Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. She soon disappears back off in the direction of your allies though, and after waiting a moment, you wrap the shroud around your shoulders like a sort of half-poncho and you head off back to see just what it is your allies might be doing now when you aren't observing them.
  3. You try your hardest to not make a single sound as you approach your allies, and none of them seem to have noticed your presence just yet, though you are keeping yourself just close enough so that you can hear exactly what it is that they are talking about, they are mostly all just milling about and awkwardly waiting, much to your boredom, though there is one conversation going on between Mordred and Sakura...
  5. "So because of that, my advisor is going to come with me to Britain to help me conquer it and claim my birthright!" Mordred declares, her arms crossed. Clearly, this isn't a matter that is up to discussion for her.
  7. "B-but he can't go to Britain with you! He lives in Japan with me!" Sakura shoots back, and the King frowns.
  9. "I don't think you understand me very well. You might be his sister, but he belongs by my side!" Mordred declares without any hesitation, and you feel yourself getting worried that something terrible is about to happen.
  11. "Does he? Who says so? You?" Sakura's expression hardens. "Don't make me laugh, you don't even know Onii-chan, I'm his siste-"
  13. "W-w-well he's my boyfriend!" The terrified and jumpy voice of Satsuki suddenly joins in on the conversation between the girls, and all eyes turn towards her. Even those that weren't actually engaged or involved in the conversation between the two bickering girls. "Ha...Haha...." Satsuki begins to wilt under the unrelenting gaze of the group staring at her with piercing eyes.
  15. "What." It's Arcueid who is the one to break the silence, and the panicked looking Satsuki is clearly struggling now.
  17. "I... I mean that... H-he... He takes me out on dates and buys me nice things and says I look pretty once every year!" Satsuki tries to save herself from the scrutinizing gaze of the rest of the girls. "H-he's the one person in the world I can rely on to help me when things go wrong!"
  19. "Satsuki-chan... how do you know my brother, exactly?" Mordred and Sakura's bickering has become a thing of the past, and now all eyes are on the poor Dead Apostle girl under pressure from her careless actions.
  21. Part 18
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