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  1. "A-actually Spike., why don't you stay here and investigate this? You saw the Diamond Dog right? It had to have been doing something."
  2. >"Actually, that does sound like a good idea. I can't think of why a diamond dog would come into the castle to rummage through my mail. But there has to be a reason, and if there's a reason. Then he may have left a clue. Spike, do you think you could investigate this while I take Anon and Starlight to Fluttershy's?" Twilight asks him, she didn't think it was THAT pressing over this. But this was still important.
  3. >Spike saluted "Of course! I got this! Besides, investigating a problem like this will just hone the hero skills I already have. Who knows, It might lead to me saving Ponyville and cathing the eye of a certain beautiful pony" Spike smirks as he starts to daydream right then and there.
  4. >Twilight giggles "whatever you say Spike.." Twilight turns to you and Starlight "Are you both ready to go?"
  5. >Starlight seemed less tense now. But, she was staring at the letters with grand curiousness. But she doesn't actually make a remark on it. "I think I'm ready....Twilight, are you sure you forgive me?" Starlight then tenses a little
  6. >"Well, if I didn't. I already would have ...hrn" Twilight actually couldn't think of what she had done. She wasn't thinking of being violent at all "Well, I'm not entirely sure on what I'd do. But it's not important. The important thing is that you're here now and we want to help you."
  7. >You then raise your hoof. Because Fluttershy was definitely not what you had planned.
  9. "Actually, I was thinking we should see Applejack first"
  10. >"wha?" Twilight answered immediately, utterly dumbfounded by the suggestion "Anon, Applejack should be one of the last of our friends we should see. I think if we see Fluttershy and then Pinkie Pie first. It'd help Starlight become more comfortable with meeting the rest."
  11. >Starlight stays silent.She seemed to be contemplating something.
  12. "But if we see Applejack now, who I think would be VERY understanding of the situation if we explain it to her calmly, then it'd make everypony else a cinch."
  13. >You look towards Starlight, making a caring expression, like a mother worried of her child's health.
  14. "Starlight, trust me. It'll be easy."
  15. >"Anon, you don't know that. I know Applejack better than you do. And while she isn't one to hold a grudge, she can be very protective of her family. She might be suspicious of something and Starlight won't be used to handling it without some practice first." Twilight retorts
  16. >"I'm right here you know..." Starlight interjected, and she seemed suddenly very calm. It didn't strike you as odd, nor Twilight. It just seemed she was tired of the both of you making a decision for her. "And I think, we should go see Applejack first. Just tell me what to do or not do before we meet her, and I think we should be fine"
  17. >Woah...that was a sudden brave turn. And YES! SHE PICKED YOU.
  18. >"...Starlight, Are you sure about this?" Twilight saw her reactions when it came to herself, she didn't think this was right.
  19. >"If Anon says it'll be ok" But the way Starlight turned her head to look at you, her eyes. It didn't seem like those of trust. But those of suspicion. "Then it'll be ok. I trust him. Right now, he is my best friend."
  20. >Of course, you just think it's her being nervous deep inside. It had to be that. She was putting on a front.
  21. "See? Trust me Starlight, we'll just go over a few things before knocking on the door. We have plenty of time between here and there"
  23. >With that. You,Starlight, and Twilight made the trek to the farm while Spike went on to investigate the odd occurence in the library.
  24. >"Ok Starlight. I have compiled a short comprehensive list in my head on how to handle meeting Applejack this early on." Twilight did her best to sound as cheery as possible.
  25. >"Ok, what are they?" Starlight asks, as she faced forward. Still looking like she was either nervous or contemplating.
  26. >"Well, one. She's very old fashioned and family oriented. So you should be as polite,kind, and honest as possible.. Two, her entire lineage are apples, so don't say you hate apples, three, if she wants to say something, just let her say it, and then respond. And four, try not to act suspicious in any way, even accidentally. She can be a little accusing sometimes."
  27. >Like Twilight was one to talk about that last one.
  28. >"Got it. What about you Anon? Anything I should know? Anything you want to tell me before we get there?" Starlight asks, Looking at you, she seemed worried. Probably because she was.
  29. "Yeah, erm..don't try to talk the way she talks. It might make her feel insulted."
  30. >"...yeah" Starlight responds, as if expecting another answer.
  31. >"Oh Hey!" Twilight was hit with a realization as she smiles and makes a mental note in a nerdy like fashion "That's a good addition to the list! I didn't even think of that one. Good work Anon!"
  32. >You force a smile
  33. "No problem Twilight"
  34. >But as you three near the farm, Starlight begins to hesitate, in a almost sudden like manner, as if she just remembered how difficult this was for her. Yet, she also pressed on, as if driven by another force "mmnnn, I'm willing to do this...but, do you both really think she'll forgive me? I've uhhh...noticed how she is myself, and she seems..erm..is stubborn a good word?" As in, from Starlight's spying. She has seen a few times how Applejack tends to act.
  36. >"Ermm..She can be a little stubborn. But trust me, she's one of the most honest and good willed ponies I've ever met. All you have to do is be straightforward and you'll do fine." Twilight reassures her. Although, mentally, Twilight was having some doubt Starlight could pull this off so early.
  37. >You? You had to hope that she could as you try to figure out what the fuck happened.
  38. "She's right Starlight, just act like you do around me and you'll be fine"
  39. >"...right, just act like I do around you...just..be normal. Ok Starlight" Starlight takes a breath as you both approach the home connected to the barn. The Apple Family home. "You can do this"
  40. >You three approach the door...but nothing happens. you all just stare at it.
  41. >.Both you and Twilight got the impression she was going to try knocking. But, she just stood there.
  42. >"Erm...Starlight?" Twilight calls to her worryingly
  43. "Um, are you going to knock on the door? Or should I?"
  44. >"...N..u...erm..." Starlight raised her hoof, then lowered it, then raised it, then lowered it. Then when she looked back at both yours and Twilight's confusion, she growled "I CAN DO THIS!" She slams her hoof on the door a few times "I DID IT!..I...oh" Starlight cringes "I-I hope they don't think I'm trying to break in..erm"
  45. >"Just relax Starlight, It's not the first time somepony has banged on her door like that. They might just think whoever is at the door wanted to be heard.. You got this, We believe in you" Twilight does her best to give her encouragement.
  46. "Yeah Starlight, just trust in yourself and you'll have it made!"
  47. >"....got it..." Starlight gulped and just faced the door until it opened, though. It was easy to peer through the front side of it since it was really just half a door. There wasn't anyone who was visible...even as it opened.
  49. >And as soon as it opened.
  51. >But, there was a reason you all couldn't see who opened the door.
  52. >"ahm, ok? Erm...Twilight? Oh and Anon..erm..and...umm..." Applebloom was the one to answer the door, and her greeting was less than cheery. Something was wrong. You bet it was fucking Scrappy.
  53. >Starlight opened a single eye. Only to see Applebloom. She recognized her from her times spying on Twilight. "Oh...erm.." Starlight stepped back behind the both of you with a nervous smile "Sorry, I thought you were your older sister..um" Starlight waves her hoof to greet her "Hu"
  54. >"Erm..hi?" Applebloom just waves awkwardly. Then looks to twilight "..Um..ah don't know what's goin' on. But erm...Twilight. You mind talkin' my sister out of somethin?"
  55. >Out of something?
  56. >"What's wrong Applebloom? What's wrong with your sister?" Twilight asks, wondering what she meant.
  57. >"W-well, ah got a dog. a puppy actually.." Applebloom seemed really nervous saying that. Suspiciously nervous. You notice her ears droop down as she says it. "..And Applejack said ah couldn't keep it unless ah got it trained. And ah told her ah could have it trained in a day. And she went into this whole thing on how ah shouldn't think ah could rush through trainin' a dog like that. Considering she  took awhile to train Winona right. And ah told her ah could have mah puppy dog trained to do tricks and stuff in ah day. And she said, if ah could, not only could ah keep it. but she would eat her lasso...and erm...ahm...She's eating her lasso. Ah didn't want her to actually do that! ah just wanted to keep Scrappy! That's all...could ya talk some sense into her? Please?"
  59. >"What?!" Twilight was startled by this "Eating rope isn't healthy! Applebloom, is she really eating her rope because she lost a silly bet?!"
  60. >Applebloom nodded in urgency "Uh huh! I told her how silly it was, but she ain't listenin to me. She keeps going on about "ah made an oath and ahm a keepin' it". It's hard seeing her trying to eat that rope Twilight. Please talk to her..."
  61. >"Don't worry Applebloom. I'll talk to her." Twilight then looks upon you and Starlight "Can you all wait here? I really don't think it'd be a good idea for Applejack to be seen in a moment like this..it..ya know.." Twilight whispers "it might embarrass her.
  62. >Starlight takes that as a moment to recollect her thoughts. And...something else. "Sure, I can do that."
  63. >You did kinda wanna see Applejack eating fucking rope. But you had to talk to Applebloom about Scrappy. Now...you just had to make it sound like you weren't talking about a changeling.
  64. >Twilight gave Applebloom a gentle pat before stepping inside.
  65. >Applebloom then looked upon the both of you. Mostly at Starlight. "So erm..Hi. How do ya know Twilight..erm?"
  66. >"Starlight Glimmer. I umm..Well, it's a long story. Can we just say that I'm just one of her newest friends?" Starlight didn't really want to get into the fact with a little kid that she nearly converted her older sister to her cause.
  67. >"Oh" Applebloom's worry turned into a small smile. There was a ray of hope in her heart that Twilight could help Applejack. and any friend of Twilight was sure to already be nice. "It's nice to meet ya Starlight! ahm Applebloom! Anon's friend and Applejack's sister."
  69. >Starlight didn't feel as nervous with Applebloom as she did with Twilight or what she thought she'd feel towards the others. This was a cute little filly after all. And she had never met her before. And any friend of yours had to be a nice pony. "Well, it's very nice to meet you Applebloom. But, did you say you got a new dog? That's very interesting. If it'd help you relax, you could tell me all about it if you'd like."
  70. >"Actually..erm" Applebloom started to feel nervous again all of a sudden "ah was hopin' to talk to Anon about that. and uh...just Anon"
  71. >....fuck..you should have known. Well, you did. So, you wondered what the little fuck did this time. Why did he go through Twilight's letters?
  72. >But before you could say a word. Starlight started to speak in an unnaturally confident sort of way. a way that reminded you of old Starlight "Really? That's very interesting. You know, it's odd you say you just got a new dog. There was a dog back in the castle that was, according to a baby dragon named Spike, was sifting through the princess's mail"
  73. >Applebloom's eyes went wide. She was suddenly really alert...HOLY FUCK..SHE KNEW?!....WAIT..
  75. >Applebloom was very nervous now. shifting her eyes very untrustworthy fashion. "Ya don't say...well erm.."
  76. >You then blurt out
  77. "Y-yeah, but we deduced it was a diamond dog...r-riight?"
  78. >"You're right Anon, you did deduce that it was a diamond dog....despite it being my spell. Meaning I know how it works. And do you know what I find is REALLY odd?" Starlight turns to you, aproaching you with an oddly twisted smile "That'd you want to come here all of a sudden, which it seems to have coincidentally run into a dog problem of it's own. And isn't it really weird how you reacted when you pulled out that magic map when you found out about the "Diamond Dog"?"
  79. >........oh shit....
  80. >You started to shake, you were found out,
  82. >Starlight's smile then became that of agitation and hurt as she looked down upon you "Why did you lie Anon? Why is this puppy so important and how does it know how to sift through mail?" Starlight doesn't even bother looking at Applebloom. She was transfixed on you and your lie. "Why would you use my worries and fears like that?"
  83. >You could see her eyes start to shimmer from growing tears as she looked down at you. Goddamn it. What do you do? It's not like you could just say "yo, the puppy is a changeling fucking captain.". Even then, Applebloom knew about what the captain was doing. Did she send him herself to look through the mail? and why?
  84. >What do you do...?
  85. >...or maybe, what you had to do was actually simple. It wasn't really Starlight you were avoiding. It was Twilight. Starlight already knew about Chrysalis..how could it be so difficult to just..tell her the truth?
  86. >Nah, this will be easy.
  87. "Starlight, I wasn't lying to you really. I just. Look, Twilight doesn't know at all about me having the changelings in my basement. That dog? That's Chrysalis's captain. And, he's mostly harmless and pretty dumb. But I couldn't just go blurting out I knew something. Y'know? You understand right?"
  88. >But, for some reason, Starlight didn't seem thrilled with that answer. She still seemed pretty pissed. Why?! You still told the truth.
  89. "S-starlight?"
  90. >"...So, instead of pulling me aside to tell me this. You instead just decide to bring me here despite Twilight saying this could be a bad idea....Wow Anon, what? You couldn't trust me enough to just tell me right there? I didn't want to come here second Anon. I know I got lucky with Twilight, But..Darnit Anon! I see you as an equal, why couldn't you see me the same way?!" Starlight had tears flowing out of her eyes.
  91. >...oh man. you fucked up. You fucked up! YOU FUCKED UP! You should have.But dammit. It never came to mind! DAMMIT!
  93. "Starlight, you have to underst-"
  94. >"QUIET!" She says in a..rather familiar rage.
  95. >Applebloom sits there, confused as to what is going on. "D-did ah miss somethin?"
  96. >"No, I was just leaving..." Starlight says in a growl as she turns and begins to walk away. "As it turns out, I don't really have any friends at all. And I'd rather just...go back to the work shack."
  97. >..DAMMIT!
  98. "Starlight, wait!"
  99. >You call out to her, but she just continues to walk, oddly enough however. She doesn't teleport away like you expect. It'll give you a shot to talk to her. And fix your mistake.
  100. >But as you rush to follow her. Applebloom calls out to you, confused still, as to what is going on. "Anon, what's going on? What just happened?"
  101. "Ngh..."
  102. >Shit, there was still Applebloom. There was still Scrappy. Nah fuck it.
  103. "Applebloom, can you please just stay here? And tell Twilight that I went to talk to Starlight privately?"
  104. >"B-but, what's even goin' on? Ah don't understand" Applebloom was getting worried. From the looks of things. Things just went very sour.
  105. "Applebloom, look, I'll explain things when I have time. But I need you to please...please...just do this for me. It's not as if you're lying. Please, do this for me and I'll explain everything later."
  106. >"...a-ahmm.." Applebloom didn't know what to do, but she could see you were desperate. And that this Starlight pony seemed super upset about something. What's worse, she had just registered in her mind that she knew about Scrappy. "A-anon, how come you let her know about Scrappy?"
  107. "Later! Applebloom, please..later"
  108. >"........Ok" Applebloom nods, looking back to her front door "But ya better explain everything when yer done. Because this is getting freaky"
  109. "Fine, thanks, I'll be back...Gnnnn!"
  110. >You rush off, Starlight hadn't gotten too far. But dammit, she was still visibly pissed off
  112. "Starlight, Starlight come on! Wait up! I'm sorry ok?! I wasn't thinking!"
  113. >Starlight just marched forward, anger in her tone as she speaks back to you "Of course you weren't, neither was Sunburst. I get it, you're my friend when it's convenient for you. But when something "more important" happens. You'll just use the situation to your advantage. That's it right? To think, I considered you an equal. But you're just a little brat! How could I have been so stupid?"
  114. "Starlight.."
  115. >You stop for a moment, that...actually hurt. You didn't mean to take advantage of the situation like that.
  116. >No...that's wrong. You did, you just didn't think of the consequences.
  117. "Yes, fine. I'm a brat! But please, don't walk away from me! Give me another chance! Starlight, I promise not to do it again. I'll do anything, please. Just turn around, please.."
  118. >"....Begging? Really?" Starlight sighed as her horn began to glow "Why should I give you another chance? It's obvious that our friendship didn't mean anything if you didn't stop to think of what you were doing. We could have solved whatever the problem was together, you know that right? Well...I thought we could anyway. Whatever was going on, it's obvious you haven't been able to handle it alone." Starlight sniffs as she turns around, her eyes full of tears, she started to whimper "But, you're the hero colt. Huh? I guess to be the hero, you'll forget everypony else....goodbye Anon"
  120. "Starlight!"
  121. >You only had one chance to stop her...and unfortunately. You were going to stoop low to do it. But, better this. Than just letting her go.
  122. "..You came here because you wanted to get over your past and mistakes from terrorizing you. Don't just leave me, please. Don't leave, and make me suffer the same regrets. I want to help you. I really do. I just made one stupid mistake..."
  123. >You look down in shame, and slowly step up to her.
  125. "If it'll make things up. You can blast me. Kick me. throw rocks at my head. Anything. But please don't leave like this. I want a chance to try again. To make things right so.."
  126. >You start to tear up. From the situation, from your words, and the fact you had to use a subtle low blow to do it.
  127. "....please forgive me, and be my friend again"
  128. >Starlight stands there, she wipes her tears. But she doesn't look at you kindly. No, she was still upset. But her mind was turning. She felt it was true. She'd be a hypocrite to not at least give you one chance, considering she was here for that kind of redemption. "Alright. But under one condition..."
  129. "Anything"
  130. >Seriously, anything. You didn't want to lose her friendship. Not after acting the goddamn fool. And swearing you'd help her through this.
  131. >"I want to know the truth. About everything. I never questioned it before because I figured there were some things better left unsaid. But I trusted you with my past, my hurt, and my feelings. And now. I want to do the same for you. But you need to be honest with me. I want to know where you came from, how you got so smart, how this whole thing with the changelings really happened, and if you know that much...why Discord adopted you."
  132. >......o-oh shit.
  133. >......
  134. >You just stand there. Should she know? Could she?...would she even believe you
  135. >"ANON!" Starlight barks at you She felt insulted that you were hesitating. She didn't care that you were considering it. She expected you to just say it.
  136. "S-starlight..w-wait!"
  138. >...she was still clearly pissed. And really. Unlike Discord or Chrysalis. She saw you as an equal, spoke to you as if you were her age in body and mind. Were you willing to fuck that up? Over such a stupid secret? This secret was meant to keep suspicion away from you from most ponies and the mane 6. But the princesses knew already. And perhaps soon, so would the CMC. Starlight put more trust in you than she did anyone else...You didn't expect this. Really? You expected her to heel turn like Discord. But this wasn't the case...
  139. >...looks like you didn't have a choice at this point...
  140. "Look, I can't say it here. If we can find a puddle. I can take you back home so I-"
  141. >But she doesn't wait. Her horn glows. And in the blink of an eye. You find yourself beside a gentle river, the town off in the distance. It was a mostly empty field before it with a few trees.
  142. >"How's that? There doesn't seem to be anypony around here. Is that private it enough for you?" Starlight would not wait, nor would she stay in a place like that. Given the circumstances.
  143. "...yeah"
  144. >.....ok.....geez. She was also impatient. Christ, you had to have at least a moment to gather your thoughts. But her eyes, they looked at you like they were going to shoot you with lasers at any second.
  145. "Starlight, before I tell you...everything. You have to know that what I'm going to tell you is going to sound like a lot of hogwash. I mean, really dumb stuff.
  146. >Starlight merely nods to that statement, and then answers "I knew it'd probably would. That's why I'll ask a few questions if I get confused and believe every word you tell me"
  147. >Wut?
  148. "...you're just going to believe me...just like that?"
  150. >"Of course..." Starlight steps up to you, and looks down at you with a dark expression "Because I assume if it's crazy and a lie. It'd be easy to find out. And IF you are lying. We're done. And I will personally rip your cutie mark out myself and do my best to destroy it. Even if it means everypony hating me...." Starlight turns her head to the side, frowning after saying that last lamentable part "It's not like I'm important in anypony's life anyway. They can find somepony else to run the town..."
  151. >Geez...Starlight.
  152. >God, you really needed help right now. You wished Discord would show up. Because right now? You were gonna sound pretty fucking insane.
  153. "..Ok, I understand. Look, before we get the ball rolling..."
  154. >You turn to face the river, and look down at the water. Looking at a distorted version of your reflection. You sigh, and close your eyes.
  155. "I'm not actually a colt...or a pony really. Or at least, I didn't use to be a pony."
  156. >That right there, catches Starlight offguard. "W-what?! How could you lead off with something like that?!"
  157. "Because.."
  158. >You turned to her, your face already filled with worry,fear, and doubt on the whole situation
  159. "..It's true. And it's how this whole thing got started."
  160. >"Anon..I know I said I'd believe anything you'd say...but. That's...do you realize how insane that sounds?" She didn't understand. She couldn't comprehend it.
  161. "..Yeah, but my adoptive dad is Discord y'know. It wouldn't be true if it wasn't insane when he's involved."
  163. >"......" Starlight hadn't considered that. It seemed so far fetched. Was Discord able to do something like that? She thought on this a moment. But, without more information. She couldn't come to a conclusion "Alright...I'll bite. If you weren't a pony. Then what were you?"
  164. "I was something called a human. I was an adult human from a planet known as earth far off in another dimension. And let me tell you, Earth is not a good place to live when you compare it to Equestria. Imagine being around dragons, only a million times worse...and everyday."
  165. >"It's hard to imagine a place I've never heard of..." She says half snidely. "but go on..."
  166. >And you do go on. you explain to Starlight as much as you could and remember, the hero colt status, pranking Chrysalis and how it nearly went sour, how you're expected to act among ponies, the CMC and scrappy. You tell her just about everything sans the tv show itself. Starlight had asked you a few questions along the way. questions like what Earth was like. how you viewed your friends, Discord's plans, and if you truly cared about not only her...but Fluttershy. She was curious to know if you considered your false family family considering how big a lie your life seemed,
  167. "I like to think of my new life as a reincarnation deal. And that means forgetting my old life..."
  168. >"...Anon, do you know how insane that all sounds? I know I said I'd believe it. But, by Celestia, that's ridiculous."
  169. >Of course she wouldn't believe such an insane story. Would you? started to feel weak as you sat your ass down onto the grass and faced the river. And your ears perked down as you began to sniff. Your eyes tearing up.
  171. >"Don't do that Anon. I can't even tell if that's just a fake out too. Everything just sounds insane. You lied to me, but now you're admitting that you've been lying to everypony else. How do I make sense of it? I don't even know how to feel." Starlight was mentally being torn apart. Emotionally speaking. She didn't know if you, her best friend. Was telling the truth, and if you were. If you truly cared about anything despite your answers.
  172. "Then just leave me here..."
  173. >you had gotten the guilt of lying out of your head so hard. You thought you had everything in control. You didn't think keeping your cover in front of someone...someone you should have told. Would bite you back on the ass this hard.
  174. >Starlight almost decided to do just that. But as her horn began to glow. She noticed you weren't even moving from that spot. So she tried saying something. "..I'm leaving now"
  175. >But you didn't even really hear her. You were just looking at the current of the river. Which seemed to be mysteriously increasing. But you looked into the sky and saw no pegasi, no black clouds, no cause for a storm. Eh, probably just an increase in flow.
  176. >Starlight hesitated to leave. Waiting for you to make some sort of move.
  177. >But you didn't. You just sat there, unaware of anything anymore as you held in your whimpers. For the first time, you actually lost a friend. completely and utterly. And it was a good one too. One who saw you as a fucking equal.
  178. >Starlight stood still. Waiting...just waiting. Her mind was grinding through thoughts. even coming upon the thought that what you said could be true.
  179. >Starlight stepped slowly closer to you, reaching her hoof out. She could hear your near silent whimpers as she approached. And right when she was going to give it another shot.
  180. >The river's pace became even worse. Despite the beautiful sunny sky. The river was angry and raging. It caught you in it's flurry of anger and started to sweep you down it's throat towards the forest.
  182. >You couldn't even scream for help. you only swam the best you could to get air. Gargling water everytime you broke the surface.
  183. >At first, Starlight was struck with shock at the river's sudden speed. But then she was struck with guilt. If she had left you now, she would have never been there to...nope, she couldn't linger on that thought. She started to run alongside the river as she began to glow, and jumped to fly above the river. Trying to catch up with you. "Anon, hold on! I'm coming!"
  184. >You could barely hear her as you struggled against the current. Your saddlebag's weight didn't make things easy. You were flipping around and catching water in your mouth. You didn't know how much longer you could last.
  185. >Starlight was now above you, moving as fast as she could to match the speed of the current as she tried to bring her hooves down to grasp one of yours. But each try was a failure. "Come on Starlight! Don't keep trying this! THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE! COME ON!"
  186. >Starlight looked left and right as the current took the both of you inside a nearby forest. "Uhh..Uh...Wait.."
  187. >Starlight had originally thought of using a log to try to pick you out. But then she remembered something...
  188. >She just plucks you out of the water and puts you on the side of the shore on the dirt road. She gently lays you on your belly as you cough and spit up some water.
  189. >Starlight landed beside you and moved to your front. Looking all around you to make sure you were breathing and ok. "Anon! Anon! Come on. Be ok! Please be ok! Can you breath?"
  190. >You coughed as your senses started to come back to you.
  191. "N-ngh...w-what happened?"
  192. >Starlight began to tear up as she heard your voice. To her, that was enough to give her a jolt of relief. "Anon...oh geez. Are you hurt?..you're ok right? What happened? How did that even happen?!"
  194. >You slowly stood up, you were dripping wet and your saddlebag was much heavier due to being drenched in water. You let it go for a moment to shake just a bit to try to dry yourself. But you stopped when you felt a tinge of pain. Your body was sore from all that flailing. You go back to resting on your belly.
  195. "I'm..I'm fine. Starlight..."
  196. >You let out a small cough.
  197. "You saved me....I actually thought you left."
  198. >Starlight sighed. She realized despite all her anger. She still cared afterall. Maybe a part of her did believe you. "I couldn't. I guess I thought you weren't actually lying to me. Anon, are you ok, you don't feel achy? Because if I have to, I'll take you to the hospital and..."
  200. >You immediately stand to attention with a gasp. Nope nope nope! Fuck that hospital shit again. Especially since everyone would know something was up.
  201. "I-I'm fine. Really! Really really. Eheh...Just got a little water logged back there...."
  202. >You wobbled a little. But the threat of the hospital flowed through your mind enough to keep you alert.
  203. >Starlight used her hoof to brush back your mane. The wetness helped it slick back into a rather sly looking style. But she didn't care about that. She just wanted a better look at your face
  205. >Starlight was relieved when you still retained your color. and that there was no injuries on your face. "...good. you're really ok..." Starlight looked back at the raging river, still perplexed. Then another thought hit her. "Anon..you didn't let yourself get swept up by the waters. did you?"
  206. >What?!
  207. "No! no..no. Starlight, that would have been my first real time as a pony stuck in water like that. And even then, I know I can't survive something like that on my own. It caught me offguard as much as it did you."
  208. >Then your ears lower again, you frown. Did she still not believe you?
  209. "Why would you think I'd even do that? Starlight, I told you the truth. That's all there is to it. I'm..."
  210. >you sigh, you give up. you pick up your saddle bag and begin to walk off. To where? You didn't care
  211. "Never mind. Thanks for saving me. And if you want me to owe you my life. That's fine too...."
  212. >Starlight uses her magic to stop you in your tracks. "Where are you going?"
  213. "..I don't care."
  214. >"You're really adamant about that story, huh? Then..fine." Starlight finally gives in "I'll stand by my word. And I'll believe you until I find evidence that states otherwise."
  215. >"Oho...yar me hartey! You may find that this landlubber's papers are too a gigantic farce. Created by none other than your resident chaos pirate. Captain Havocbeard. And this be my good ship, the Maelstrom!"
  216. >What in the world?
  217. >Behind the both of you, sailing the river on a large yet thin ship. With a sail with Discord's skull and crossbones. And a Draconeequs mermaid at the front of the hull. There were golden cannons, three each on the deck for the starboard and port side.
  218. >Discord, garbed with a black captain's hat and coat was manning the wheel.
  219. >when the boat came to the side of both of you. The Anchor dropped on it's own into the river as the river itself came to a halt.
  220. >"W-what's going on?" Starlight was confused as all fuck now.
  222. >You were worried as well. Was Discord......watching? Oh god, he was. Now he knows that someone else knows the secret. But what the fuck was with the ship?...what was he going to do?...you couldn't even run from this.
  223. "...Starlight, pay very close attention to me. Discord, he's very random and yet very calculating. Just let him say whatever he wants to say so we can be done with it. Because, I think he heard me tell you my secret."
  224. >"...But what does h-" But Starlight doesn't even get to speak a word as both you and her are teleported onto the ship.
  225. >And when you both appear on it. Starlight is wearing a blue and white striped shirt with black spats. A red bandanna on her head.
  226. >You had an eyepatch and a torn white shirt on.
  227. >And Nymous had torn pants with a rope belt. and a piece of cloth wrapped across her body. A scar placed right on her muzzle.
  228. >.......wait.......
  230. >"W-what's going on?! Who is that?! Are we on that ship?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!" Starlight started to spaz again. It was like she was in a nightmare. Then again, being suddenly teleported onto a pirate ship might do that to a pony.
  231. >you? Good god. Why the fuck was Chrysalis even here? What was going on?
  232. "Starlight, relax. Remember what I said. Just relax, Discord isn't really going to do anything bad. He's proba-"
  233. >But then Nymous cuts you off, in a rage that she was suddenly here "ANON! WHAT'S GOING ON?! YOU BETTER TELL ME THIS INSTANT! I KNOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS...AND"
  234. >And then she notices Starlight, she immediately calms down. Being wary. But also coming to the conclusion she may have blown some of her cover "...hrm...And who might this pony be? She seems familiar"
  236. >Starlight didn't even need for you to have told her about the whole sister thing to figure out who this actually was. She recognized her just from the way she spoke. Starlight was still worried. But she had also made up her mind after that whole river thing. She had made the decision that you were still worth keeping as a friend. So she gave Nymous a hard stare as she slowly stepped in front of you. "We've met before, I was the filly who wanted to join in on your "Grand Master plan" "
  237. >Nymous scoffs at her "ha, then I can already guess you were caught up in some sort of ridiculous happening for you to have been turned so young. Don't even bother protecting him. I've known him longer, and I have no intention in harming my best friend." Nymous tilts her head slightly to look you in the eye "Unless I decide to"
  238. >Nymous then walks passed her, whipping her tail in her face a she looks back at her with a smirk "Besides, Anon has been on my good side for today. And that's all you need to know. and from the looks of it." She looks down at you, then back to Starlight. She could feel emotions flying all over the place. "You may actually need more than that. What's wrong? did something happen to break your trust with him? I can't imagine being dragged onto this odd little soiree unless you know more than what most ponies gather about him." Nymous then waves her hoof at her to dismiss her "In that case, just leave. Anon doesn't need a pony like you around poisoning his mind. His other friends already do a decent job at that"
  239. "Chrysalis..can you relax please? If we're all here then Discord is listening in. And furthermore. Yeah, Starlight is now in the know. But she's also one of the few friends.."
  240. >You look at her, and hope...hope..this doesn't insult her at this point.
  241. "That I can call my equal. Same as you, I like you. And I like her. For different reasons.So be nice"
  243. >"Hmph, this isn't a time to try your little "reformation" tricks Anon. I'll act as I please." Nymous walked over to Starlight and flicked her nose with her hoof "Besides, what good is she? Another wimpy pony wh-AGH!"
  244. >Starlight was having none of Chrysalis's shit. She didn't like being touched, she didn't like her attitude, and she didn't like her. She used her magic to easily fling her into the mast. Not hard, but enough to show her her place. "Wimpy? hmph, yeah. Anon told me all about you, you can't really do much in that form. Can you? I don't even understand how Anon can be your friend, but I can see why he has to work so hard to reform you."
  245. >Nymous quickly got up to stand her ground. But as she opened her mouth to speak. Starlight's magic kept it closed.
  246. >"I'm not finished yet" Starlight stared at her with pure discontent "Since I'm in the middle of learning all these secrets. I'd like to know some of yours and...huh?" Starlight's horn suddenly began to give out like a light bulb beginning to bust. It then went out like a light. "M-my magic!"
  247. >"Girls, girls, girls" Discord shakes his head at the whole thing as he steps away from the steering wheel and walks down, in leader fashion, down the steps to the deck. "I won't have this infighting aboard my ship.Cabinmare Chrysalis, would you care to scrub the latrines while I speak to my first mate and his friend?"
  248. >"Scrub the latrines? Oh..no, I won't be doing that" Nymous looks to the side of the ship and grabs her own map to toss into the river "I'm going back...home?" But the map is quickly turned into a mop "Discord! You can't do this to me! At least let me sit upon the crow's nest or something! I'm a queen! Not your lackey!"
  249. >"Let me think about that" Discord rubs his chin for just a moment before smirking at her and saying "Nope"
  250. >The door to the lower deck slams open as it starts to suck in Nymous.
  252. >She tries to grab hold onto something. But is unable to. She screams out Discord's name as she gets sucked in. Discord just smiling as he manages to hand her a scrubbrush and bucket midflight. "I want to see it sparkling when I go to do my business. Good luck!"
  253. >"Now..." Discord then turns to look upon the both of you. "I do believe my first mate has inadvertently made you part of our little band of misfits. Since you're part of the crew now." Discord turns around, his back facing the both of you as he put his arms behind it. "We're going to have to go over a few rules. As for you first mate Anon. I'll let this slide one last time. But let it happen again and I'll....hrn." Discord tapped his nose a little as he pondered "Can't send you into the briny deep. That would make everypony sad. Including me, oddly enough. I suppose having you kissed and hugged upon by a tatzleworm will be sufficient enough punishment."
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