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  1. 21.04.19 22:25:38 ERROR []: Receive RequestBypassToServer to [State: IN_GAME | IP: | Account: samsung097 | Character: | Lastpacket: RequestBypassToServer] failed
  2. java.lang.IllegalStateException
  3.     at
  4.     at ru.catssoftware.gameserver.gmaccess.handlers.MovetonCommands.runCommand(
  5.     at ru.catssoftware.gameserver.gmaccess.GmController.useCommand(
  6.     at
  7.     at
  8.     at
  9.     at com.lucera3.commons.concurrent.IOExecutor.doExec(
  10.     at com.lucera3.commons.concurrent.IOExecutor.access$300(
  11.     at com.lucera3.commons.concurrent.IOExecutor$
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