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Miss Korea Universe 1995 SEX VIDEO SCANDAL – Han Sung Joo

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  1. Miss Korea Universe 1995 SEX VIDEO SCANDAL – Han Sung Joo Scandal
  2. Link here: http://www.hotsexscandal.com/download-miss-korea-universe-1995-sex-video-scandal-%e2%80%93-han-sung-joo-scandal-new-link-download.html
  3. So thats why her sex video leaked out. IT’S ALL ABOUT POLITICS AND DIRTY MONEY!
  4. So if you haven’t heard yet, Han Sung Joo, who was Miss Korea 1995 and is a current news anchor, allegedly has a sex tape and pictures of her floating around the internet.
  5. If it’s her, then it sounds like she pissed a couple guys off and/or those guys are psychopaths, because the sex tape and pictures aren’t even the worst part of it, as they posted up her passport and evidence of abortions.
  6. Images:
  7. http://www.imageporter.com/vjehwvczifjz/han-sung-joo-scandal.jpg.html
  8. http://www.imageporter.com/2t9ag57kdrfl/han-sung-joo-scandal1.jpg.html
  9. http://www.imageporter.com/6qihmgidl6wa/han-sung-joo-scandal7.jpg.html
  10. http://www.imageporter.com/70qm6i8eo3cz/han-sung-joo-scandal14.jpg.html
  11. http://www.imageporter.com/5bojf7xhe73z/han-sung-joo-scandal18.jpg.html
  13. Han Sung Ju married the third son of AeKyung cosmetics and detergent conglomerate chairwoman Chang Young-shin in 1999 but divorced just 10 months later.
  14. I SMELL it’s about politics. Korean government usually using celebrity controversy for political reason. (Typical MIND CONTROL technique)
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  18. View More Sex Scandal at here: http://www.hotsexscandal.com/
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