The Deadbeat biker gang (Public)

Jun 2nd, 2016
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  1. [spoiler]The thief anon story is still going to be made but it will take time to fix it's current problems so here's a side project to keep your thirst of green quenched until then[/spoiler]
  3. >Be anon
  4. >And you are currently a Sargent in the The The Lost biker gang
  5. >And currently you are robbing a liquor store with one of your soldiers who's name you know is Elvis
  6. >"Anon keep him down"You hear Elvis yell as he jumps the counter
  7. "Whatever" is all you say as you grab the shirt of the store attendant and yank him over the counter
  8. >As he lands on the ground you pull him up your mask covered face
  9. "Okay buddy if you plan on walking out of here today then I would suggest you listening to us"
  10. >"Please please don't hurt me"he says to you in a scared Nigerian voice
  11. >Quickly growing tired of his whimpering you upholster your 44.magnum and pistol whip him knocking him out
  12. >You drag the unconscious attendant into one of store aisles so no one would notice him or you
  13. >"HOLY SHIT"
  14. >Hearing this you quickly move into action jumping the counter and rounding the corner in seconds
  15. >But instead of seeing a heavily distraught biker you see him carrying a giant safe of some kind
  16. "What the hell happened I thought something went wrong"
  17. >"Chill brother look what I found"
  18. >You take a look at the safe with a questioning look
  19. "What the hell is that?"
  20. >"Hell if I know but it has to have something good"
  21. "Fine whatever we'll open it back at the hideout"
  22. >You both put your loot in the saddlebags of the bikes and speed off
  23. "There better be something good in that safe"you mutter angrily knowing full well that your going to haft to lift that fucking thing.
  25. >After some driving you finally make it to the destination
  26. >The Hideout Saloon...Yes that's it's fucking name
  27. >Truth be told it was a old saloon but it is the gang's favorite hide out
  28. >Pulling into the entrance you are greeted with Andy the gang look out
  29. >"What's that"He says gruffly
  30. "It's something I took from the liquor store"you explain not really giving him any attention
  31. >As you enter the Saloon so you can make the walk to your boss's office
  32. But as you walk you are given many warm welcomes by many fellow gang members as they see you walk past
  33. >After you finally make it to the managers door you knock three times to signal that it was you.
  34. >"Come on in"you hear him say behind the door
  35. >You slowly walk into the office and sit down in the chair by the door
  36. "Yeah it's me captain"
  37. >"....So what do you need anon"
  38. "Well remember that liquor store you told us to rob"
  39. >"Yes?"He said not even looking at you
  40. "We found a safe while we were there"
  41. >"Well....what are you waiting for we keep tools in the garage so open the fucker"
  42. "Okay caption" you say as you walk out of the door
  45. >As you are walking to the garage you see Elvis chatting up some bird
  46. >You walk twords him and you tell him to follow you into the garage
  47. >As you both enter the garage you hear Elvis talking but you ignore him and instead you grab the crowbar on the table
  48. "Elvis could you help me open this thing?"you say as you hand him a chisel and a hammer
  49. >"Sure brother" you hear him reply as he starts to bang on the front of the safe
  50. "Y'know were not brothers right"you say gruffly to him
  51. >"I know"he says as he hits the chisel
  52. "Then could you stop calling me that?"you say as you put the end of the crowbar into the front of the safe
  53. >"But why don't you want me to call you brother"you hear him say as you put as much force as you could mustter on the crowbar
  54. "Because *Sigh* were not really brothers" you say hoping that will satisfy him
  55. >"Of course we are"you hear him say as he drops the tools "the moment you put on that jacket we are more than friends or even neighbors were brothers"he said pointing at you
  56. "Okay man "you say getting back to work at getting this safe open
  57. >"Fuck it" you hear Elvis say as he kicks the safe as hard as he could
  58. >"Ouch .Ouch.Ouch.Ouch!" Elvis yells as he holds his foot in pain
  59. "What were you expecting" you say trying and failing at holding back a laughing fit
  60. *Bop*
  61. "Holy shit that actually worked"you say surprised
  62. >Looking inside you see a lot of rubber banned hundred dollar bills and other expensive looking items
  63. >"holy..shit"you hear Elvis say with a bewildered look on his face
  64. >Quickly getting over your own shock you grab the bills and begin counting.
  65. "You gonna help me or not"
  66. >"Oh right sorry" you hear Elvis say as he gets back on his feet
  69. >Sixteen minuets later
  70. >You and Elvis have just finished counting the money
  71. >32,000 in total
  72. >Looking over you see Elvis drooling
  73. "Okay man you helped me get this money so it's only fair"you say earnestly
  74. >Taking out your phone you go to your calculator app and begin crunching numbers
  75. "Okay doing some math on my phone it says that we should both should get 16,000"
  76. >"Holy shit man we should be celebrating"You hear Elvis yell excitedly as you begin to divide the money
  77. >You put your share into a dufflebag as you leave Elvis's share on the table for him to pick up
  78. "Yeah you do that i'm going to hit the town and see what appeals to me"
  79. >"Wait.Wait.Wait.Your not staying" you hear him say sadly
  80. "That's what I just said"
  81. >"Oh well I hope you have fun out there"you hear him say as he walks backwards into the main room with a big grin
  82. >Walking outside you hop on your chopper and rev the engine as you speed down the road without a care in the world
  84. >Three Hours Later
  85. >Be anon
  86. >And currently you are sitting on a park bench with a bottle of gin and a pit of sorrows
  87. >Examining you surroundings you think of how you ended up here in this situation
  88. >You think dark thoughts as you remember all that you done in this lifetime
  89. >You drink to these thoughts
  90. >Wondering if you could actually find peace
  91. >Putting your eyes in your hands you sigh a deep sigh as you envy the dead
  92. >Taking another swig of gin you start to feel it's effects taking hold finally
  93. >In the quiet night you hear a slight chatter and pitter patter of foot steps in the distance
  94. >In your rash druckin curiosity driven mind you think you should see the mysterious noise
  95. >Walking slowly towards the noise and up a hill you see people entering a large warehouse
  96. >After stumbling into the warehouse you are assaulted with many different types of smells
  97. >After a moment or two of stumbling around you see what appears to be a open area with some people inside
  98. >Entering the center you hear someone start yelling random numbers
  99. >"OH 2500 for the little orange one....Going one....Going twice....Sold to the man in the red glasses
  100. >In the still functional part part of your brain not burned out on gin you conclude that this was an auction
  101. >And on taking a closer look it looks like there selling those slave pony things
  102. >"I want one" is all you say as you take another swig of the gin you still had clenched in your hand
  103. >The next one that came out looked really nice
  104. >"Alright boys and girls this a very special pony as you all can see"The auctioneer said while petting it's blond maine while also pointing at it's eyes.
  105. >"So were gonna start at 500"
  106. >Instinctively you raise your hand to place a bid
  107. >"Alright 500 to the scary looking biker"
  108. >Looking around you see that no one else was taking the bid and you also see some of the ponies looking at there blond friend in sympathy
  109. >"Sold the biker"He exclaimed as you drunkenly walk to the stage
  110. >you drunkenly walk on the stage to collect your prize
  111. >"Hey buddy you need cash up front"you hear the auctioneer say as he opens his palm
  112. >Opening your dufflebag you pull out a large amount of money not even caring if you got the wrong amount
  113. >"Anyway buddy here's a leash and a collar so enjoy"you don't even resister what he said as you drunkenly grab the stuff and leave the warehouse.
  114. >After a slow walk you make it to your bike
  115. >As you sit back on the bench you throw up behind the bench and promptly passed out
  117. *Ring*
  118. >You groan as you start to awaken
  119. >You feel pain in your head from your late night drinking
  120. >You also feel the sun shining in your eyes as you slowly open them.
  122. *Ring*
  123. >Not even bothering of getting off your back you answer your phone
  124. "...hello..."Is all you say as it is to painful to talk
  125. >"Anon it's me"
  126. "Yeah captain...what do you want"You say as you bring your fingers to your eyes
  127. >"Anon where the hell are you...Are you hungover?"
  128. "'d you know"you say as you turn on your side hoping to get the sun out of your eyes
  129. >"It doesn't matter just get back here I have another job for you"
  130. "I'll be there captain...just give a few hours"you say as you hang up
  131. >You should probably make your way there before something else happens
  132. >Slowly but surly you make you way back to your feet
  133. >You feel very sore and hung over as you stand
  134. >looking behind the bench you see your bike
  135. >As you get next to it you see a leash tied to the handle bar
  136. >Looking at the leash you follow it to where the leash lead
  137. >Then You see something very confusing
  138. >A sleeping pony or if you prefer a slave pony
  139. >Quickly getting over your confusion you decide to check your pockets to see if you did something regrettable last night
  140. >As you empty out your pockets you see a paper with writing on it
  141. >Taking the paper in your hand you read hoping to find answers.
  142. --------------------------------------------------------------
  143. Proof of purchase
  144. Anon (That was what it said on his jacket anyway)
  145. One healthy pony mare
  146. 500.00
  147. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  148. "Son of a bitch"
  152. "Why does this shit only happen to me"you say while You stuff your belongings back into your pockets
  153. >But then you see her starting to wake up and raise her head towards you
  154. >What the hell am I going to do with a slave
  155. >You could probably keep her at the hideout
  156. >"mmmhhh...hello?"
  157. >Doesn't matter now you'll figure it out back at the clubhouse
  158. >"Hello?"
  159. >Better talk to her to calm her down
  160. "Hey there"you say placing your hands in you pockets
  161. >".....what are you going to do to me?"
  162. "I don't really Know"
  163. >"But...then why did you buy me"
  164. "Buying you was more of an accident"
  165. >You hear her say in a saddened tone "Oh"
  166. >You slowly get on your bike as you rub you head in pain
  167. "Hey you should get on"You said gruffly pointing at her hoping that she would follow you
  168. >"Why...where are we going?"
  169. "Doesn't matter now just common"you say hoping to cut this short because your head was still killing you
  170. >She then places her front hooves on your shoulders as she lays her bottom on the seat
  171. >You rev the engine and speed off towards the road
  172. >But one thought stays on your mind as you feel the wind on your face and the hooves on your back
  173. "Why does this shit only happen to me"
  176. >Two hours later
  177. >You have just ran out of gas for your motorcycle
  178. >Looking ahead you see a gas station the lights are turned off but it has a electric sigh saying open
  179. "Hey follow me"you say holding the leash in your hand
  180. >"Okay master"she says defeatedly
  181. >Someone calling you master was weird but it was even weirder when you heard it in this context
  182. "Hey could you stop calling me master it's strange"you say as you approach the door
  183. >"But that's what they told us to call you"you hear her say in a questioning tone
  184. "Well they are not here right now so you can call me anything you want"you say in a smart ass tone
  185. >As you walk in silence you began to think
  186. >You think of how weird this situation had gotten and what fucked up shit happened before last night
  187. >As your mind wonders you soon realize that you didn't ask for her name yet.
  188. "Hey what's your name"you ask curiously
  189. >"Before you took over equestria everypony just called me Derpy"she said in a shy sad tone
  190. >Nearing the entrance to the gas station you see two fuel pumps one was diesel and the other was gasoline
  191. >And when you look inside you see a kid probably in his mid-teens working at the counter
  192. "Hey stay here for a second I gotta get some gas"You say looking at her
  193. >She didn't even acknowledge you instead she just flopped down on her side while petting her tail
  194. >Walking inside you ask the kid for the amount needed for a some gas
  195. >A hundred and fifty dollars including a gas canister
  196. >You took a side note to rob and burn this place down later
  197. >Walking outside with a gas canister you go to one of the pumps and fill it up
  199. >When you are satisfied with the amount of gas you have gotten from the pump you walk back to derpy and tell her to follow you again
  200. >Making your way back to your ride wasn't that hard or interesting to say the least
  201. >You both get back on the bike and into the sitting position
  202. >You start the engine and it roars as you race down the street and towards your clubhouse once again
  204. >Be Elvis
  205. >And you are the best
  206. >You are currently engaged in a high priority pool match with James
  207. >As you see him line up another shot you hear the roar of a motorcycle outside
  208. "Hey James check to see if that is anon he's been gone a while"you say as you rub a tip on your pool stick
  209. >You see him abandon his shot and walk up to a porthole shaped window to look out
  210. >"Yeah it's him alright...and I think he brought himself a friend"As you hear this you form a sly smirk
  211. "So anon finally got himself a woman"you say snarkily
  212. >You slap your knee and yell "YE-HAW" And in doing this you cause some of your brothers to chuckle along side you
  213. >"I wouldn't call it that"you hear him
  214. "Then what would you call it"You ask slightly let down about Anon not getting any tail
  215. >"I would say that it looks like Anon got a new pet"
  216. "Wait..what?"you say surprised as you move next to James to look out the window
  217. "Well I'll be damned"
  218. >"Yup"
  219. >You both walk over to the front door and open it for Anon
  220. "Uhhh hey there anon....what's with the pony"you ask uncertain if your friend has finally lost it
  221. >"I fucking see the way your looking at me"he said while pointing at both of you
  222. "What...i'm just curious where you went last night"you say with a friendly smile hoping to convince him
  223. >"I don't even remember what happened last night or I would tell you"he says with annoyance
  224. >You were going to ask him another question but before you could he asked you his own question.
  225. >"Hey guys could you stall the captain for me I'm going to sleep this hangover off"He says this as he drops the leash in you hand
  226. >"Good luck" is all he said as he rounded a corner
  227. >Looking to your left it seems that James has abandoned you too
  228. >So the only people in the doorway were you and the pony
  229. >"What happens now"
  230. >Looking down you see that the pony just asked you a question
  231. >You get a big smirk as you say
  232. "Welcome to the clubhouse....And are you ready to have some fun"
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