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  1. USERNAME: @minnienana
  3. FULL NAME: Min Abby
  4. NICKNAMES: Shorty, Cutie
  5. STAGE NAME: Abby
  6. BIRTHDAY: 15/07/00
  7. BIRTH COUNTRY: Canada
  8. HOMETOWN: Vancouver, Canada
  9. ETHNICITY: Korean
  10. LANGUAGES: English, Korean, and Greek
  12. WEIGHT: 43kg
  13. HEIGHT: 163cm
  15. FACE CLAIM: Chuu from LOONA
  16. BACKUP:
  17. - Jiheon from Fromis_9
  18. - Lia from Itzy
  20. COMPANY: JYP Entertainment
  21. BACKUP: Pledis Entertainment
  23. VOCAL: 85/100
  24. RAP: 42/100
  25. DANCE: 60/100
  26. CHARISMA: 16/20
  28. •Shy
  29. She’s very shy and can’t hold a conversation with strangers very well.
  30. •Quiet
  31. She likes the quiet and is very quiet herself as she’s doesn’t like speaking up and or having confrontations.
  32. •Intelligent
  33. Because she’s so quiet she gets to focus on her studies making her the smartest triplet, book wise.
  34. •Clumsy
  35. She’s very clumsy as she would usually be sitting.
  36. •Book worm
  37. She loves books so much and can read in 3 languages, them being English, Korean, and Greek.
  38. •Confident
  39. She’s the most confident Min Triplet and works her hardest to achieve her goals.
  41. TRIVIA:
  42. - she’s vegan
  43. - often found reading or napping with her brother
  44. - usually has her face in a book
  45. - she’s the middle child of the Min triplets
  46. - she likes drawing
  49. - drawing classes
  50. - learning Greek
  51. YEARS ACTIVE: 5 years, 6 months
  53. INTODUCTION: Hello, I’m Abby, also known as the shortest Min Triplet.
  54. ELMINATION SPEECH: Thank you, for letting me participate in this survival show, it was a huge honor for me to even be here right now. I understand why I didn’t get in and for that I’m thankful. This show will help me improve and hopefully debut. Thank you and goodbye.
  56. - Abby napping with Aaron
  57. - Dancing to Love Bomb by Fromis_9
  58. ARE YOU CONFIDENT ABOUT GETTING INTO THE FINAL 6?: Yes, I really am! I hope that my hard work will pay off.
  59. MESSAGE TO TRAINEES: Good luck everyone! I wish you the best if you don’t or do get in!
  60. MESSAGE TO ME: uwu hi!
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