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  1. Hey all - I want to revisit the idea of the DQ Marathon for 2017. I want to make it clear to all that I won't be the main organizer for the next marathon, if there is one. I had fun putting the first two together, and I think the format & general turnout was very good. I am very happy with the way the first two went- we had some minor technical difficulties with some peoples' internet, but the success of the runs & attitude of the runners was far more memorable.
  3. It is certainly fine (and encouraged) if someone wants to take the torch and continue the annual tradition. This time of year is around when I used to start planning the event. Year 3 (what would be this April) would be a very good time to consult with RPGLB about the possibility of having the event hosted on their channel. Having a few people on board to organize would be helpful to make it happen again, but in my opinion, it requires one person to really be responsible for pulling it all together (my role the last two years).
  5. I have personal reasons to not put it together this year, but I'd happy to be involved complementarily with marathon planning, and to perform a run if it does happen.
  7. Let me know if you'd like to discuss
  8. tonic
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