make a mountain out of a molehill," she said as you reeled back in surprise.
  308. >...
  309. >...
  310. >...
  311. >What does this bitch mean?
  312. "The fuck you on about, princess?"
  313. >"Eris is a female now, correct?"
  314. "Aye."
  315. >"And you're conflicted because even though you knew her as a stallion you're starting to have romantic feelings about the person that she has become, correct?"
  316. "...Aye."
  317. >Celestia lifted her wing from your shoulder
  318. >"Then why don't you just throw caution to the wind and see where your relationship goes."
  319. >You opened your mouth to respond but immediately closed it, your eyes closely narrowing
  320. "Is this some fucking ploy to get me with me mate because you get off on this shit?" you demanded
  321. >Snorting, Celestia waved you away with a hoof
  322. >"Please, I could have an all-stallion orgy conducted in my bedroom by dinner time if I so wished. Trust me when I say that I'm getting no sexual gratification in this whatsoever, Anonymous."
  323. >The smile on her face widened slightly, though, if you didn't know any better, you'd have said that it was just a hair sad
  324. >"Like I've said Discord and I have known each other for a long, long time, and while most of that time we weren't in very good terms with each other I'd still like him to find happiness wherever he, or she, can."
  325. >She shrugged
  326. >"And if the two of you find happiness in each other who am I to do anything other than encourage your happiness?"
  327. >Encourage, encourage, encourage
  328. >What the fuck was with these bloody ponies and their fucking encouragement?!
  330. >Where was the fucking disgust?
  331. >Where was the resistance?
  332. >Why didn't they think all of this was wrong?
  333. >...Why didn't you think it was wrong anymore?
  334. >You used to
  335. >Like REALLY used to...
  336. >But now the thought of waking up next to your mate and giving her a kiss on the lips didn't sound all that bad
  337. >It didn't sound all that bad at all
  338. >And what was worse you had been horrified when you had starting thinking that and now...
  339. >Not so much...
  340. >...
  341. >...
  342. >...
  343. >You stood up and walked toward the door, not saying a word
  344. >With a smile still on her face Celestia watched you leave
  345. >"The first step will be scary, Anon, but the second that you reach out I'm sure that you'll be glad you did."
  346. >You stopped just as reached the doorway
  347. >Looking over your shoulder at the smiling princess, a small smile working its way onto your face
  348. "Thanks fer the advice, lass... Ya gave me a lot to think about."
  349. >"Don't think about it too long," Celestia advised. "Life is too short. Especially when it comes to love. "
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