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Kefmar's Offer /gmad/ (reupload)

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Sep 4th, 2020
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  1. Kefmar's Offer
  3. Travis woke up like any other day, the events from the previous evening swirling around his head. He was a bit hungover, which wasn't unusual, but he had the strangest feeling that he did something he regretted. He vaguely remembered how he got back to his own bed, but not when or why. He sat up and looked over at his desk, and saw everything was in order. With a sigh of relief, he stumbled out of bed and winced when he stepped on the cold floor. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and then reached around to rub his sore neck, only to realize it was sticky.
  5. "That can't be good" he mumbled.
  7. He got a damp cloth and wiped his face, neck and arms, getting more and more confused about what happened. He vaguely remembered walking to a clearing outside the city and talking to a dragon, but the rest was blank. It was bugging him more than it should, so he decided he would complete all his tasks for the day, then go back and visit.
  9. It wasn't much, he simply had to go drop some supplies off, do some light cleaning then grab some food to cook later. It was just like any other day, even if it went by a little slowly. Being constantly distracted about the dragon he met and the summer heat certainly didn't help. He could still remember that vivid shade of blue his scales were, and his unnaturally calm expression, almost like he was waiting for Travis to arrive.
  11. "Nah, I must be imagining things."
  13. He returned back to his home only to realize the sun was going to set in a few hours. If he was going to do this he had to ignore the fear in the back of his mind and return to the clearing where he saw the dragon. It was about a twenty minute walk, he spent his time enjoying the peace and quiet. The sun was just getting ready to set by the time he made it there, navigating his way through trees made him wonder how he did this while shitfaced the previous night.
  15. Travis took a moment to look around, hoping anything here would help him remember what happened. The glare from the sunlight wasn't exactly helping. Frustrated, he turned around to leave and froze.
  17. Travis stood there, feeling oddly comfortable with the creature he was staring at. It was a smaller sized dragon, but still stood a good two feet taller than him on all four legs. He waited for a few more seconds, and started to speak.
  19. The dragon raised a claw to silence him: "Shut it, I know why you came back. You better uphold your end of our deal, Travis." The dragon looked down at him with a toothy grin and slowly walked forward, letting his tail wiggle behind him. As the dragon stepped forward, Travis couldn't help but look at the dragon in front of him. The raw power resonating from him was intimidating to say the least. The muscles that adorned his forearms, and back proved this dragon was no weakling. Every step it took towards him made Travis' thoughts race.
  21. Only a few feet away now, he caught a whiff of the Dragon's scent and blushed. Trying to regain his thoughts, Travis spoke up: "Wait a minute, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't remember the deal-" the dragon extended his neck and licked Travis' face slowly. He heard what he could only assume was the dragon chuckling at him, he forced himself to look up and lost his balance, sitting on the ground below.
  23. "Wow, you really were shitfaced the other night, huh..." the dragon replied, inching closer before continuing,"well my name is Kefmar, and I think we should continue from where we left off." The dragon's pupils expanded, then shrunk before he leaned in and started licking Travis again. Each lick getting more and more forceful than the last. Before he knew it, Travis was pinned down by a hungry looking dragon.
  25. The dragon let out a grunt of satisfaction before sticking his tongue in Travis' mouth. Realizing that Travis was barely putting up a fight, he let his tongue travel farther and farther down his throat, creating a small bulge. Trying to savor the moment, Kelfar slowly lifted his head up, pulling his tongue out little by little. He stopped to pant before continuing, shoving his tongue back in with a little more force this time, causing Travis to buck his hips and let out an uncharacteristic moan. He pulled it out again to let Travis catch his breath, causing a few strings of saliva to break.
  27. Travis coughed and forced himself to sit up, only for Kefmar to lightly put a paw on his chest. "Well, that was nice but I don't see the point of keeping you waiting" the dragon stated while adjusting his posture.
  28. He turned around in place, positioning himself so his hind legs were above Travis. The scales around his slit had turned a light shade of pink and the tip of his dick was barely peeking out. Below him, Travis watched, focused on the dragon's tailhole. It was slightly puffy and terribly inviting. He noticed that the dragon was trembling slightly as he shifted his weight so his front legs pinned down Travis and his slit was only inches from his face.
  30. Travis cautiously reached up with one hand and spread the dragon's slit with two fingers. He brought his nose directly to Kefmar's dick and inhaled. He realized he couldn't help himself as he pressed his lips to the dragon's slit and started kissing it slowly. He let his tongue slide inside and felt Kefmar's weight shift ever so slightly followed by a barely contained groan from the deadly creature above him.
  32. Travis continued his assault. Using one hand to spread his slit and another to massage the spot right at the base of the dragon's tail. Out of curiosity, he pinched it and heard Kefmar whimper as precum suddenly shot out. It dripped on his face as he continued to gently suck the fluid out of Kefmar's slit. He took his time, switching between gentle kisses and letting his tongue slip in and out, occasionally kissing the tip of the dragon's member. He stopped momentarily, only to rub the dragon's tip between three fingers and watched Kefmar's tongue loll out of his mouth, panting.
  34. Wanting to see how far he could stretch the dragon's slit, he slipped one finger inside, teasing the sensitive flesh, he swirled his finger, then teased the underside of the dragon's fat dick. Gently, he let his finger slide out with an audible pop before forcing in another. He heard Kefmar start to pant and moan louder as he spread his fingers and flicked his wrist. "F-fuck" the dragon above him grunted while he adjusted himself again, squatting lower to the ground, forcing his fingers to slide in deeper. Travis' hand was drenched at this point, the sticky fluid was slowly dripping down his wrist, and eager for another taste, he pulled his fingers out, leaned forward and licked the palm of his hand, enjoying the taste even more than before.
  36. "That gives me an idea", he mentioned while crawling out from underneath Kefmar, "Lay down so I can fuck you properly". Kefmar obliged, slightly embarrassed that he was taking orders from a human. But he enjoyed toying with him, now was the perfect time to get this poor unsuspecting human addicted to his cock. Kefmar stood up and stretched, making sure to arch his back seductively, his powerful hind legs spread, tail raised, Travis could see just how agile and deadly this dragon really was. He shuddered at the thought of this situation going wrong, but then he realized he was in far too deep to back out now.
  38. "Wait, before you do that", he started, "stay like that for a while", Travis ordered. Kefmar let out a grunt of disapproval while Travis walked toward the dragon's muscular backside. He caressed him, letting his hands wander from the base of his tail before squeezing the flesh beneath his toned ass. He parted the dragon's ass ever so slightly and got an amazing view of his tailhole and slit, with the tip of his fat dick poking out. He traced over the bumps and ridges with a finger and pulled it away, leaving a thick trail of precum. "Somebody's pent up" he mentioned to himself before using both hands to spread the dragon's ass apart , watching his asshole tighten in anticipation.
  40. Tracing the outer rim with a finger, he couldn't help but remark at how soft and puffy it was, like it was begging for attention. He slid in a finger, surprised at how much resistance there was while he worked a slow rhythm. Travis was enjoying this, completely fixated on how Kefmar pushed back every so often, trying to match his pace. This went on for a few more minutes, he stopped to give the dragon's ass a loud smack before kissing the base of his tail and slowly working his way down to his tailhole.
  42. Kefmar began to say "Hey what's taking so long-" but started groaning mid-sentence. Travis started out by slowly dragging his tongue across his tailhole, occasionally pausing to work his lips around the sensitive ring of muscle, and sucking on it gently. Every so often he would feel the dragon begin to tremble from pleasure, then briefly stop, like he was forcing himself to not enjoy this. When Travis spread it with both of his thumbs and forced his tongue inside, he heard the dragon moan through gritted teeth. He stopped holding back, and began bucking his hips every so often, causing his dick to get ropes of precum all over his stomach, Travis and the ground below him. He had no problem sliding his tongue in and out of the dragon's tailhole, it wasn't long before the dragon's ass and slit were drenched in his own spit, making it even easier to kiss.
  44. Travis stopped to catch his breath, taking the time to wipe all the precum and sweat off his face. He used his hands to spread Kefmar's hole and gave his ass another smack before taking a few steps back and stripping. He looked at the blue dragon in front of him and said "Ah, you poor thing, it looks like your knees are going to buckle any minute now..." and continued to slowly eat his ass, ten minutes later he finally stopped.
  46. By the time he realized Travis had stopped, Kefmar was dizzy with pleasure, his legs were weak and if the small puddle of precum underneath him was anything to go by, he was ready to get fucked. He took a few steps forward, laid down, then rolled on his side, completely exposing himself to Travis. His dick wasn't even half way out, but he could feel his own knot began to swell up inside his slit due to all the foreplay. Travis laid down on top of Kefmar, rubbing his own painfully hard dick against the dragon's, coating it in a cup's worth of precum.
  48. The dragon looked down at him, not sure what he was getting ready to do, his tail thrashed against the ground in frustration. If he took any longer, he was going to pin this human down and see just how much of his fat cock he could cram into his ass but froze when he felt Travis' dick prodding in between his dick and his slit.
  50. He partially sat up, panic and anger in his eyes. "No you fucking idiot!" he hissed, but it was too late. Travis slid in, amazed at how tight, hot and wet it was inside. He pulled out slightly just to push in deeper and felt the dragon below him start to shudder uncontrollably. He felt every bump and ridge as his dick glided along the dragon's. As he picked up the pace, he noticed more and more precum spraying out of Kefmar's partially limp dick. The pressure from inside his slit and all the precum caused all sorts of wet slurping noises to echo across the small clearing.
  52. On a particularly deep thrust, he poked something hard. Not realizing he was poking his knot, he slammed down, causing the tip of his dick to grind against the dragon's painfully swollen and sensitive knot.
  54. Realizing his mistake, Travis stopped and pulled out slowly, watching the dragon wince and buck his hips when he finally pulled out with a very wet, very loud pop. The dragon glared down at him, blushing and panting, utterly bewildered at what was happening. "You bastard" he choked out, trying to catch his breath while another 7 inches of cock shot out of his slit. Veiny, and ridged with a fiercely tapered tip, it throbbed angrily in the evening sun, shiny and sticky with a ridiculous amount of precum. Soft, fleshy spikes crept down the underside, and got thicker as they approached the base.
  56. Travis lost any self-restraint he had left and started massaging the dragon's dick with both of his hands, slowly adjusting his grip as he went from the base to the tip, milking out more and more precum. He sucked it up greedily, even pressing his face against his dick inhaling his musk. He couldn't help himself and the dragon laughed. By the time Travis was exhausted, multiple strings of precum had connected from the dragon's slit to his thighs and stomach, and another thick bead was dripping down from the dragon's member. Kefmar grabbed the base of his dick and lightly flicked it forward, coating Travis' entire face and chest in precum.
  58. Kefmar chuckled, but then he felt the human pushing down on his slit and started moaning. It only took a few attempts before his massive knot popped out of his slit, and he let out a sigh of relief at the sensation, no longer dealing with the dull throb of pressure inside. Travis wasted no time, and pushed his hard dick into the Dragon's tailhole, enjoying the heat. He felt almost no resistance pushing in, but when he pulled out he could swear he felt Kefmar flexing his internal muscles, making it unbearably tight. He kept thrusting, trying his best to get used to the sensation and failing, he moaned into the dragon's stomach while he let his hips piston in and out as hard as he could.
  60. Sensing that the human was getting close, Kefmar wrapped his tail around him and started clenching down on him in a rhythm, forcing him to climax and refusing to let him pull out. This only went on for a minute, but it left Travis an incoherent mess as his dick was milked dry. Just as it started to become unbearable, he grabbed the base of the dragon's knot and gave it a few squeezes.
  62. "Alright... your... turn" he said while panting, before applying more pressure.
  64. That was enough for the Kefmar to start bucking his hips, allowing Travis to pull out and watch while the dragon shot rope after rope after rope of thick jizz all over himself and several feet behind him. It went on for almost a full minute, ending with his cock dribbling out the last of it and making a mess of his slit, thighs and tailhole.
  66. "Holy fuck" Travis exclaimed, completely amazed at the mess that one orgasm caused. He looked down at himself and realized he was completely drenched in sweat, precum and couldn't get the smell of Kefmar's dick out his nose. Out of curiosity he reached down and wiped some semen off of the dragon's slit, causing him to tremble and shoot out another rope straight up into the air. He licked it off his fingers, surprised that it tasted of heavy cream and even more of the Dragon's musk.
  68. The dragon lazily rolled on his side and arched his neck to look down at Travis. "Hey! Grabbing my knot is cheating, you know." he said while weakly gesturing at him with a claw before laying back down. "Just give me a minute, you made me cum so hard I can't feel my legs. Gods be damned."
  70. They both laid there, for a while, completely spent. The sun was finally setting, which they were both a little glad about. Ignoring the mess, Travis crawled up to Kefmar's snout and gave him a kiss before getting up to put his clothes back on. The dragon yawned, stretched, and got up. "Well, you upheld your end of the deal" he said with a grin, "feel free to find me if you need my assistance. We'll discuss your payment another time"
  72. "Yeah, I'd like that" Travis said while hugging and patting his snout. He accidentally smeared some of the dragon's own cum on his nostrils, and to his surprise, watched Kefmar lick it off eagerly, then winked.
  74. Then the two parted ways. Travis went back to his home, glad that he didn't run into anybody. He had to shower twice before the scent of dragon dick was finally out of his hair.
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