Zephyr Part 4.5

Jul 10th, 2012
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  1. You're the first to wake up, still nestled with Autumn and Master. Dim rays of sunset fall in through the window, and you're well and truly at peace in the moment. You know you should be alarmed by what's just happened, but you're still very pleasantly relaxed in the way only a good lay provides.
  3. You stretch a little, and take a moment to gaze up at the man who changed absolutely everything about your life. It's hard to imagine being as truly afraid of him as you were when you awoke in your cell, and you have to acknowledge that his efforts to render you docile have paid off. You're a little ashamed to admit that if he gave you the chance to go back to your life you'd really have to sit down and think about it. You're still not a fan of being sold to a stranger, but even if you fled out the door you'd be hard pressed to make it to civilization. Your p0nified body seems weak and ill-suited to strenuous travel, and you're not sure if your wings can actually get you off the ground.
  5. There's no two ways about this, you are a dependent pet, just like he wanted. If that's the case, you may as well use it to your advantage. You want to get back outside, both to see the sunset and relieve yourself without having to stoop to the litterbox. With that in mind, you slowly remove yourself from the tangle of limbs you'd all collapsed in to and pad off toward the door. It takes some doing, but you're able to acquire what you need.
  7. You use a forehoof to nudge Master's leg, and it takes him a few seconds of groggy staring for him to break into a grin at the sight of you. There you are, sitting in front of him with a leash hanging from your mouth, tail swaying behind you like a well-trained dog. He wakes Autumn with a kiss on the forehead, and she's all giggles when she catches sight of you.
  9. "Hmmmm. Y'know Autumn, I can't figure out what it is she wants."
  11. "It's pretty hard, Master. Maybe she wants you to tie her up with it and go another round?"
  13. "Teeempting, but I think we'll save that for now. Good girl, Zephyr."
  15. It only takes a few moments before the three of you are in the yard, watching a dozen brilliant crimson hues streak across the sky. Master's hand rests atop your head as you sit beside him, and you find yourself nuzzling his leg in an open display of affection.
  17. You're overcome by a great sense of inner peace, and you find yourself leaning against his leg. A breeze ripples over the yard and a chill runs up your spine as the breeze catches on your wings. You give them an experimental flap, feeling your feathers move as you flex.
  19. "Master?"
  21. "Yes?"
  23. "Do my wings really... Can I fly?"
  25. He throws you a sideways glace, and for a moment examine each other. He must be wondering if you'd try to fly away if you could. You can feel your ears and wings droop as you break eye contact.
  27. "You won't let me try, will you? I... suppose I understand why."
  29. He stares at you for a few seconds in utter silence, and you're so despondent that you barely hear what comes next.
  31. "Give me some time. I promise to let you try before you leave here."
  33. There's no way he can really mean that, right? He doesn't trust you yet. That shouldn't really surprise you, given the situation and the intended relationship. You're still a little disappointed, though.
  34. You trust him a lot more than you probably should, and the only thing that really scares you is the idea of being sold.
  36. "Thank you, Master."
  38. He looks back down with soft surprise. It just kinda slipped out of your mouth, and all of a sudden he's back to slowly scratching your mane. He must really be a good master if you're already this good of a pet...
  40. You stay out together until well after sunset. You're captivated by a brilliant night sky. There's almost no light pollution and you're fairly high in the mountains by the look of it. Isolated, remote. You'd never be able to get out of here on your own. But you don't really care. You just want to get closer to those stars.
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