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  1. >get my rope
  2. You get a dark climbing rope woven with strangely glowing threads from inside your leather backpack.
  3. >drop rope
  4. You drop a dark climbing rope woven with strangely glowing threads.
  5. Destiny Cipher  (59 roisaen)
  6. Aura Sight  (16 roisaen)
  7. Psychic Shield  (18 roisaen)
  8. Clear Vision  (19 roisaen)
  9. Piercing Gaze  (14 roisaen)
  10. Cage of Light  (2 roisaen)
  11. Shadowling  (1 roisan)
  12. Invocation of the Spheres  (26 roisaen)
  13. >go port
  14. Thank you for taking time to get rid of these extra items!  It is greatly appreciated by the Simutronics staff.
  15. Returning you to the game....
  16. [Catrox's Forge, Entryway]
  17. The forge of Catrox the Dwarf is known throughout the lands.  Here mundane metal is transformed into tools, and weapons, damaged armor and shields are made whole again.  This entryway is covered by a tin roof, with no walls, in the hope of letting some air into the smoky, noisy and sweltering compound.  The ringing of metal on metal, the sputtering of cinders and slag, the hissing of steel meeting water, all are audible from within.  You also see a large waste bucket, a sooty swinging door, a large sign and Repairman Catrox.
  18. Obvious exits: out.
  19. Room Number: 19093
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