adapt and overcome

Dec 31st, 2015
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  1. >You are John.
  2. >John Doe.
  3. >You are currently camping in the woods.
  4. >For the last few days it had felt like something was watching you.
  5. >But you haven't seen any signs of something prowling around.
  6. >No tracks.
  7. >No droppings
  8. >No territorial marks.
  9. >Nothing.
  10. >You seriously regret ever playing Slenderman right now.
  11. >The sun is setting.
  12. >Whoneedssleep.png
  14. >Midnight.
  15. >Still wide awake.
  16. >Before, you felt like you were being watched.
  17. >Now it feels like you're being hunted.
  18. >You hear a crack from behind you and a sharp hiss.
  19. >fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!
  20. >you whirl around and point your flashlight at the source of the noise.
  21. >Nothing.
  22. >You walk over.
  23. >Something catches your eye.
  24. >It looks like blood.
  25. >But it's green.
  26. >What the fuck.
  27. >You see another small bit of blood further ahead.
  28. >And another.
  29. >And another
  30. >All of them green.
  31. >Your curiosity overrides your common sense, and you begin following the trail of blood splatters.
  32. >What could possibly go wrong?
  33. >You feel like you're being watched again.
  34. >The trail eventually leads to a cave.
  35. >You enter.
  36. >It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  37. >You hear laboured breathing.
  38. >You follow the noise.
  39. >You feel something drip onto your hair.
  40. >Never bothered to look up.
  41. >you don't get the chance before it's on top of you, slamming you facedown into the floor and breaking your nose.
  42. >You feel fangs drive into the back of your neck.
  43. >Everything suddenly starts hurting.
  45. >It literally feels like your body is melting.
  46. >You soon black out from the pain.
  48. >Pain.
  49. >Everything hurts.
  50. >It feels like every single bone in your body has been shattered into dust.
  51. >It also feels like you've been put in a full body cast.
  52. >You open your eyes.
  53. >It's dark as fuck
  54. >You open your eyes
  55. >You're still in the cave. there's ash everywhere.
  56. >Your brain grinds to a halt as you realize something.
  57. >Did you just open your eyes twice?
  58. >You blink.
  59. >Everything's darker and tinted green now.
  60. >it also still feels like you're still keeping your eyes shut.
  61. >You gasp.
  62. >Or at least, you try to.
  63. >It takes a moment, but you realize you are breathing through your nose.
  64. >You exhale.
  65. >fucking weird.
  66. >You can still breath out through your mouth, but not in.
  67. >You finally notice something in front of you face.
  68. >You panic.
  69. >Since when the fuck was your nose that long!
  70. >Or black for that matter.
  71. >You try to stand up.
  72. >Keyword is try.
  73. >Nothing works like it's supposed to.
  74. >Instead you wind up spasming around.
  75. >Another realization hits you.
  76. >You weren't in a full body cast.
  77. >You manage to fight down the panic.
  78. >You needed to get out of this cave and find help.
  79. >You try to move you arm.
  80. >No fingers.
  81. >It takes a while, but you manage figure out how to make you arm move how you want it to.
  82. >You hold it in front of your face.
  83. >It's a fucking hoof.
  84. >You have to fight down the urge to panic.
  85. >It was quicker getting you legs to work.
  86. >You didnt feel your toes, either.
  87. >You finally push yourself off the ground.
  89. >It felt like you were standing up, even though you were still on all fours.
  90. >You finally start to panic and begin hyperventilating when you suddenly feel… well nothing.
  91. >You just stopped feeling emotion.
  92. >You were still aware of what you SHOULD be feeling, but you weren't feeling it.
  93. >You try to move forward only to find your feet stuck to the floor.
  94. >Once again you were aware you should be panicking.
  95. >You also were aware of something in your hooves being incredibly tense.
  96. >You try to relax it.
  97. >You hooves stop sticking.
  98. >You make note of that.
  99. >You spend a few minutes trying to get your mouth to work.
  100. >Your voice is very different from what you are used to.
  101. >It sounds like two or three people speaking at once.
  102. >It also sounds feminine.
  103. >If you were still panicking at this point, you'd probably of had a heart attack.
  104. >Now you were just looking at these changes without emotion clouding your judgement.
  105. >You walk outside.
  106. >it had rained at some point.
  107. >You wade into the biggest puddle you could find, and let the ripples settle, before looking at your reflection.
  108. >You were basically a horse.
  109. >Except there were holes in your hooves, and horn.
  110. >You also had a horn for that matter.
  111. >And wings.
  112. >Insect ones to be precise.
  113. >A small squat and a look in your reflection showed you had in fact, changed gender.
  114. >By this point, you would definitely have suffered some form of panic induced heart failure.
  115. >You take a closer look at the green band around your middle.
  116. >You could see your stomach.
  117. >And its lack of contents.
  118. >you opened your mouth, looking at your face in the water.
  119. >Fangs.
  120. >A long, forked, and prehensile tongue.
  121. >And solid green eyes.
  122. >you opened your inner eyelids.
  123. >Pain.
  124. >Turns out your eyes where photosensitive.
  125. >And looked like a felines.
  127. >You had retreated to the cave you woke up in.
  128. >In your emotionless state you were able to process what had happened to you.
  129. >You where some kind of predatory insect equine.
  130. >And a female too.
  131. >that means hormones are gonna play hell with you emotions.
  132. >Speaking of which, you are aware of the fact that you feel you would not be panicking by right now.
  133. >You suddenly feel your emotions return.
  134. >Mostly curiosity and confusion.
  135. >Was… your emotionally dead state some kind of coping mechanism?
  136. >Ohshit.jpeg
  137. >What other changes could have been made to your head.
  138. Plenty.
  139. >Oh fucking great you've got voices in your head.
  140. >”I can assure you you’re quite sane. And I’m glad the conversion took as well as it did.”
  141. >You whip your head around to face the voice.
  142. >You hear nervous shuffling.
  143. >You see a smaller version of you with a smaller, holeless horn.
  144. ”Conversion?”
  145. Our old queen converted you before expiring.
  146. >Voice in your head again.
  147. >Fucking psychics.
  148. >”It's a hivemind.”
  149. >wait what.
  150. >We Zerg now.
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