DeDeDeDe 31 Notes

Mar 13th, 2016
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  1. I had been holding off to see how Asano handled it, but with chapter 31 there are
  2. a few things I need to explain just in case they come up in the future.
  4. Throughout the story I'm sure you've seen the "invaders" speaking in an unintelligible
  5. language. In various panels throughout the manga there are even strange characters/text
  6. in the sky. Here are some things to keep in mind:
  8. 1. The strange alien speech/text looks like morphed/distorted versions of Japanese writing,
  9. bearing the most resemblance to hiragana.
  11. 2. When the invaders are shown speaking from the point of view of humans, it uses
  12. that strange text.
  14. 3. In chapter 31 when the humans are shown speaking from the point of view of the
  15. invaders, it uses the same text.
  17. 4. In chapter 31 it also reveals the name of two of the invaders: Tsutomu and Yuriko.
  18. These are normal Japanese names.
  20. I don't know if any of this will matter further along in the story, but it seemed
  21. important to explain it now so that English readers can notice the same things
  22. that any average Japanese reader would notice.
  24. In addition, I tried to be very vague with the language used by the invaders.
  25. It may seem strange to hear words like "motherland" and what have you, but I didn't
  26. want to use words like "country" or "planet" because I don't want to be too descriptive
  27. in case something unexpected is revealed later on in the story. The Japanese is vague as well,
  28. so it's not as if I'm purposely obscuring things.
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