CloudJ's Snowman Maker Translation

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  1. You can scale it if your printer is not big enough.
  3. How to use the snowman maker to make a snowman in 2 minutes:
  5. 1.Fill the mold with snow and compress by hand
  6. 2.Scrape away excess snow with a Swiss Army Knife or straightedge
  7. 3.Place the two molds together and compress to combine the snow
  8. 4.Beat mold to loosen the snow so the mold can be removed cleanly
  9. 5.Open up the mold and drop snowman into your hand
  10. 6.Remove out any remaining snow
  11. 7.Make more and more
  13. Enjoy and share the results on Thingiverse!
  15. The photo was taken in Taiwan Hehuan Mountain altitude 3158m. Very beautiful. =)
  17. Thanks Thingiverse for featuring. Some people asked me to make a snowman out of two balls instead of 3 so I made a 2 ball snowman mold. It will save material but might be weaker. Share for everyone to see!
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