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  1. (17:14) K2_Toine*: byllo a word please
  2. (17:14) byllo: is it about that haste from last night+
  3. (17:14) K2_Toine*: yes
  4. (17:15) K2_Toine*: or specificly about the way you reacted
  5. (17:15) byllo:
  6. (17:15) K2_Toine*: sounded a bit like a tantrum
  7. (17:15) byllo: tantrum?
  8. (17:16) K2_Toine*: emm like a kid who said "if i don t get what i want, i m going to make it bad for everyone"
  9. (17:16) K2_Toine*: like an anger attack
  10. (17:17) K2_Toine*: browser is being wird: can t open the link you sent
  11. (17:17) byllo: well yeah..  that would probably fit my mood last night, i have been out all day and have been thinking to say sorry to kraken..  and maybe write a little longer about why i feel the way i do about magics
  12. (17:18) byllo: [M
  13. ar 25 00:07:14 - Ethanolol] Ethanolol3.105q. Get mad, stomp your feet, sigh, shout. For me it is a 75% magic and i feel no obligation to be nice to
  14. (17:18) K2_Toine*: i talked to Kraken and i agree: the magic sucks
  15. (17:18) byllo: [Mar 25 00:08:07 - Ethanolol] a community of people complacent with kronos killing raids inside alliance, or with toine pubbing my raids
  16. (17:19) K2_Toine*: ignore him :) focus on talking to Kraken :)
  17. (17:19) byllo: its not really the players who benefit from it that make something wrong.. i can understand why they put it on..  its the devs that just made a very bad magic
  18. (17:19) K2_Toine*: true
  19. (17:20) byllo: but i just feel that there is plenty of magics out there for gloom/rash and more or less every other raid in the game that has good magics for everyone
  20. (17:20) K2_Toine*: i agree
  21. (17:20) byllo: just that some people keep putting on disi wv and now howl
  22. (17:21) K2_Toine*: ya
  23. (17:22) K2_Toine*: I understand, I agree
  24. (17:22) K2_Toine*: just... try to keep a cool head ;)
  25. (17:22) byllo: and its mostly the people who can already do 2-5q on glooms without a problem while the rest of us struggling to hit 80t in the same time it takes them to hit 2q that actually needs the damage from the magics
  26. (17:22) K2_Toine*: yep
  27. (17:23) byllo: yeah i will try..  just that me and kraken have very different opinions on magics
  28. :P
  29. (17:23) K2_Toine*: :P
  30. (17:23) K2_Toine*: just put on his wall, that you were angry yesterday and made a wrong choice how to express it
  31. (17:23) K2_Toine*: and you ll  be done ;0
  32. (17:24) byllo: and since im so slow when it comes to typing and formulating a decent answer i usually just write short angry idiotic responses
  33. (17:24) K2_Toine*: hahahaah
  34. (17:25) K2_Toine*: well i am so quick that i see a lot of options and then it s hard for me to make a choice what to say
  35. (17:25) K2_Toine*: :P
  36. (17:25) K2_Toine*: everything has a downside
  37. (17:25) K2_Toine*: and it s not idiotic what you say.. it is emotional
  38. (17:26) byllo: sad thing is that my own incompence makes me more upset and its a downwards spiral from there
  39. (17:26) K2_Toine*: and that isn t bad.. it's just sometimes..
  40. (17:26) K2_Toine*: unstrategic
  41. (17:26) K2_Toine*: i need to refresh.. everything is crashing
  42. The person you are trying to send a message to is currently offline.
  44. So as i said to pimp.. i have been out all day and actually thought about how i acted last night, i know i can be a stubborn moron from time to time.. and quite often i act without taking 2 seconds to think about my action, like putting haste on that raid when i saw ethan put howl on it. It was a really bad move and i should have just stuck with sending a pm to ethan and told him what i think about the magic.. in my mind it was pretty much "all these cunts putting crap magics on raids..  well i guess i can do that also! maybe this way people will stop doing it, if it attracts other crap magics"
  45. Ofc this is not the reasonable way to act, and then starting to argue with you about it made even less sence, we have different ways of looking at magics, but i can understand your pov, even tho i dont agree with it.
  46. I actually like you.. as long as we are not talking magics..  :P
  48. For me these would be the best magics for rash
  50. BoM/Smite
  51. Traditions of the hunt
  52. A light in the darkness
  53. Heavens kiss
  54. Guzzlebeards
  55. Eyes in the dark
  56. Djinnpocalypse
  57. Veil dust
  58. Ice storm
  59. Beastial downfall
  60. Intermission
  62. Im sure i have forgotten some good one, but still.. all these magics are good for rash, some of em might not give as high damage as disi/howl if you own the stuff that make em great, but they are the best around for everyone without being bad for someone. Sure some people will get a bigger boost then others, but the damage is still good enough not to put on something that everyone cant benefit from.
  64. For glooms i guess lots of the magics are the same..
  65. take away veil dust aand traditions of the hunt and add titan killer and anni, but anni is not a great magic for those that dont own it, then its a little less damage 0.25% then FS but its still ok, i prefer others if you can get em fast enough but its not the end of the world. Its great for some and decent enough for others.
  67. Myself i love gusters since im always running out of those % attack/perception potions..  so for me its not about the damage the guster magic deals, but the boxes.. and farming boxes from small raids is impossible, but im pretty ok with just farming them from my own summoned big raids and the few others i can find. I usually just go for 80t 100t on gloom/rash and if guster is on i go for 2q
  69. But all i really wanted to say was sorry for how i acted last night/evening or whatever it was for you. Please dont take it personal, im just a idiot from time to time.. i try to keep my head calm but im a emotional being. I would like to say it will never happend again, but that would just be a lie.. its just who i am, irrational, illtemperd and tunnel vision so i cant see it any other way in the heat of the moment. But give me a little while and im usually calm and can hopefully discuss things like the grown man im after all are.
  70. I hope we can still get along even tho im a stubborn idiot.
  71. And im sorry for my horrible english..  once upon a time i was actually really good speaking it, these days i cant speak it and sometimes i wonder if not my nephews at 10 and 13 are better at english then me now.. spelling and grammar has never been a strong thing for me. And speaking of my nephews, wont be long before those little hooligans start steeling my beer and leave me dry for the weekend.
  73. Hugs and kisses from a bearded swede
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