icinga2 config host dependency

5t0ff31 Nov 22nd, 2016 (edited) 159 Never
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  1. apply Dependency "hyp-rz1-001" to Host {
  2.   parent_host_name = "hyp-rz1-001"
  3.   assign where in ["vm-rz1-001", "vm-rz1-002", "vm-rz1-003", "vm-rz1-004"]
  4. }
  5. apply Dependency "hyp-rz2-001" to Host {
  6.   parent_host_name = "hyp-rz1-001"
  7.   assign where in ["vm-rz2-001", "vm-rz2-002", "vm-rz2-003", "vm-rz2-004"]
  8. }
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