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  1. 2001-11-29T20:26:12Z Satan will be restored -- *
  2. 2001-11-29T20:57:28Z Nazism -- *
  3. 2001-11-30T22:52:21Z Creation-evolution poll -- *
  4. 2001-12-05T16:16:54Z Intelligent Design Theory/Talk -- article needs balance
  5. 2001-12-05T20:45:30Z Christian views of homosexuality/Talk -- *
  6. 2001-12-06T15:57:37Z Color Talk/Blue -- moved usage from Blue
  7. 2001-12-10T17:10:26Z Palestine/Talk -- palestine and israel co-extensive?
  8. 2001-12-11T15:15:29Z Zundark/Talk -- thanks
  9. 2001-12-12T01:41:58Z Mordor -- pls delete
  10. 2001-12-12T03:16:00Z Middle Earth/Merry -- stub
  11. 2002-01-14T16:57:35Z Sang Hun Lee -- stub
  12. 2002-01-24T19:52:39Z Violence against Israelis -- stub
  13. 2002-03-06T12:21:20Z Established church -- *
  14. 2002-03-06T13:32:49Z Bill of rights -- pathethic but patriotic stub
  15. 2002-03-08T09:48:29Z Whole purpose -- new article: key philosophical concept from Unification Church
  16. 2002-03-14T07:55:48Z Montreal Protocol -- *
  17. 2002-03-22T16:20:13Z Restorative Development Initiative -- alternative agricultural economy
  18. 2002-03-22T16:24:16Z Collective Heritage Institute -- advocates sustainable development, etc.
  19. 2002-03-22T18:20:58Z Fine Children's Literature -- first use of term Muggles in a children's book
  20. 2002-04-12T07:32:22Z Occupied territory -- moving from plural to singular
  21. 2002-06-26T12:32:04Z Eppie Lederer -- redirect Ann Landers
  22. 2002-06-26T12:55:35Z Middle Earth/Bilbo Baggins -- removing the "Middle Earth/" part of the title
  23. 2002-07-11T12:38:33Z Quenta Silmarillion -- redirect
  24. 2002-07-11T12:46:25Z Elrond -- redirect
  25. 2002-07-11T13:37:13Z Wizard (Middle-earth) -- redirect
  26. 2002-07-12T09:01:23Z Middle Earth/Denethor -- moved to Denethor
  27. 2002-07-17T08:24:40Z Vala (Middle-earth) -- *
  28. 2002-07-17T10:10:36Z Legolas -- *
  29. 2002-07-17T10:18:45Z Aragorn -- still slowly correcting slashes
  30. 2002-07-18T10:56:43Z Middle Earth/Shelob -- moving to "Shelob"
  31. 2002-07-18T14:12:31Z One Ring -- fix redirect
  32. 2002-07-18T14:35:43Z Middle Earth/King Theoden -- moved to Theoden
  33. 2002-07-19T12:28:11Z Isildur -- redirect
  34. 2002-07-19T12:29:26Z Middle Earth/Tom Bombadil -- moving to Tom Bombadil
  35. 2002-07-19T12:49:40Z Galadriel -- redirect
  36. 2002-07-22T12:40:15Z Mount Doom --
  37. 2002-07-22T14:00:46Z Middle Earth/Wizards -- moving
  38. 2002-07-22T14:07:05Z Middle Earth/Ungoliant -- moving
  39. 2002-07-22T14:12:44Z Middle Earth/Men -- moving
  40. 2002-07-22T14:30:35Z Quenya -- temp. redirect
  41. 2002-07-22T14:50:33Z Bill the Pony -- redirect
  42. 2002-07-22T15:02:18Z Moria (Middle-earth) -- temp redirect
  43. 2002-07-23T07:54:51Z Middle Earth/Eye of Sauron -- moving
  44. 2002-07-23T08:48:12Z Middle Earth/Elrond -- moving
  45. 2002-07-23T09:45:57Z Silmaril -- temp, moving silmarilli here
  46. 2002-07-23T09:48:03Z Middle Earth/The Silmarilli -- moved to silmaril
  47. 2002-07-23T10:03:44Z Van, Turkey -- moving to Van (Turkey)
  48. 2002-07-23T10:16:33Z Middle Earth/Gimli -- moving
  49. 2002-07-23T10:22:25Z Middle Earth/Vilya --
  50. 2002-07-23T10:27:10Z Middle Earth/The Rings -- moving to Rings of Power
  51. 2002-07-23T10:37:10Z Middle Earth/Palantiri -- redirect palantir
  52. 2002-07-23T10:48:52Z Middle Earth/Moria -- moving
  53. 2002-07-23T11:08:38Z Middle Earth/Earendil -- moving
  54. 2002-07-23T13:46:31Z Middle Earth/Legolas -- moved
  55. 2002-07-23T13:50:36Z Middle Earth/Quenya -- redirect
  56. 2002-07-23T13:52:41Z Middle Earth/Galadriel -- redirect
  57. 2002-07-23T14:01:46Z Middle Earth/Pippin -- fix redirect
  58. 2002-07-23T14:04:31Z Middle Earth/Aragorn -- redirect
  59. 2002-07-23T14:14:06Z Middle Earth/Sindarin -- redirect
  60. 2002-07-23T14:22:40Z Middle Earth/Valar -- moving
  61. 2002-07-23T14:24:52Z Middle Earth/Sauron -- moving the Dark Lord, whether he likes it or not (his Ring cannot stop me)
  62. 2002-07-23T14:27:52Z Middle Earth/Ringwraiths -- moving to Ringwraith
  63. 2002-07-23T14:39:56Z Middle Earth/Isildur -- redirect
  64. 2002-07-23T14:46:41Z Middle Earth/Mordor -- I will go to Mordor, although I do not know the way
  65. 2002-07-23T15:06:09Z Middle Earth/Bill the Pony -- redirect
  66. 2002-07-23T15:08:14Z Middle Earth/Fellowship of the Ring/redirects -- combining with Fellowship of the Ring (someone else can reconcile the 2 versions)
  67. 2002-07-23T15:25:27Z The Lord of the Rings/The Fellowship of the Ring -- moving
  68. 2002-07-24T12:41:27Z Crown of Glory -- disambiguation page
  69. 2002-07-24T14:12:32Z Spiritual world -- timid, spooky stub
  70. 2002-07-24T14:54:15Z Stephen King/Philtrum Press -- moving
  71. 2002-07-24T14:55:11Z Rideng the Bullet -- moved
  72. 2002-07-24T14:57:23Z Stephen King/Blood and Smoke -- moving
  73. 2002-07-25T08:38:52Z The Simpsons/Snowball -- moving
  74. 2002-07-25T08:39:55Z The Simpsons/Snowball II -- moving
  75. 2002-07-25T08:46:31Z Jebus (The Simpsons) -- moved + Biblical link
  76. 2002-07-26T06:40:02Z The Simpsons/Santas Little Helper -- redirect
  77. 2002-07-26T09:05:55Z The Simpsons/Groundskeeper Willy -- moving
  78. 2002-07-29T16:47:15Z Smart (automobile) -- moving
  79. 2002-08-14T11:47:09Z Beirut Summit -- inadequate stub for doomed meeting
  80. 2002-08-26T06:18:00Z Clouds of Witnesses -- controversial, Unification Church
  81. 2002-09-27T16:09:43Z A New Kind of Science ( book ) -- moved to "A_New_Kind_of_Science_(book)"
  82. 2002-09-27T19:26:43Z Tweety Bird -- painfully short stub for painfully cute character
  83. 2002-10-22T21:38:55Z Perceptions of Christopher Columbus -- moved to "Talk:Christopher_Columbus/Mythology"
  84. 2002-10-22T21:40:13Z Christopher Columbus/Mythology -- moved to "Perceptions_of_Columbus"
  85. 2002-10-24T20:02:48Z Unification Church/fall of man -- moved to "Fall_of_man_(Unification_Church)"
  86. 2002-10-31T18:52:50Z Wikipeda:annoying users -- moved claim from my talk page
  87. 2002-11-11T19:59:25Z List of conductors -- moved text from "conductor"
  88. 2002-11-15T23:34:49Z Poker/Public cardroom etiquette -- moved to "Public_cardroom_etiquette_(poker)"
  89. 2002-11-15T23:39:11Z Poker/Dead money -- moved to "Dead_money_(poker)"
  90. 2002-11-15T23:39:33Z Poker/Freeroll -- moved to "Freeroll_(poker)"
  91. 2002-11-15T23:40:16Z Poker/Rule variation -- moved to "Rule_variations_(poker)"
  92. 2002-12-04T22:58:21Z Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints/Priesthood -- moved to "Priesthood_(LDS)"
  93. 2002-12-04T22:59:25Z Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Temples -- moved to "Temples_of_the_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints"
  94. 2002-12-04T23:26:40Z Peace Thru Vandalism -- moved to "Peace_Thru_Vandalism_(album)"
  95. 2002-12-06T00:35:53Z Ockham's Razor -- redirect to more common spelling
  96. 2002-12-07T00:58:42Z Blue (2002 film) -- this one's in French
  97. 2003-01-23T18:00:26Z Improving WikiWeb -- moved to "Wikipedia:Improving_WikiWeb"
  98. 2003-01-27T22:22:38Z List of famous people who have suffered from or died of cancer -- moved to "List_of_famous_cancer_patients"
  99. 2003-02-03T16:49:59Z High school Association for the Research of Principles -- another Harp
  100. 2003-02-27T14:36:38Z List of slang used in hip hop music -- from Ebonics
  101. 2003-03-06T20:05:34Z List of literary characters with nine fingers -- Frodo
  102. 2003-03-12T14:55:41Z Chemical weapons -- redirect
  103. 2003-03-24T21:32:01Z Rumours of the death of Saddam Hussein -- He might already be dead...
  104. 2003-03-27T20:37:29Z Slogan: Hey-hey, ho-ho, Bush's war has to go! -- Here's an interesting slogan
  105. 2003-03-27T21:05:03Z Hey-hey, ho-ho, Bush's war has to go! -- moved to "Slogan:_Hey-hey,_ho-ho,_Bush's_war_has_to_go!"
  106. 2003-04-03T22:48:05Z Neutrality is a vandal who lets banned users vandalize Wikipedia (Like User:Norm) -- Is this redirect going in the right direction?
  107. 2003-04-08T21:39:33Z Nigger (book) -- moved to "Nigger_(disambiguation)"
  108. 2003-04-09T18:25:45Z List of features of Windows which users regard as bugs --
  109. 2003-08-07T18:00:05Z Nina May -- stub for conservative activist
  110. 2003-08-12T19:23:18Z Excel Education Centers, Inc. -- stub
  111. 2003-08-14T15:31:09Z Manliness -- blatant POV - I'm feelin' frisky today!!
  112. 2003-08-14T17:08:44Z Nine Nines Day -- obscure holiday
  113. 2003-08-14T18:14:21Z Summit of World Leaders -- a meeting seeking to bring about world peace
  114. 2003-08-14T19:34:29Z Daniel C. Williams -- stub with one link to a speech he gave (he's head of state of Grenada
  115. 2003-08-18T20:32:23Z Floor leader -- copied from public domain website
  116. 2003-08-22T13:59:17Z Seoul Peace Declaration -- Several people asked me to write more about the Unification Church. This is the kind of thing we've been up to lately.
  117. 2003-09-02T13:10:25Z God's Message to the United Nations -- revelation, reportedly from the Almighty Himself!
  118. 2003-09-19T15:02:18Z Environment 2004 -- another partisan (?) enviornmentalist group
  119. 2003-09-25T18:34:11Z Help desk humor -- This is way too chatty and opinionated, but Martin put me up to it: heh, heh, blame the dice man!
  120. 2003-09-25T20:47:50Z Slogan: Judeafascism -- moved to "Slogan:_Judeofascism"
  121. 2003-09-25T20:48:28Z Judeofascism -- moved to "Slogan:_Judeofascism"
  122. 2003-09-26T20:19:40Z Carbon dioxide emissions in mainland China --
  123. 2003-09-29T18:42:38Z Laughing Doctors -- pre-emptive redirect to Rire Médecin
  124. 2003-09-29T18:47:16Z Rire Médecin -- stole one-sentence quote verbatim from a book review - Is this copyright violation, or what?
  125. 2003-09-29T19:51:04Z List of ZIP codes in the United States -- Another EXTREMELY useful list - or should I say "useless"?
  126. 2003-10-11T02:10:38Z Susan Ann Sulley -- singer/dancer
  127. 2003-10-13T20:35:46Z Free Teens -- message vs. free sex
  128. 2003-11-13T16:59:24Z Blacks and Mormonism -- moved to "Blacks_and_The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints"
  129. 2003-11-18T22:11:39Z Macedonia (disambiguation) -- Can we at least agree on this?
  130. 2003-12-03T22:11:08Z Spiking -- I hope this lengthy quote is "fair use"
  131. 2003-12-04T15:03:43Z David Burns -- stubby stub
  132. 2003-12-04T15:13:11Z David D. Burns -- shrink text
  133. 2003-12-04T19:20:02Z Moti Nissani -- link to article on The Plight of the Obscure Innovator in Science]
  134. 2003-12-04T22:30:39Z Cali Ruchala -- stub for one very pissed-off historian
  135. 2003-12-09T15:56:52Z Silesia/moderated -- moved to "Silesia_(moderated)"
  136. 2003-12-09T21:03:29Z Nathaniel Jones (police custody death) -- Is this neutral?
  137. 2004-02-02T16:34:03Z Goya (book) -- stub for artist bio
  138. 2004-02-06T19:56:25Z Sado-Nation -- Worthless stub
  139. 2004-02-06T19:57:41Z Sado-nation -- moved to "Sado-Nation"
  140. 2004-02-10T19:53:20Z Mars rover -- redirect
  141. 2004-02-11T16:32:11Z Terrorism against Lebanon -- moved to "Military_action_in_Lebanon"
  142. 2004-02-18T18:32:11Z Over the Rainbow -- redirect to full form of title
  143. 2004-02-24T18:28:09Z Uncle Ed's Naughty List -- Let's try something...
  144. 2004-03-08T16:33:11Z Slogan:Asses of Evil -- Kerry-Heinz attack on Bush administration
  145. 2004-03-08T16:33:33Z Asses of Evil -- moved to "Slogan:Asses_of_Evil"
  146. 2004-03-09T21:48:20Z Purported cults -- moved to "List_of_purported_cults"
  147. 2004-03-15T16:38:41Z Mauricio Rosas -- better a stub than a deleted article - most of the time
  148. 2004-03-15T16:43:49Z Voice of Freedom -- Very anti-Bush. I think they don't like him at all...
  149. 2004-03-19T15:27:38Z Foreign interference with elections in democratic countries -- stub, but I'm sure you can all help with this...
  150. 2004-03-29T20:47:11Z Fascism and Communism -- starting to fulfill SLR's request
  151. 2004-04-02T22:25:48Z NPOV tutorial --
  152. 2004-04-05T19:33:56Z Debbie Dewart -- critic of Scott Peck
  153. 2004-04-06T14:18:07Z Slogan:homosexuality is a choice -- just a link for now...
  154. 2004-04-06T14:59:59Z Nick Yee -- Very thoughtful author: check out his pieces on homosexuality
  155. 2004-04-06T15:27:07Z Slogan:Homosexuality is a choice -- moved to "Slogan:homosexuality_is_a_choice"
  156. 2004-04-08T14:44:45Z Jerusalem Declaration --
  157. 2004-04-09T12:25:05Z Atlantium -- moved to "Empire_of_Atlantium"
  158. 2004-04-09T20:26:29Z List of bachelors -- Oh, I'm in a good mood now! :-
  159. 2004-04-13T12:42:39Z Silver City (film) -- political satire starring Richard Dreyfuss -- apparently targetting Bush
  160. 2004-04-20T15:02:01Z Nabil Khatib -- a lecturer at the leading Palestinian university, Bir Zeit
  161. 2004-04-23T13:22:00Z Definitions of homosexuality -- I hope this clears things up and can be as good a reference as "Definitions of Palestine"
  162. 2004-04-23T19:38:10Z Definitions of Homosexuality -- moved to "Definitions_of_homosexuality"
  163. 2004-05-14T19:19:51Z Augusto Pinochet/intro -- Here is a nice place to work on just the intro
  164. 2004-07-07T00:39:26Z Read Wikipedia:Keeping cool when the editing gets hot. -- alternate title for peace message
  165. 2004-07-07T00:40:10Z Read Wikipedia:Keeping cool when the editing gets hot --
  166. 2004-07-15T13:28:38Z Global temperature record -- Will this redirect go any where?
  167. 2004-07-26T15:37:56Z Definitions of pedophilia -- Hope this helps clear things up
  168. 2004-08-05T13:09:18Z Sovereignty International -- moving attempt to discredit Robert Watson "science is settled" source
  169. 2004-08-05T13:22:46Z Slogan 'The science is settled' -- Slogan 'The science is settled' moved to The science is settled
  170. 2004-08-13T19:04:32Z American government position on war on Iraq -- American government position on war on Iraq moved to American government position on invasion of Iraq
  171. 2004-09-26T23:48:23Z Definitions of cult -- Top 3 definitions
  172. 2004-09-27T15:00:15Z Jack Corley -- Unication Church leader who met Arafat; wait for the picture
  173. 2004-09-28T15:46:43Z Definitions of Palestinian occupation -- Okay, here's my latest "new article" attempting to be accurate and neutral.
  174. 2004-09-28T16:44:11Z Occupation of Palestine/temp -- some info which is crying out for integration - Who can merge it in a good place?
  175. 2004-09-29T19:53:21Z Bush addresses UN (2004) -- Bush speaks to UN
  176. 2004-09-30T14:39:48Z We believe in human dignity -- We believe in human dignity moved to Bush addresses UN (2004)
  177. 2004-09-30T16:48:40Z Al-Gebra -- Lighten up, vfd squad!
  178. 2004-10-05T15:20:58Z Political status of Palestine -- needs work - this is a "first draft"
  179. 2004-10-15T17:01:37Z Cult checklist -- pasted 1,000 words which I cut from [[cult]]
  180. 2004-10-22T17:22:04Z Hating America: A History -- Why they hate US
  181. 2004-10-29T14:57:19Z Partitions of Palestine -- Two widely (or wildly?) various views on who gets how much
  182. 2004-10-29T15:04:53Z Struggle over Palestine/outline -- cut and paste from [[Struggle over Palestine]]
  183. 2004-11-02T14:35:50Z Middle East Grand Strategy in 60 Seconds or Less -- silly stub
  184. 2004-11-03T12:42:02Z McIntyre and McKitrick --
  185. 2004-11-08T14:40:02Z Arabs for Israel -- Arabs for Israel moved to Nonie Darwish
  186. 2004-11-08T15:59:57Z Avoid personal remarks -- redirect [[Wikipedia:avoid personal remarks]]
  187. 2004-11-08T18:39:15Z Alliance for the Republic -- raw material for an article on new Nicaraguan political party
  188. 2004-11-08T20:43:02Z Angus Atkinson -- Dr. Connolley, do you know this man?
  189. 2004-11-09T16:39:00Z Sam Miller-Eisenstein -- Vociferous critic of Dore Gold, and his views
  190. 2004-11-11T15:01:55Z Scientific consensus on global warming -- Is there any?
  191. 2004-11-12T15:55:03Z Weapons of mouse destruction -- Devestating new biological weapon
  192. 2004-11-12T15:55:49Z Weapons of math instruction --
  193. 2004-11-15T13:46:37Z James Haley -- Silenced priest warns of gay crisis
  194. 2004-11-16T19:38:34Z Global warming skeptic -- 125-word article about the term sometimes applied to opponents of the [[Global Warming]] theory
  195. 2004-11-16T19:44:51Z Global warming (disambiguation) -- 2 different but related meanings
  196. 2004-12-02T18:10:56Z Andrew Apostolou -- He called the June 2003 [[Red Cross]] report on [[Guantanomo]] [[enemy combatant]]s an example of a [[double standard]].
  197. 2004-12-02T18:26:13Z Wille Soon --
  198. 2005-01-20T18:55:09Z By design -- stub
  199. 2005-01-20T19:34:04Z Innate differences between the sexes -- Is this the right place?
  200. 2005-02-03T20:33:42Z Eli Flam -- a free-lance writer who has traveled widely in [[Appalachia]]
  201. 2005-02-09T16:15:56Z Give and take action --
  202. 2005-02-17T15:56:05Z Images of autofellatio -- Look here, if you're interested
  203. 2005-03-04T17:54:50Z Deception in the Unification Church -- relates to the [[love bombing]] "vote for deletion" discussion
  204. 2005-03-13T04:14:10Z Ted Patrick -- "father of [[deprogramming]], started group which eventually became CAN
  205. 2005-03-15T18:50:11Z Dean Kelley -- work in progress
  206. 2005-03-23T15:35:47Z Multiple contradictions within the deprogramming movement -- ''This needs to merged with [[anti-cult movement]] or [[cult-watching group]]s or [[deprogramming]].''
  207. 2005-03-28T17:19:18Z The World and I --
  208. 2005-03-28T17:59:05Z International Cultural Foundation -- copied verbatim from a web site which NEVER would THINK of suing Wikipedia
  209. 2005-03-28T18:10:39Z Paragon House --
  210. 2005-04-01T17:39:18Z Opera SoundWave -- I know this is true, because they linked to us...
  211. 2005-04-21T19:29:19Z Cult-watching group -- All this is from memory, I really have to read her article again. Help me out here?
  212. 2005-05-05T20:41:59Z Alt.* -- test
  213. 2005-05-11T14:00:07Z Sovereignty of the United Nations -- outline of some of the major issues. Please help expand this. Especially pro-UN-sovereignty POV needs amplification
  214. 2005-05-11T16:35:10Z Fictionology --
  215. 2005-05-11T17:01:26Z Belvedere Estate (New York) -- just getting started
  216. 2005-05-12T14:55:10Z The lt.usenet.kooks newsgroup -- The lt.usenet.kooks newsgroup moved to The alt.usenet.kooks newsgroup
  217. 2005-05-12T17:58:18Z IPod -- IPod moved to .iPod
  218. 2005-05-12T18:02:00Z .iPod -- .iPod moved to ¡Pod
  219. 2005-05-12T18:37:52Z Definitions of hacker and hacking -- usage
  220. 2005-05-18T15:06:58Z Allegations of Qur'an desecration at Guantánamo Bay -- Allegations of Qur'an desecration at Guantánamo Bay moved to Newsweek desecration controversy
  221. 2005-05-20T21:07:54Z Sandbox8 -- should reference template:plugh
  222. 2005-05-27T22:55:39Z Frank Kaufmann --
  223. 2005-05-28T17:40:30Z Sandbox/template2 -- trying to get space turned to _ character
  224. 2005-05-28T17:57:40Z Sandbox/template with multiple word title -- Will this produce the requisite underscores?
  225. 2005-06-03T17:59:14Z Wikiedia:Neutral Point of View -- essential redirect!
  226. 2005-06-14T00:45:38Z Petrol (gasoline) -- Petrol (gasoline) moved to Petrol
  227. 2005-06-14T20:29:09Z Qur'an desecration at Guantánamo Bay -- If the other article is only about US "crimes" then we need this one for Islamic prisoners' "crimes"
  228. 2005-06-14T23:53:14Z Qur'an desecration by US detainees -- splitting article as suggested in talk:[[Qur'an desecration by US guards]]
  229. 2005-06-15T00:17:45Z Allegations of Qur'an desecration (disambiguation) -- to [[Allegations of Qur'an desecration]]
  230. 2005-06-16T19:03:37Z The Moon Is Not the Son -- It's by Bjornstad, not Yamamoto
  231. 2005-06-18T21:32:39Z The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Along with Difficult People --
  232. 2005-06-21T15:52:25Z Encyclopedia Project --
  233. 2005-07-05T19:51:32Z Argumentation (journal) -- there's actually a journal devoted to the subject
  234. 2005-07-07T18:07:04Z Jan Golab -- criticizes Hollywood as, er, "hollow"?
  235. 2005-07-08T02:45:24Z Mediation Committee --
  236. 2005-07-09T19:48:46Z Frivolous political party -- redirect
  237. 2005-07-13T14:53:48Z Safe Settlement of True Parents and Completed Testament Age -- a church motto
  238. 2005-07-13T15:29:01Z Unification Encyclopedia --
  239. 2005-07-13T15:54:48Z Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act/moderated -- Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act/moderated moved to Talk:Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act/moderated: needs to be a subpage
  240. 2005-07-16T11:40:52Z Homosexuality and sexual child abuse --
  241. 2005-08-04T17:49:44Z Test one -- delete this test in 3 hours, if I forget
  242. 2005-08-06T13:31:27Z Unification Encyclopedia Project -- Unification Encyclopedia Project moved to Encyclopedia Project: that's what it calls itself
  243. 2005-08-08T03:03:47Z ENT -- ENT moved to ENT (disambiguation)
  244. 2005-08-10T17:07:57Z Ayah Pin -- Ayah Pin moved to Ariffin Mohamed: Ayah Pin is his "aka"
  245. 2005-08-15T19:13:01Z Opposition to the Vietnam War -- Opposition to the Vietnam War moved to Opposition to the US involvement in the Vietnam War: the "anti-war" movement only opposed America's campaign: not the NVA or Viet Cong campaign
  246. 2005-08-24T16:12:37Z Damon Lucibello -- Damon Lucibello moved to WNHU: DJ at radio station
  247. 2005-08-24T16:50:16Z Machines of Desire -- redirect
  248. 2005-08-30T20:49:51Z Katherine Hanson -- Can someone help me with the footnotes? I forget the format for using the templates
  249. 2005-09-02T22:14:16Z Hurricane Katrina disaster relief -- efforts in the wake of [[Hurricane Katrina]] have been hampered by [[civil disorder]]
  250. 2005-09-04T03:01:18Z 1RR -- proposed policy
  251. 2005-09-04T11:01:01Z Requests for comment/Eliot Spitzer -- Requests for comment/Eliot Spitzer moved to Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Eliot Spitzer
  252. 2005-09-05T14:55:07Z Toshiyuki Kono -- professor of international legal studies at [[Kyushu University]]
  253. 2005-09-15T02:40:43Z Mike Elgan --
  254. 2005-09-28T18:27:54Z Definitions of biological evolution -- first draft, inspired by an article comment by Duncharris
  255. 2005-09-28T23:21:01Z Definitions of evolution -- Definitions of evolution moved to Definitions of biological evolution: needs more narrow focus. Thanks, Guettarda.
  256. 2005-09-29T19:12:03Z Definitions of science --
  257. 2005-09-29T23:15:27Z Pipe trick --
  258. 2005-10-03T14:53:04Z Kelly Marks -- founder of [[Intelligent Horsemanship]]
  259. 2005-10-06T11:43:31Z True Love -- stub based on religious quote
  260. 2005-10-06T18:05:42Z Java and Visual Studio -- Is this factually correct? It's just off the top of my head.
  261. 2005-10-07T04:27:59Z Table of the Americas -- Table of the Americas moved to Template:Table of the Americas: suggested by [[user:Fvw]]
  262. 2005-10-18T18:28:32Z Paragon House Publishers -- REDIRECT [[Paragon House]]
  263. 2005-10-19T15:28:14Z Chemical imbalance -- stub, may need renaming
  264. 2005-10-20T11:31:52Z Engineering and management -- an excellent essay (by the founder of [[AutoCAD]])
  265. 2005-10-24T13:50:47Z Requests for comment/Winter Soldier Investigation -- Requests for comment/Winter Soldier Investigation moved to Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Winter Soldier Investigation
  266. 2005-10-26T19:10:46Z Divine Principle -- Divine Principle moved to Exposition of the Divine Principle: This is a book ABOUT the church teachings
  267. 2005-11-01T21:37:24Z Evolution poll -- Evolution poll moved to Creation-evolution poll: Was deleted in part because misnamed: "it is not a poll on evolution but rather a poll about the creation-evolution controversy"
  268. 2005-11-02T21:34:55Z Gallup poll on creationism and evolution -- please do not delete this information UNTIL it is merged into an appropriate article
  269. 2005-11-03T01:44:45Z PFAW poll on creationism and evolution -- table shows support for teaching Creationism
  270. 2005-11-03T18:47:40Z Case Western faculty survey on creation and evolution -- 93% of scientists support evolution
  271. 2005-11-05T13:07:59Z Relationship between evolution and divine guidance --
  272. 2005-11-07T16:38:25Z Creation-evolution table -- Creation-evolution table moved to Wikipedia:Creation-evolution table: should not be in article namespace - more of a WikiProject 'helper' page
  273. 2005-11-09T17:47:12Z Steve Abrams -- Kansas evolution critic
  274. 2005-11-10T21:01:11Z Evolutionary materialism -- philosophers and scientists who advocate the idea that [[evolution]] is not (and cannot be) guided by [[God]]
  275. 2005-11-11T21:34:29Z Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon -- [[Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon]] moved to [[Inquisition (book)]]: subtitle is so much longer than the "title"
  276. 2005-11-11T22:11:04Z James Louis Whelan --
  277. 2005-11-16T14:11:27Z Religious views of evolution --
  278. 2005-11-16T18:35:48Z Aspects of evolution -- Joshua, this should clear everything up!
  279. 2005-11-21T21:15:29Z Cult mind control -- theories of [[religious conversion]] inform various methods of rescuing converts (seen as victims) from [[new religious movement]]s viewed as spurious (see [[cult]]s
  280. 2005-11-28T17:02:26Z Guided evolution -- opposite of [[unguided evolution]]
  281. 2005-11-28T22:12:18Z List of telenovelas -- moved [[List of telenovelas]] to [[List of Latin American soap operas]]: more familiar term [[soap opera]] for English speakers
  282. 2005-11-29T14:55:58Z Definitions of brainwashing and deprogramming -- raw paste from [[talk:Steve Hassan]]
  283. 2005-11-29T15:02:52Z Definitions of deprogramming -- moved [[Definitions of deprogramming]] to [[Definitions of brainwashing and deprogramming]]: more than just cult deprogramming - there are 5 closely related ideas
  284. 2005-12-06T19:17:06Z Biological evolution (disambiguation) -- hope this clears everything up. Thanks, KillerChihuahua
  285. 2005-12-06T19:34:35Z Marc Perkel --
  286. 2005-12-07T15:26:10Z Intelligent Design and Creationism -- both reject the [[theory of evolution]], albeit in different ways
  287. 2005-12-09T19:06:40Z Can evolution be guided by God? -- controversy spin-off, inspired by [[user:ScienceApologist]]
  288. 2005-12-09T19:12:45Z Can evolution be guided by God -- moved [[Can evolution be guided by God]] to [[Can evolution be guided by God?]]
  289. 2005-12-10T16:49:38Z Theistic evolution -- moved [[Theistic evolution]] to [[Theistic evolution/old]]: to preserve article history while making room more redirect
  290. 2006-02-24T21:02:15Z List of one-word titles of conservative books -- just getting started
  291. 2006-02-28T20:34:15Z David Sanborn (disambiguation) -- musician vs. executive
  292. 2006-03-08T16:55:38Z Anonymous Internet posting -- can't annoy in U.S. anonymously
  293. 2006-03-12T12:13:59Z Ed Poor:dec -- moved [[Ed Poor:dec]] to [[User:Ed Poor/dec]]: created in article namespace by mistake
  294. 2006-03-12T13:59:04Z Ed Poor:days until --
  295. 2006-03-15T21:37:01Z First Sunday in April -- this year
  296. 2006-03-21T16:28:28Z USA and Mexico -- Can this stand alone, or be merged somewhere?
  297. 2006-03-30T16:49:21Z Use of the word Palestine -- This is as neutral and complete as I can make it.
  298. 2006-03-30T17:29:45Z Occupied Territories (Israel) -- REDIRECT [[Israeli-occupied territories]]
  299. 2006-04-03T13:37:04Z Flash oil --
  300. 2006-04-03T18:29:04Z Evolution driven by natural selection -- trying to fix a red link
  301. 2006-04-03T18:34:51Z Evolution and natural selection -- stub
  302. 2006-04-04T20:32:37Z Colon trick -- moved [[Colon trick]] to [[Help:Colon trick]]
  303. 2006-04-12T01:00:06Z Rock en español -- moved [[Rock en español]] to [[Spanish language rock and roll]]: titles of article should be in English as much as possible
  304. 2006-04-17T18:00:17Z Date from ordinal -- moved [[Date from ordinal]] to [[Template:Date from ordinal]]: needs to be in template namespace
  305. 2006-04-18T18:22:41Z Hán tự -- moved [[Hán tự]] to [[Chinese characters in Vietnamese]]
  306. 2006-05-02T19:55:02Z Natural process -- science stub
  307. 2006-05-07T12:42:30Z Joon Ho Seuk -- cut and pasted from [[Jack Corley]] article
  308. 2006-05-08T21:18:56Z Stress positions -- #redirect [[stress position]]
  309. 2006-05-24T18:00:52Z John Sun -- Here's the guy whose favor backfired on [[Falun Gong]]'s founder
  310. 2006-05-30T20:48:45Z Michael Steele -- moved [[Michael Steele]] to [[Michael S. Steele]]: no disambig needed if middle initial is used
  311. 2006-05-31T17:41:57Z God, The Devil, and Darwin -- Shanks inflates the rhetoric, misconstrues history, blurs important distinctions, and seriously skews the views of various ID advocates.
  312. 2006-06-01T13:19:34Z Niall Shanks -- moved [[Niall Shanks]] to [[God, The Devil, and Darwin]]: It's entirely about the book, or will be if others will get involved.
  313. 2006-06-01T16:06:49Z SEPP -- moved [[SEPP]] to [[SEPP (disambiguation)]]: most references are to [[SEPP]] - other 2 are stub and minor definition, respectively
  314. 2006-06-02T17:05:18Z Santos Cardona -- stub - just got sentenced for [[prisoner abuse]]
  315. 2006-06-13T19:22:45Z Laffer curve -- moved [[Laffer curve]] to [[Taxable income elasticity]]: concept which the graph illustrates
  316. 2006-06-15T18:45:44Z Dan Fefferman -- International Coalition for Religious Freedom
  317. 2006-06-17T17:19:35Z Three-way sex -- stub, probably needs to merge or redirect
  318. 2006-07-21T15:27:25Z Global warming consensus -- can be merged with some other article
  319. 2006-07-21T16:39:27Z Naomi Orestes -- wrote influential (but disputed) article on [[global warming]]
  320. 2006-07-25T16:53:08Z Global warming/NPOV -- version which no contributor will dispute
  321. 2006-07-25T17:41:02Z Earth Dialogues -- a peace forum that took place in [[Brisbane]]
  322. 2006-07-26T16:55:20Z Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years -- forthcoming book by [[Fred Singer]] and [[Dennis Avery]]
  323. 2006-08-01T17:26:38Z Good scientific practice --
  324. 2006-08-04T19:01:34Z Criticism of intelligent design -- #redirect [[intelligent design]] which is 90% criticicsm
  325. 2006-08-11T17:42:59Z Viral core -- #REDIRECT [[capsid]]
  326. 2006-08-17T19:57:54Z Responsibility (Unification Church theology) -- It is the fulfillment of one's responsibility to grow in maturity and love that completes the individual's [[Purpose of Life]].
  327. 2006-08-18T13:35:42Z UPF Encyclopedia Project -- link to current article - if you speedy this, please let me know
  328. 2006-08-21T19:34:25Z Return fire -- stub - can't believe how hard it was to find anything online about this
  329. 2006-08-23T19:07:27Z Evolution is a fact -- starting an article about the slogan, intended as a sub-article or section of any suitable larger article.
  330. 2006-08-29T17:01:13Z 1929 Palestine riots -- moved [[1929 Palestine riots]] to [[1929 Wailing Wall incident]]
  331. 2006-08-30T18:49:09Z List of socialist ideologies -- cut and paste from [[Types of socialism]], version 72853415
  332. 2006-09-15T13:20:27Z Geneva Conventions controversy -- stub for controversy - not a "POV fork" because it's completely neutral - Many articles refer to this controversy
  333. 2006-10-02T19:55:57Z Uspop commas -- moved [[Uspop commas]] to [[Template:Uspop commas]]: meant to be a template!
  334. 2006-10-05T19:23:10Z Eric Heubeck -- author of "Weyrich's manual"
  335. 2006-10-17T20:29:45Z Third Monday (in February) -- moved [[Third Monday (in February)]] to [[Template:Third Monday (in February)]]
  336. 2006-10-17T20:38:50Z First Monday in September -- #REDIRECT [[Template:First Monday (in September)]]
  337. 2006-10-17T20:42:20Z Second Monday (in October) -- moved [[Second Monday (in October)]] to [[Template:Second Monday (in October)]]
  338. 2006-10-17T20:46:30Z Fourth Thursday (in November) -- moved [[Fourth Thursday (in November)]] to [[Template:Fourth Thursday (in November)]]
  339. 2006-10-17T20:50:28Z Third Monday in January -- #REDIRECT [[Template:Third Monday in January]]
  340. 2006-10-17T20:58:05Z Third Monday in February -- moved [[Third Monday in February]] to [[Template:Third Monday in February]]
  341. 2006-10-17T21:05:44Z First Monday (in September) -- moved [[First Monday (in September)]] to [[First Monday in September]]
  342. 2006-10-20T14:36:45Z Second Sunday in May -- redirect
  343. 2006-10-20T14:57:51Z Third Monday of January -- {{nth weekday of month|1|1|3}}
  344. 2006-10-20T15:16:17Z Third Sunday in January --
  345. 2006-10-20T19:05:45Z Second Monday in October -- Redirecting to [[Template:Second Monday in October]]
  346. 2006-10-20T19:07:06Z Fourth Thursday in November -- redirect template
  347. 2006-10-27T15:39:35Z Last Monday in May -- Redirecting to [[Template:Last Monday in May]]
  348. 2006-10-27T15:42:02Z Last Monday of May -- REDIRECT [[Last Monday in May]]
  349. 2006-10-27T16:01:43Z Third Sunday in June -- moved [[Third Sunday in June]] to [[Template:Third Sunday in June]]
  350. 2006-11-16T16:05:28Z Exit button -- too much about [[data validation]] but this is a good cross-reference
  351. 2006-11-16T17:33:19Z Syntax error/PHP -- cut from article
  352. 2006-11-21T19:32:19Z Statisticulation -- Should this be in Wiktionary, or what?
  353. 2006-11-25T16:37:06Z Black Like Me (disambiguation) -- moved [[Black Like Me]] to [[Black Like Me (1964)]]: book, its movie version; plus an unrelated book
  354. 2006-11-25T16:45:57Z Jocelyn Emama Maximé -- stub
  355. 2006-12-05T15:25:25Z International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement -- redirect to small, Florida-based advocacy group
  356. 2006-12-05T17:30:53Z Average surface temperature -- defined as the combined temperature of near-surface air temperature over land and sea surface temperature.
  357. 2007-01-19T14:31:41Z Global Warming hypothesis -- #REDIRECT [[global warming]]
  358. 2007-01-25T17:32:11Z Deborah Kampmeier -- director of 2 rape movies
  359. 2007-01-26T19:27:02Z Kenneth Mellanby -- founder-director of [[Monks Wood Experimental Station]]
  360. 2007-01-29T15:10:10Z List of democratically elected governments -- Is this too sloppy a first draft for article space? We can userfy it . . .
  361. 2007-01-29T15:46:09Z Democratically elected -- #REDIRECT [[democratically elected government]]
  362. 2007-01-29T17:05:49Z True Family Values -- a moral viewpoint and a movement to support it, associated with the [[Unification Church]]
  363. 2007-01-31T14:00:39Z New World Encyclopedia -- moved [[New World Encyclopedia]] to [[User:Ed Poor/New World Encyclopedia]]: saving in my user space for when it actually launches in 2008
  364. 2007-02-02T16:18:14Z Naturalistic evolution -- moved [[Naturalistic evolution]] to [[User:Ed Poor/Naturalistic evolution]]: I want to see if I can whip this article into shape. It's a creationist term for [[evolution]] which SPECIFICALLY denies God had anything to do with the process
  365. 2007-02-02T16:42:52Z List of paradigm shifts in science -- put in chrono order
  366. 2007-02-08T19:52:54Z Barrytown, New York -- hamlet in [[Red Hook, New York]]
  367. 2007-02-09T02:28:42Z Tom DeWeese -- founder of the [[American Policy Center]]
  368. 2007-02-09T20:39:02Z Feminine intuition -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ''''Feminine intuition''' (or '''women's intution''') refers to the practical adoption of insights, borne from the sort of generalist thinking and awareness peculiar...'
  369. 2007-02-13T19:59:48Z Tim Ball -- moved [[Tim Ball]] to [[Timothy F. Ball]]: He goes by "Timothy" but they calls him "Tim". So let's try this.
  370. 2007-02-14T15:14:23Z Democratically elected government -- moved [[Democratically elected government]] to [[List of democratically elected governments opposed by the U.S.]]
  371. 2007-02-17T18:52:49Z List of scientists who dispute the anthropegenic global warming theory -- moved [[List of scientists who dispute the anthropegenic global warming theory]] to [[List of scientists who dispute the anthropogenic global warming theory]]: oops, misspelled 'anthropogenic' - it has two oh's
  372. 2007-02-17T19:21:31Z List of scientists who dispute the anthropogenic global warming theory -- moved [[List of scientists who dispute the anthropogenic global warming theory]] to [[List of scientists opposing the global warming consensus]]: more discussion needed first
  373. 2007-02-21T14:43:37Z Stakeholder -- moved [[Stakeholder]] to [[Stakeholder (law)]] over redirect: article split; see [[Stakeholder (corporate)]]
  374. 2007-02-21T14:59:37Z Long-term growth -- sustained growth over time, in a financial, business or organizational context
  375. 2007-02-21T19:17:31Z Second Sunday in March -- for the current year - for US Daylight savings time
  376. 2007-02-23T17:19:44Z Cultural impact of Pro Tools -- If this can stand alone, it should. Otherwise, let's junk it.
  377. 2007-02-25T01:54:11Z Digital audio recorder -- should probably be merged into something else
  378. 2007-02-27T15:21:26Z Change of blood lineage -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ''''Change of blood lineage''' is a key theological concept in the [[Providence of restoration]] taught by the [[Unification Church]]. Because the [[fall of man]] wa...'
  379. 2007-02-27T15:37:58Z Intelligent design/gentle intro -- moved [[Intelligent design/gentle intro]] to [[Template:Intelligent design/gentle intro]]
  380. 2007-02-27T18:52:26Z Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness -- pro-ID student club
  381. 2007-02-27T19:08:09Z Casey Luskin -- might not be notable
  382. 2007-02-28T01:27:09Z Steven F. Arnold -- fooling the [[peer review]] system with faked data about [[endocrine disruptor]]s to get a government grant
  383. 2007-03-16T18:39:03Z Intellectual integrity -- #REDIRECT [[intellectual honesty]]
  384. 2007-03-20T14:35:59Z Modern Global Warming Period -- moved [[Modern Global Warming Period]] to [[Modern Warming Period]]: more google hits for this term
  385. 2007-03-27T23:35:31Z Modern Warming Period -- moved [[Modern Warming Period]] to [[Modern Warming]]
  386. 2007-04-07T14:44:53Z List of democratically elected governments opposed by the U.S. -- moved [[List of democratically elected governments opposed by the U.S.]] to [[List of democratically elected governments]]
  387. 2007-04-07T14:45:56Z Democratically elected governments -- List of democratically elected governments
  388. 2007-04-16T15:14:39Z Belief in global warming -- moved [[Belief in global warming]] to [[User:Ed Poor/belief in global warming]]: userfy an article which Vsmith says is only a "personal essay"
  389. 2007-08-09T03:33:38Z Kyoto Treat -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with 'The Kyoto Treat is a small Philippino sugary pasta first invented in Kyoto, Philippines way back in AD 734. The treat was first introduced to Europe by Muslim trade...'
  390. 2007-12-09T14:22:47Z Nukespeak -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ''''Nukespeak''' is a book by [[Rory O'Connor]] about American [[nuclear technology]].   {{book-stub}}'
  391. 2007-12-09T16:00:18Z Philosophy of peace -- #1 Google hit today: links to ancient philosophy, beginning with ancient Asia
  392. 2007-12-16T15:19:41Z Scientists who buck the conventional wisdom on climate science -- [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[List of global warming theory skeptics]]
  393. 2007-12-20T01:56:56Z Richard Courtney (climate) -- moved [[Richard Courtney (climate)]] to [[User:Ed Poor/Richard Courtney (climate)]]: userfying, per Raymond Arrit's comment
  394. 2007-12-20T17:30:27Z First Advent -- just off the top of my head
  395. 2008-04-01T21:40:31Z Journalistic Fraud (2003 book) -- moved [[Journalistic Fraud (2003 book)]] to [[User:Ed Poor/Journalistic Fraud (2003 book)]]: to prevent deletion, i.e., [[censorship]]
  396. 2008-05-30T01:27:53Z Evolution and the Unification Church -- In the theory of evolution there are sudden occurrences called [[mutations]] ... But  there must have been some energy or willpower that authorized that occurrence
  397. 2008-07-15T19:21:37Z Coming on the clouds -- this could be merged with [[Second Coming]]
  398. 2008-08-17T13:38:00Z Tag team editors -- [[WP:AES|←]] Redirected page to [[Wikipedia:Tag team]]
  399. 2008-12-11T17:05:17Z Roman Warm Period -- [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[Roman Age Optimum]]
  400. 2008-12-13T13:44:09Z Conservapedia:Knowledge -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ''''Knowledge''' does not consist merely of facts. A person who has memorized a page of a phone book would not be said to possess knowledge, but merely information. ...'
  401. 2008-12-19T14:43:02Z Categories:Scientific Theories -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with '[[category:Biology]]'
  402. 2008-12-19T14:43:50Z Categories:Scientific theories -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with '[[category:science]]'
  403. 2008-12-27T18:29:23Z The Cabalist's Daughter -- a novel of [[Jewish messianism]]
  404. 2008-12-27T20:09:32Z The Meanings of Evolution -- moved [[The Meanings of Evolution]] to [[User:Ed Poor/The Meanings of Evolution]]: userfy quote by obscure [[Oxford University]] professor
  405. 2008-12-29T21:39:41Z Scientific debate -- moved [[Scientific debate]] to [[User:Ed Poor/Scientific debate]]: userfy, until I can flesh out the examples enough to satisfy Hrafn
  406. 2009-01-09T21:14:22Z Sammy Park -- Are we still collaborating on articles? If so, I'd like help fleshing out this stub
  407. 2009-01-23T21:40:15Z Jewel (singer) -- moved [[Jewel (singer)]] to [[Jewel Kilcher]] over redirect: prefer full name
  408. 2009-03-30T15:21:07Z Definitions of deregulation -- what's the other definition?
  409. 2009-06-03T15:19:35Z In Jin Moon -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ''''In Jin Moon''', the daughter of [[Sun Myung Moon]] and [[Hak Ja Han Moon]], has served as the leader of the Unification Movement in America since March 13, 2009.'
  410. 2009-08-24T22:28:11Z Definition of antisemitism -- link is used on a talk page
  411. 2009-09-22T17:06:01Z CSS box model -- starting with a quote - please jump in with your massive rewriting skills and awesome CSS knowledge at any time!
  412. 2009-12-03T19:50:47Z List of Unification Church affiliated organizations -- moved [[List of Unification Church affiliated organizations]] to [[List of Unification Movement]]: quite a few of these groups are not affiliated with church - the word "affiliated" is important here, let's not mislead anyone, okay?
  413. 2009-12-10T18:10:11Z Black Heung Jin Nim -- moved [[Black Heung Jin Nim]] to [[Return of Heung Jin Moon]] over redirect: too soon to undo move - revert should be discussed first
  414. 2010-04-20T15:39:06Z Evolution and Religious Creation Myths -- book says that [[evolution]] and [[creationism]] are not both valid theories that deserve equal attention
  415. 2010-05-25T21:11:13Z Dracunculiasis -- moved [[Dracunculiasis]] to [[Guinea Worm Disease]] over redirect
  416. 2011-05-11T22:30:43Z APA (shrinks) -- handy way to refer distinguish [[American Psychiatric Association]] from the other APA
  417. 2011-11-05T23:16:47Z Definitions of lesbianism and bisexuality -- [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with '[[Lesbian]]ism is generally defined as a female person's sexual attraction to (or relations with) another female, but the term is often stretched to include some...'
  418. 2011-11-05T23:17:27Z Lesbianism and bisexuality -- moved [[Lesbianism and bisexuality]] to [[Definitions of lesbianism and bisexuality]]: this is really about usage of the terms, along the lines of "[[Definitions of Palestine and Palestinian]]"
  419. 2011-12-31T21:02:21Z Dihydrogen monoxide hoax -- moved [[Dihydrogen monoxide hoax]] to [[Dihydrogen monoxide petition]]: example of [[parody science]] more than a [[hoax]]
  420. 2012-01-15T05:43:39Z Unwed motherhood -- moved [[Unwed motherhood]] to [[Talk:Unwed motherhood]]: my bad, I could have sworn I was editing the talk page. Please speedy the article itself.
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