AlexanderGrey - The Door Opened And He Came Out Swinging! (M

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. >And up goes the wedding cake, being propelled into the open air as eager faces watch it from below. It’s easily one of the larger kinds of cakes to be made, barely fitting on the dining table it once rested upon. That is, until it was carelessly thrown into the air.
  2. >The more faint-hearted guests can only squint their eyes and turn away as the scene takes place.
  3. >Mr. Branderbonn, the butler and guard of the mansion, races over towards you. There’s no doubt that he knows that you were the one who hoisted the cake into the air.
  4. >Aside yourself, he’s the only faculty member left working in this old place, so his responsibilities have become remarkably strained. And you just might have brought him to his breaking point.
  5. >A grin of victory inches its way onto your face as you are tackled to the ground yet again. The cake, however, suffers a much more dire fate. The only thing that can be seen of it is a casserole of scattered frosting being strung about in every direction. Bystanders shield their eyes as they and the room surrounding them are splattered with cake.
  6. >The thud of the cake hitting the floor is followed by a long moment of silence, only occasionally interrupted by gasps and the sounds of smaller objects falling off of the table.
  7. >You turn your head over to Mr. Branderbonn, who now appears as red as a tomato in the face and the top of his balding head. The mansion guard’s brow furrows as much as it can as the man grits his teeth.
  8. >”That…” He grunts between his labored breathing as he rises to his feet. “That, sir, was the straw that broke the camel’s back!”
  9. >Deep within you, chuckles are held back. Bursts of laughter could escape your lugs at any second as you do the best you can to stop smiling. Mr. Branderbonn can see this, which appears to further infuriate him. It’s incredible how quiet he’s able to remain at the moment.
  10. >All eyes in the room are focused on you. Some of them shocked, others impressed. Perhaps even envious. But most of them are either flustered or disappointed.
  11. >Now standing up as well, you turn your head to face the two true targets whom you had your sights on.
  12. >Sitting at the head of the table are the bride and the groom, both with stunned expressions on their faces. Just seeing them in the wake of their celebration’s violation causes you to grin even more.
  13. >Seeing you smile at the lucky couple, the motive for your recent behavior becomes clear to everyone in the room. That bride, as beautiful as she was in her once pearly white dress and veil, was not yours. Instead, she had chosen to be in the arms of a man other than you. And that decision is why the cake now soils her dress instead of residing inside of her stomach.
  14. >To be frank, it really didn’t have to end this way. That man does not deserve her even in the slightest bit. Not once have you ever even seen the two socializing or even do so much as look at eachother for the two years you have known them. They literally never interacted, as far as you’re aware.
  15. >Meanwhile, the bride who is also the mansion owner’s youngest daughter, has known you much longer than almost everyone else who has come into her life. You literally talked to her every day, bought her things and spent so much time with her; she even bought you things in return.
  16. >She’d also cheer you up when you were feeling down, and vice versa.
  17. >For the longest time, you had her in the palm of your hands. You literally did everything right, everything you were supposed to do to bring the two of you closer to eachother. If anything, you evan had all of the unfair advantages. You’re taller than the man she married, more in shape, have a higher level of charisma and simply more sociability.
  18. >The man she married should have been you. But it wasn’t, all because of one of those gut-wrenching reasons that can tear someone apart from the inside. The man she did marry, who clearly wasn’t you, had won the lottery.
  19. >Millions upon millions of dollars, carelessly thrown in his direction because he happened to receive the correct number after buying a lottery ticket at his local grocery store.
  20. >And you? You work for the corporation owned by the landlord of the mansion. Upper management to be exact.
  21. >The landlord himself happens to be the CEO, and you have recently been promoted to upper management. Having worked remarkably hard for well over a decade while also having already lived with the family of the CEO, it’s no surprise you’ve climbed up the ranks as quickly as you have.
  22. >And even though your pay isn’t half bad, it’s not quite a fortune yet either. The offset from the sudden change in wealth comparison had swayed your girl, and convinced her to break up with you so she can fall into the arms of a lucky man.
  23. >A lucky man. Not the arms of a hard working man such as yourself, though you have had some luck yourself. But not the money, apparently.
  24. >And so, that is the revelation that has worked its way into the minds of all of the bystanders of the incident.
  25. >The firm hand of Mr. Branderbonn clutches your wrist and pulls you in the direction of the room’s nearest exit. You don’t even need to say anything to the bride and groom; they already know what this is.
  26. >Without resisting, you walk with the fumed guard out of the room and into the kitchen. He glares at you with crossed arms, hoping his nonverbal gestures are going to have at least some kind of effect this time. This incident is far from the first.
  27. >”Look at me!” He orders you, despite the fact that the two of you are already facing eachother, eye to eye.
  28. >Give him a bit of a condescending expression, knowing he’s not going to do anything more than berate you for the thousandth time. You know that the landlord is going to side with you, like he always has in the past. You can even somehow tell that Mr. Branderbonn knows this as well. Being much older than you, he’s bound to be much wiser than you anyway.
  29. >”This behavior is absolutely unacceptable! Now, I’ve told you before that you needed to let it go, and the mature thing to have done was take my advice and find another woman to go after.” The butler continues.
  30. >Does he even understand? You feel like he does, but that surely doesn’t mean he sympathizes with you, let along empathizes with you. This middle aged hothead doesn’t care about the problems of those who are under the age of forty.
  31. >He’s just a versatile arguing champion that has just passed his prime, and he’d like nothing more than to bring down anyone who has more of a chance than him. Well, that’s at least how you see him.
  32. >”Reacting reasonably is the key aspect here, and you have failed to achieve that. If somebody else blatantly shows that they want to be with someone else, you don’t go running around and ruining their time together just because you didn’t have your way! It is such a selfish thing to do.” Mr. Branderbonn scolds you. “And this is certainly not something a normal man your age does! Absolutely not! This is embarrassing; you’re thirty-two years old for heaven’s sake! You’re acting like an immature angst-driven teenager who cannot stand when things don’t go his way. You’re far too old to be told that you can’t always have what you want! She chose him! Him! And that’s the end of it! The fact that we’re having this conversation at all is degrading to both me and you! Why can’t you start acting like a man for a change? This is ridiculous, even by insane standards…”
  33. >He drones on and on. It’s amazing how he doesn’t turn blue or purple on the face. But you know it won’t do him any use.
  34. >Mr. Newburg is the CEO of the entire corporation and easily the individual with the most power, prestige and wealth. He is the one in charge of the mansion, and he always gets the final say in every altercation.
  35. >After Mr. Branderbonn is finished with his speech, he returns to the dining area to clean up the mess that you had caused. You are told to stay in the kitchen. It’s actually a little sad that Mr. Branderbonn has to work alone in terms of maintaining the residence. Mr. Newburg has recently considering hiring a maid or two. Maybe this recent event could serve as a good reason for him to be 100% on that decision. Mr. Branderbonn can’t do things a quickly as he used to anyway.
  36. >…
  37. >Hours pass, and Mr. Newburg finally meets you in one of the mansion’s the living rooms. He had watched the entire episode occur, and kept a straight face the entire time. On the inside, you knew he saw this coming.
  38. >But if there’s anyone in this house who’s the luckiest, it’s you. You are one of corporate’s white knights, and the good kind too. You’re the one they count on when they need a figure of authority. The favorite.
  39. >Mr. Newburg’s favorite.
  40. >And it’s not like he’s never gotten you out of situations like this before either. The hierarchy of the household is built around pulling strings just as much as the hierarchy of the corporation. Sure it’s unfair, but it’s unfair in a way where it’s in your favor, so you’d rather keep your mouth shut than lose what you have.
  41. >The conversation with the CEO goes pretty much just as expected. He recaps what had happened in the room and what took place after you were escorted out of the room. He explains that you had made a few of the guests feel uneasy, but nothing is harsh about his tone.
  42. >It’s so unfair to everybody else how this is happening. You know you don’t deserve this, but you need it to at least give a decent middle finger to those who deserve it. Just because you have the CEO on your side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard.
  43. >To keep your conscience on your good side, you have always made sure to be a significant and productive member of the corporation. Get as much respect as you can.
  44. >And it has paid off as well.
  45. >”Now, I understand that you and my daughter have one of the strongest connections I’ve ever seen.” Mr. Newburg tells you. “There was a time when she wouldn’t stop talking about you. But I’m afraid that she is an independent young woman, and I cannot control who she chooses to marry. And for that, I sincerely apologize.”
  46. >You have just disrupted a wedding reception without even showing the slightest bit of remorse, and you’re the one being apologized to. This is really happening.
  47. >As the band was playing, you decided to start dancing to the music like there was no tomorrow.
  48. >What a mad world to live in, where having certain connections with authority figures can give you so much power. But what Mr. Newburg tells you next is something that can raise your brow even under these rather unrealistic circumstances.
  49. >”Listen… between you and me, you actually did me a favor.” He whispers to you.
  50. “Oh?” You ask.
  51. >”That man she’s about to walk out with, he’s no good in my view. Just a rancid swine who happened to win the lottery by dumb luck. Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted her to marry you instead?”
  52. “I… couldn’t possibly imagine.”
  53. >”I honestly can’t remember how long it has been myself. But it just… infuriates me how she throws away such a perfect relationship with you for a… rat with more money. If anything, I would have even paid you more too, if I could. But then she’d be able to tell that I’d be trying to sway her anyway, and that would push her further away.”
  54. “Of course. I see exactly what you mean.”
  55. >”In addition to my apology, I would like to thank you as well. I might not be able to stop them from marrying, but I can’t help but feel a need for compensation for such an insult to… the power I have.”
  56. “I completely understand, Mr. Newburg.”
  57. >You’re actually being thanked too, now. How else could life be this good?
  58. >”I sure hope what you did got a message through to them.” Proclaims Mr. Newburg. “I’m pretty sure my own credibility would have plummeted if it were me in the center of that crowd of people. But you… you already have the casual reputation that can withstand such a feat. Oh, and you certainly have the youth and energy as well.”
  59. >You both chuckle, just loud enough for one of the guests to hear you. You can only imagine what kind of assumptions are going through their minds as they see you both smile and joke around about what you just did.
  60. >But what can anyone else do anyway? You’re practically above the law at this point. If not, right about to be above the law.
  61. >”So… here’s the deal. I know how much you might need to… forget about her.” Mr. Newburg.
  62. “Yes.”
  63. >”How much do you want for an escort? I assure you that you won’t have to pay for them yourself, seeing your current situation.”
  64. >Corruption, corruption everywhere. But you don’t care.
  65. “Oh, that’s okay. I know a woman can settle a man’s needs no matter which one it is, but what I lost was more than just physical.” You inform him.
  66. >Mr. Newburg raises an eyebrow, questioning you.
  67. “The thing is, what I has with her was a real connection. And I’m sure that you’re well aware of this.”
  68. >”Yes. Of course.”
  69. “Well, I just got an idea.” You reveal, planning off the top of your head.
  70. >Mr. Newburg smiles at you, listening to what you’re about to suggest. He’ll probably be able to cover whatever costs that your currently sprouting plan requires.
  71. “Remember when we talked about how there aren’t as many staff members in the mansion as there used to be?”
  72. >”Of course.”
  73. ”I was wondering if if we could solve both of our issues in one move, here. We hire two new people in the mansion. One maid and one butler. They will serve as both new members of the service for the residence, and the maid can be someone who I could… get in touch with a little.”
  74. >Mr. Newburg smiles and slowly nods his head.
  75. >”I like where this is going. Go on.”
  76. “Alright.” You continue. “The maid will be a lot more than an escort for two reasons. One, she’s always going to be here, living here. Two, she’s not getting paid to have sex with me, she’s getting paid to work here. And she’ll simply ‘meet’ me in the process.”
  77. >”Well, I say!” Mr. Newburg says. “I can’t imagine why I didn’t previously think of an idea like this.”
  78. >He then stands up.
  79. >”Wait here. Let me go find a list of potential maids who have applied to work her in the past three months.”
  80. >You nod as he leaves to go to his personal office. After a couple of minutes, he returns with a piece of paper. On the piece of paper is a long list with several names on it.
  81. >”Well, here it is. Take your pick, for whoever you do pick is the one whom I shall hire to work here along with the new butler.”
  82. >Glance over at the paper and read the names:
  83. Twilight
  84. Rarity
  85. Pinkie
  86. Applejack
  87. Rainbow
  88. Fluttershy
  89. Sunset
  90. Trixie
  91. Derpy
  92. Celestia
  93. Luna
  94. Vinyl
  95. Octavia
  96. Gilda
  97. Lyra
  98. BonBon
  99. Cherilee
  100. Minuette
  101. Adagio
  102. Sonata
  103. Aria
  104. Cadence
  105. Chrysalis
  106. Spitfire
  107. Cloudchaser
  108. Flitter
  109. Lightling
  110. Maud
  111. Starlight
  112. Which name do you choose?
  113. >You analyze the list, concentrating very hard on whichever name you want to choose. After careful evaluation, you have concluded that you want to see what Luna will be like. Begin to point your finger towards her name, but then another name catches your eye. Chrysalis. You then move your finger towards Chrysalis’s name on the list. Mr. Newburg watches as you indecisively move your finger around the paper, picking different spots on the list.
  114. >”Is everything alright?” Mr. Newburg asks you. “You seem to be… a bit confused.”
  115. >Hesitate for a couple of seconds.
  116. “I just… don’t really think I can decide which one I’ll like by only seeing their names. I think I would like to see what they’re like first.”
  117. >Mr. Newburg nods.
  118. >”I see. Well, let’s think for a minute here… we cannot simply line them up for some kind of audition or anything. That would make it too obvious.”
  119. “Right.”
  120. >”Well, that actually wouldn’t be the case if they all came in separately. The thing is, you and I have tight schedules, so there is no way we can arrange for all of them to come in. You still have to choose a certain amount.”
  121. “Ah, alright.” You answer before going back to the paper.
  122. >Look at the names again. The names Luna and Chrysalis certainly seem promising to you. It’s strange that women would use these kinds of names when applying to be a maid. It’s almost like they want to seem like escorts.
  123. >Whatever, sort through the names even more.
  124. >A couple of other names that you seem to find appealing are Maud, Rarity, Trixie, Celestia, Spitfire, Adagio and Lyra. That equates to nine of the twenty-nine names that were given to you.
  125. “Alright, do we have enough time to squeeze in nine meetings?” You ask.
  126. >Mr. Newburg widens his eyes and lets out a sigh.
  127. >”Whoa… Nine?” He asks.
  128. >You silence yourself, even holding your breath. Awaiting his official answer.
  129. “You sure are an… adventurous young gentleman. I remember when I was like that. Wanted to try them all instead of just trying one or two and just wondering what the others would have been like. That’s actually a good mentality to have in some cases if you want to become successful. For that, I’m proud of you.”
  130. “Thank you. So… do you agree that it would be possible to arrange nine meetings?”
  131. >”Oh, right. Of course. Priorities first.” Mr. Newburg states. “Well… I’m not sure if I could find time for that. But of course… I certainly could see if I could try.”
  132. >He then pauses and looks up at the ceiling. It’s uncertain if there would be enough time in his schedule to arrange nine different meetings, though he mostly just uses his schedule to play golf somewhere about 50 miles away from town.
  133. >”How does seeing three on Thursday, Friday and Saturday each sound to you?” He asks you.
  134. “Oh… super.” You conclude. “I can easily go with that. Thanks for being this lenient, Mr. Newburg.”
  135. >”Don’t mention it. After how long you’ve worked, and after being cheated by luck the way you just were, I understand you could use a little break here and there.”
  136. “So… are we going to meet them in alphabetical order, or…?”
  137. >”Oh, any way you want. As long as you make your decision before Sunday, we have a deal.”
  138. “Excellent.”
  139. >”So… which names are the ones you chose?” Mr. Newburg asks as he pulls a pen out of his shirt pocket. “Just er… go right ahead and circle the names you picked out.”
  140. >He hands the pen to you and you circle the following names:
  141. Rarity
  142. Trixie
  143. Celestia
  144. Spitfire
  145. Luna
  146. Lyra
  147. Adagio
  148. Chrysalis
  149. Maud
  150. >”Splendid.” Mr. Newburg continues. “Now. What I need you to do is choose which days to see which pair of potential maids. Might I remind you that the three days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is going to be your schedule for the rest of the week.”
  151. >You nod and wait for him to continue.
  152. >”For each day, they will arrive here in uniform so you can have a nice good look at them. Just make sure you’re not too in their field of view at first so none of them get suspicious. I’ll make sure to arrange the times of the meetings so they each come in one at a time.”
  153. “Exactly.” You agree. “Can’t wait.”
  154. >”Anything for my most renowned colleague. I’ll go on and arrange the meetings.” Mr. Newburg points out. “Also, I should emphasize that if any of them turns out to take a certain interest in you, you are free to… have quite a time with them while they are here. But your final choice must only be one.”
  155. “I understand.” You comply with a determined expression.
  156. >He nods and hands you the piece of paper. Next to each of the circled names you either write a ’T’, an ‘F’ or an ’S’ to designate which day you meet each woman. They are all going to visit, but only one will prove herself worthy of becoming the official new maid in the mansion. And lord knows how many of them are going to be spending some alone time with you.
  157. >As you plan out what might be the most interesting week of your life, you write the letters next to the names. Which maids do you see on each day?
  158. The night before.
  159. >And it is set in stone as you hand the paper over to Mr. Newburg. He folds it up, puts into his pocket and walks off with a nod of assurance.
  160. >You go back up to your room and close the door while the disrupted party still continues on the first floor. Since you’ll be having work for the rest of the week, the scheduling will definitely be a little more difficult that you had hoped. This is probably what Mr. Newburg was concerned about.
  161. >Thank goodness that you’re affiliated with a man who is willing to go out of his way this much just to ensure that your life is comfortable and enjoyable. The entire past decade of loyalty and hard work really paid off. Although, living in the same house as the one who gives you such power helps a lot as well.
  162. >The time for you to go to bed is remarkably early; 7:30 PM. This way, you can be able to wake up a little bit before 5:00 AM with absolutely no effort because you would have already gotten about nine hours of sleep. Early to bed and early to rise really does make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  163. >As you eventually decide to drift off to sleep, you can’t help but wonder who the new butler is going to be. You know he won’t be replacing Mr. Branderbonn, but he’ll certainly be unable to match your appeal to the ladies.
  164. >To be honest, you’re practically Bruce Wayne, minus the billions of dollars and the whole Batman thing. But in terms of intelligence and charisma, you might be able to have given the guy a run for his copious amounts of money.
  165. >That is, if he was actually real, of course. There’s always those times when you miss believing in nonexistent things as a kid. Though, then you remember how you let go of all of those things and then got to where you are today. That’s when you realize that you made the right choice by growing out of it.
  166. >Wealth, power and prestige never lie. Never.
  167. >You sleep through the night, eager to find who awaits you the next day.
  168. ~
  169. Thursday: Part 1.
  170. >The sounds of birds chirping can almost always be heard outside before the sky overhead has a chance to light up and indicate that sunrise is near. You are rather conditioned to think that these birds the ones who end up getting the most worms anyway. This is ultimately how you can empathize with these early birds.
  171. >Immediately hop out of bed and head straight to your bathroom to shower. Nothing is done sluggishly; you quickly but thoroughly wash yourself before shaving, getting dressed and doing everything else in your daily routine to prepare yourself for work.
  172. >After repositioning a number of the mansion’s security cameras, you’re out the door by 5:25 and make it to work by 5:35. It’s quite a ways away, but there’s not much traffic at all since you got up so early. You can’t remember the last time you’ve driven during morning rush hour.
  173. >After making it to your office, you check your inbox for any new emails. You find that last night, Mr. Newburg had sent you the full list of the applicants for the open maid position, days and times included.
  174. >The name you see at the top of the list is Rarity, and she’s apparently supposed to come over at 3:00 PM. You smile at the thought of this whole thing beginning as you begin your workday.
  175. >Given that your brain is already fully awake, you’re alert and productive all day. There’s a moderate amount of work for you to do, but you’ve long gotten used to getting it done in a timely manner. It’s mostly supervising various people, occasionally making phone calls and filling out some light paperwork.
  176. >Hours drag on and on, but the end of your workday soon comes. Internally excited, you stand up right as the clock strikes 3. Due to the meetings that the CEO has arranged, you are allowed to leave an hour early for these three days.
  177. >You make it back home before rush hour has a chance to begin. Upon entering the door, you find that the lady named Rarity is already there speaking with Mr. Newburg.
  178. >Stop in your tracks as you find that she’s already in full uniform, just as requested.
  179. >Just behind the two, you spot the oh-so-happy newlyweds from the day before. They both glare right at you with vengeance burning in their eyes.
  180. >”Oh, right on time! Miss Rarity, I would like you to meet my most trustworthy colleague.” Mr. Newburg announces as he introduces you to the applicant, who automatically eyes you from where she is standing.
  181. >This one is already looking quite a bit suggestive, and the outfit is largely contributing to that as well. It tightly fits around her curved body, accenting the contours quite well. Her hair is neatly styles and sprouts from her head in majestically smooth purple curls. Her skin may be pale, but it is smooth as silk.
  182. >There are definitely a lot of positive features about this first one. It really brings your hopes and standards up for the rest.
  183. >She lowers her eyelids as she waves at you. You wave back, ignoring the angsty glares from Mr. Newburg’s daughter and her new husband. After a few more seconds, you hear a car door slam in the driveway.
  184. >”Oh, right!” Mr. Newburg conveys. “I forgot to tell you, I have already taken the liberty of picking out our new butler ahead of time. He will be applying today as well.”
  185. >He then leans over to you.
  186. >”So we can get that part over with already.” He whispers to you.
  187. >Nod and continue smiling over to Miss Rarity, who is without a doubt already taking interest in you. It must have been the title of being the CEO’s “most trustworthy colleague.” Really grabs people’s attention right off the bat.
  188. >In less than a minute, the front double doors are opened and in walks Mr. Branderbonn and the applicant who aspires to be the new butler. At first sight, you notice something off about this man.
  189. >He’s nothing like you had imagined him to be. You had imagined him to have fair skin and decent hair and all but… this man has green skin and no hair at all. There aren’t even really any identifiable facial features, it’s mostly just a blank green surface.
  190. >This guy’s shoulders are narrow, he’s not very tall and doesn’t appear to be in shape. If anything, he looks quite timid. At least he showed up already wearing a suit, though it isn’t exactly as well worn as the one you have on at the moment.
  191. >Though he is still a bit younger than you, seeming to be in his mid twenties. But a lot of the recruits are normally around this age.
  192. >This one really should be no problem, right? Whoever does end up becoming the maid would surely choose you over this guy. You have a potential extended relationship with a maid right in the bag.
  193. >But there’s something about him… something unusual. The closest thing you can relate it to is that feeling or vibe you get from that generic main protagonist from a mainstream B grade movie.
  194. >The type of character you’re associating him with is usually that typically imperfect cliché of an “average” man who always screws something up due to an overused awkward personality. But he still somehow gets a female protagonist or something to fall in love with him through some unheard of miracle, despite the mistakes he keeps making.
  195. >Well, in terms of being realistic, that’s not bound to happen. Adopting that kind of thinking won’t likely bring you very far in life, let alone as far as you’ve gotten up to this point.
  196. >In short, this guy shouldn’t prove to be an issue of any kind.
  197. >”Oh hello there!” Mr. Newburg greets the green man. “I see you’ve already met our current butler, Mr. Branderbonn.”
  198. >”H-hi…” The green man replies, obviously trying to keep his sights away from Miss Rarity. “I’m Anon. Anon Y. Mous.”
  199. >You’re not sure why, but the nature of that name feels a little forced. But it’s nothing you ponder over and you brush it off as nothing. It’s just his name, nothing more.
  200. >”Well Mr. Mous, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lucifer Wendell Newburg, owner and CEO of The Newburg International Trading Corporation. These people here are my top colleague, my daughter, my son-in-law and my current maid applicant.
  201. >”Hello.” Anon says as he waves to all of you, suddenly incorporating a proper tone in his voice after realizing how powerful Mr. Newburg is.
  202. >You catch him sneaking a glance over at Miss Rarity, who actually seems to catch him as well. Her nervously looks around the large front entrance room of the mansion as he is escorted further into the residence by Mr. Branderbonn.
  203. >”I would just like to point out that even though this is an interview, I have arrived prepared anyway.” Miss Rarity states as she shows her neatly folded cloth in her pocket and a duster in another.
  204. >”Ah, that’s easily a plus on my end!” Mr. Newburg chimes. “Well come on and take a tour of the place. It’s quite easy to get around once you get used to the layout.”
  205. >Miss Rarity nods and follows the CEO down a hallway with you and the others close behind. Mr. Newburg’s daughter and your former would-be lover, Rachel, won’t stop giving you a resentful look.
  206. >You happily glare back over at her and her dim-witted husband Jayden. Making hand gestures over to Miss Rarity behind her back, you hint to the couple that you wanted to hire her so you could hook up with her right under their noses.
  207. >Rachel looks over to Miss Rarity, who’s outfit exhibits a body underneath that could outmatch those of most women. She looks back over at you, giving you the opportunity to raise your eyebrows in a suggestive manner.
  208. >Jayden looks straight up at the ceiling, knowing that he’d be in dangerous territory if he was caught eyeing the applicant that walks in front of him. Meanwhile, you openly check her out for both of them to see. Oh what a free feeling it is.
  209. >You watch her hips swing back and forth in that tight little skirt that wraps around them. Her ass is well shaped and is perfectly accented by the semi-revealed thighs that reside just below. You picture yourself climbing on top of all that, feeling it under your own body.
  210. >Envision yourself mounting Miss Rarity in her maid suit as the couple watches your immature behavior and hand motions. They both look annoyed and sickened.
  211. >”And here, you’ll see our foyer.” Mr. Newburg points out. “Just in that room past here is where our lovely couple over here has their wedding reception yesterday.”
  212. >”Oh you two literally just got married yesterday?!” Miss Rarity gasps. “That’s wonderful, darlings! I certainly hope you two had fun.”
  213. >Rachel chuckles a little bit as Jayden tries not to eye Miss Rarity’s bust.
  214. >”Oh, we had fun all right.” Rachel says with a hint of sarcasm as she turns to you. “Hey, why don’t you tell us all what you did during that thing yesterday? I’m sure Miss Rarity would love to hear it.”
  215. >”Yeah. And, like, we have messes here all the time!” Jayden joins in. “So you’d be very, very busy.”
  216. >Rachel shushes him.
  217. >”Oh? What is it you did, darling?” Miss Rarity asks you, looking amazed to already having heard something notable about you.
  218. >Her interest is growing.
  219. “Ah. You really should have seen it.” You cooly play everything off. “I really think that speech I gave yesterday really reached some of the people in the audience.”
  220. >Mr. Newburg grins slightly, remembering how good you are at lying your way out of trouble. The best businessmen always know how to do this properly.
  221. “You see, the thing about marriage is… it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and It will greatly impact the rest of your life. It’s not something you would do with just anybody, or even really anybody at all for that matter. Committing to one person for the rest of your life is actually terrifying. You have no idea how it’s going to turn out, and you’re sacrificing your freedom to see other people just so you can commit… to that one person. But what’s the thing that makes you go through with a big decision like this anyway? It’s love, people. True love. That’s the one little things that makes you do it anyway. Just… because.”
  222. >You’re literally making it up off the top of your head.
  223. >”Oh my goodness, darling! That was incredible!” Miss Rarity compliments you. “What a phenomenal input on the aspect of true love.”
  224. “Oh, you liked it? That wasn’t even the main feature of the whole speech. But that part is a whole lot longer than what I just said, and I don’t really want to waste too much of the rest of the 45 minutes we have you here for.” You tell her.
  225. >”Ooh… I’ll probably have to listen to that sometime later.”
  226. >You glance over at Jayden and Rachel, who are now scowling at you in a mix of anger and disbelief. The second your eyes meet, you smile widely and shrug as a way to tease them. Rachel, looking just as infuriated as she was when her wedding dress was covered in cake, waits until nobody else is looking to reach behind the nearest potted plant on a half wall and knock it off the edge.
  227. >It falls to the tile floor with a nerve racking impact. However, it doesn’t shatter. In fact, it’s hard to tell if it even cracked. But the dirt that was being held inside spreads all over the floor and over your shoes, Rachel’s shoes and Jayden’s shoes.
  228. >Rachel looks at you with a challenging expression as she speaks out. She’s facing away from everyone except you.
  229. >”Oh! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! It just fell!” She childishly lies.
  230. >In an instant, Miss Rarity rushes over to right beside Rachel, whips out a small broom and dustpan from where you have no idea she retrieved them and cleans up the mess in a matter of seconds.
  231. >Mr. Newburg starts to lightly clap his hands in praise of the adept potential maid. Jayden begins clapping along as well, before being silenced by Rachel.
  232. >As Miss Rarity finishes gathering all of the soil from the toppled pot, she stands up right in front of you, looking right up at you as she does so. Not only this, but she winks at you right as her face is in front of your waist.
  233. >The only other person to see this happen is Rachel. Perfect.
  234. >”Y-yeah…” Rachel tries to keep her ground. “Like Jayden said. We sure have messes her all the time, don’t we?”
  235. >Her desperate statement is followed by a fake laugh, which is met with resounding silence.
  236. >”It’s quite all right.” Miss Rarity assures her. “As you can see, I’m quite skilled in cleaning things up in a jiffy.”
  237. >Victory has been achieved.
  238. >…
  239. >After the tour of the mansion is completed, Miss Rarity fills out a little bit of paperwork to solidify her application. It is about 3:45 PM, about 15 minutes before the next applicant is scheduled to arrive. Both you and Mr. Newburg know that you must not let the two ladies see eachother, so Miss rarity mush finish her application form really soon.
  240. >All in all, she seems really happy to be here, especially because of you.
  241. >Just before Miss Rarity leaves, you are walking through the back hallways of the first floor, patiently waiting for the next applicant to arrive. But as you’re wandering around, Miss Rarity somehow manages to find you.
  242. “Oh… hello.” You greet her once again.
  243. >”Yes, hi. Hey, listen. I saw that some of that dirt from the pot got onto your shoes. And I thought that it wasn’t customary for a guest to make any kind of physical contact with the hosts without getting to know them first. Aside shaking hands, of course.”
  244. >You look down to your shoes as she says this. There’s like two tiny specs of dirt left on one of them; she’s clearly using the dirt as an excuse for something. Look back up to her to find her smiling seductively at you.
  245. >”Would you like me to shine them for you, darling? I am still in uniform after all.”
  246. “Sure. Go ahead.”
  247. >Miss Rarity gets down on her knees and pulls out her sleek cloth. She gets every single trace of dirt off in just one swipe, but she keeps wiping the cloth on the surface of the shoes.
  248. >And of course, she starts up a conversation as she does this.
  249. >”All right, how about we cut to the chase, here. There’s no doubt that your time to shine is right around the corner. You’re affiliated with one of the most powerful people in the world, and… I… suppose that your looks are considerably more appealing than I had imagined.”
  250. >Might as well just go right in for it.
  251. “You know, I don’t think I couldn’t say the same about you right about now.” You tell her.
  252. >She wipes your shoes more and more slowly.
  253. >”So… are we on the same page about this?” Miss Rarity asks as she looks up at you from below.
  254. >At this angle, that maid’s outfit on her actually looks a little bit adorable. But in a way that makes it hard for you to stay soft in certain places. And she knows it’s doing that to you as well. Somehow, you know she can tell, and she’s enjoying it.
  255. >”I did see you glancing at me as we were walking through the mansion, darling.” She says to you.
  256. “I had a feeling. I know it wasn’t a matter of you noticing or not. It’s more a matter of whether or not you mind.”
  257. >”Oh, it’s okay. You don’t have to stress yourself out over that.” Miss Rarity articulates as she ceases the wiping on your shoes. “I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all.”
  258. >She knows that what she’s saying isn’t making you any more limp.
  259. >”In fact, I’m quite happy that you did that. I enjoyed it. It’s really the major thing that confirmed to me that I could have this conversation with you.”
  260. >She looks straight forward to the bulge in your pants. She leans her head in so her nose is resting right up against it, causing it to flinch. She giggles in delight as she feels this happens.
  261. >”Although, this isn’t going to remain much of a conversation for long, darling.”
  262. >You feel her slender hands reach around your waist and reach your ass. She squeezes onto the cheeks as you gently move her hair out of the way.
  263. >For a few seconds, you find yourself wondering how she’s going to unzip your fly if both of her hands are clamped onto your ass. This questioning thought is both interrupted and answered when you notice Miss Rarity press her mouth against the front of your pants and clamp the tine brass fly handle between her teeth. She lowers her head, pulling the fly down.
  264. >It isn’t long before your member is pushing the surface of your boxers out through the gap of your open pants. It presses right onto Miss Rarity’s face.
  265. >With a warm giggle, Miss Rarity sticks her tongue out and slowly juts it inside the crease of your boxers that leads deeper within. The tongue slithers around and through the fabric until it finally makes it through to the other side. The inside.
  266. >You feel it lift up a little bit and press onto the underside of your erect shaft. You then feel a slight sideways tugging in both directions on the fabric of your boxers, pulling the crease open. Your cock escapes through the new opening, sliding along Miss Rarity’s warm moist tongue and straight into her awaiting mouth. I just goes right into the mouth from the boxers; there was no space in between.
  267. >Hold Miss Rarity’s well styled hair clear of the action as the shaft is stroked back and forth by the soft lips. Her gentle breath tickles your skin as it hits it, being a lesser reminder of how close her face is to you. The greater reminder of this is obvious.
  268. >Moist surfaces rub back and forth on your excited shaft, pulling it along by its own surfaces. Miss Rarity keeps doing this, making sure you feel every ounce of it. She breathes slowly as she feels your member completely filling up her mouth with an air tight fit. You feel this as well. Every movement just adds to the friction that’s being caused by the warm and sensitive surfaces.
  269. >Every time you tense your dick, Miss Rarity lets out a sharp breath, responding to the friendly pulse that appraises her inside massaging it. Your tolerance lasts for a few divine moments, during which the only thing you’re consciously feeling is the soft, moist inside of Miss Rarity’s mouth slowly caress the skin of your shaft back and forth. Wherever her surfaces move, your surfaces are eventually pulled along with them, despite sliding a little bit from the wetness.
  270. >And that said wetness is about to receive some company. You inhale sharply as you sense the load approach from deep within you. It momentarily comes out, flooding the inside of Miss Rarity’s mouth.
  271. >To make sure she can be able to breathe, Miss Rarity immediately swallows as much as she can. A lady always swallows.
  272. >A few seconds later, the ejaculation is over, and your dick is gradually released from its soft clutches. Miss Rarity presses her evading lips against the dick makes sure to keep any remainder inside. She then releases you, swallows once more and slowly stands up with a lustful glare that pierces right into your eyes.
  273. >Only now can your penis be considered actually outside of anything as it finally hangs in the open air.
  274. >”Just a little something for you to keep in mind, darling.” Miss Rarity softly whispers to you. “Now if you don’t mind, I must take my leave for today. I do hope we meet again.”
  275. >She winks at you again before turning around and strutting away. She even had the fucking courtesy not to kiss you afterward.
  276. >Probably going to put this one down as a little bit more than a maybe.
  277. Thursday: Part 2.
  278. >After making yourself decent again, you re-enter the front room just as Mr. Branderbonn arrives with Anon from somewhere else in the house. Nod to them as they approach you with Rachel and Jayden close behind.
  279. >Anon smiles a little bit, probably trying to appear friendly.
  280. “Say, I didn’t have a chance to ask you.” You say to the timid green man. “What do you think of this place?”
  281. >He hesitates a little bit before answering, carefully choosing what he’s going to say next.
  282. >”It’s really big and nice. I’d love to stay here, after filling out the paperwork of course.” He tells you. “Well, um, you know… I was going to do that anyway. I wasn’t saying that it was a conditional thing or anything. I love it here.”
  283. >Not a bad answer, but a little too wordy and overly-thought out. Nothing about that concerns you, though.
  284. >”Well that’s great to hear.” Mr. Newburg joins in. “I’ll have Mr. Branderbonn arrange your paperwork as soon as possible.”
  285. >”Thank you, sir.”
  286. >”You’re quite welcome.”
  287. >Anon picks up the remainder of the belongings he brought over and waves to everyone as he leaves. Miss Rarity had apparently already left, after saying her goodbye to you of course.
  288. >You watch Anon carry his things over to the front door and reach out his arm to open it. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot Rachel giving you a dirty look. And it’s not the good kind of dirty, it’s the look of a woman who wants nothing more than to crush your happiness under the merciless force of her high heels.
  289. >Jayden meanwhile stares at you with that same dopey look in his eyes. He’s trying so hard to look intimidating, and you almost have to give him credit for his effort. But this man is an absolute dimwit.
  290. >Just as Anon swings open one of the front doors, he yelps briefly upon being startled by someone standing there. Waiting at the front door her her full maid uniform is Maud, the next applicant. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t seem to be fazed at all by the sudden presence of Anon right behind the door she was getting ready to knock on.
  291. >Glance at your watch to confirm that it is indeed 4:00 PM.
  292. >Anon looks back at the others, who smile at him to lighten the moment.
  293. “It’s alright. You’re good.” You verify.
  294. >He nods briefly before turning back around and exiting the premises. Maud then enters the doorway with a blank expression on her face.
  295. >It isn’t easy to contain your excitement as you imagine what you’re going to do with this one. Though, it isn’t wise to get your hopes up too much. Miss Rarity did seem to be more on the flirtatious side, which is why you had a better chance with getting personal with her.
  296. >Judging by the vibe you’re getting from this girl, her willingness might be a little bit lower than your current expectations make it out to be.
  297. >”Hello. I am Miss Maud, and I am here to apply to be employed as a maid in this residence.” She announces, introducing herself.
  298. >Right away, you can already infer how enthusiastic she is probably going to be about all this, and it’s not as much as you had hoped. But still, she looks amazing in that maid outfit.
  299. >”Hello there, Miss Maud. I am Lucifer Wendell Newburg, owner and CEO of The Newburg International Trading Corporation.” Mr. Newburg repeats the introduction he used before. “I’m quite glad you can join us today. Why don’t you come on over and I’ll show you around the house?”
  300. >Miss Maud walks over to him as Rachel and Jayden continue their cringeworthy intimidation escapade. Mr. Branderbonn goes elsewhere in the mansion after Mr. Newburg once again introduces everyone else living in the place.
  301. >You sneak glances at Maud with more caution, knowing that Miss Rarity had knowledge of you doing this last time. It helps to get a really good idea of what they look like. As Mr. Newburg offers to show Miss Maud around, you decide to stay behind a few minutes and catch up to them later. Mr. Branderbonn returns to accompany the group along with Jayden, who volunteers to do so as well.
  302. >As the group walks down the hallway and slowly escape your view, Rachel turns her head towards you. She raises an eyebrow as you stand there right next to the front door.
  303. >Neither of you speak for a few seconds, mostly on the grounds that each of you is waiting for the other to speak first. It slightly reminds you of your early years with her, but it certainly feels different.
  304. >”Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” She finally asks.
  305. >Leaning forward slightly, you gaze at the floor for a half second, rapidly blinking for an instance to express your disbelief for her question.
  306. “What do I think I’m doing? Are you being serious?” You reply.
  307. >”Oh, don’t pull that crap with me. You’re being an ass.”
  308. >You deftly chuckle at your former girlfriend.
  309. “Wow, you know… if I’m the one being an ass, then maybe I would have been the one who just deliberately knocked over a plant and made dirt spread all over the floor.” You sarcastically respond. “I suppose that was all me and I’m the one acting like a freaking barbarian.”
  310. >”Well maybe I wouldn’t have acted so ‘barbaric’ if you weren’t acting like a child when things don’t go your way. I mean, you have been so immature this entire month, ruined the wedding ceremony, and now you’re hiring women to have sex with you to rub it all in my face how supposedly happy you are without me!” She hisses. “Are you really that insecure? Are you?”
  311. “Hey, now. I just like to have some fun every now and then. If you have such a problem with it, than why don’t you just find your own way to deal with it rather than vandalizing property.”
  312. >”Oh, shut up! I’ve been with you for years now, and you have never acted so foolish until I started dating Jayden. It isn’t hard to tell that the reason-“
  313. “That’s totally right, Rachel! Years!” You cut her off, raising your voice. “You and I have been together for years. And you know what? I was happy, and it wasn’t hard to tell that you were happy too! Why can’t you appreciate all the time we’ve spent together? Huh?”
  314. >”Don’t say that. You know damn well I appreciated you just as much as you had appreciated me.”
  315. “Oh yeah? Then for what purpose did you so abruptly decide that we should see other people.” You interrogate her. “Well? For what purpose, Rachel?!”
  316. >Rachel rolls her eyes as she quickly thinks of a somewhat valid response. You almost have her cornered on this topic at this point.
  317. >”Now you listen to me very closely. Jayden is a smart, funny guy who isn’t hesitant to be adventurous sometimes.”
  318. >You let a loud, condescending laugh escape your lungs. It echoes through the entire front room, possibly loud enough for the others to hear, depending on how far away they are.
  319. “Smart and funny? Ha! That is one of the most cliché things I have ever heard anyone say!”
  320. >Rachel furrows her brow and grits her teeth.
  321. “‘Oh my gosh, he’s like so smart and so funnay! I should totally date him!’” You mockingly imitate her in a belittling tone.
  322. >”You’re acting like a tool!”
  323. “Oh, I’m acting like a tool? That sure is hypocritical coming from someone who ditches her long time boyfriend to date, let alone marry, another tool who just happened to get a few million dollars worth of lottery money.”
  324. >”Stop trying to make a gold digger out of me! I didn’t choose him because of the money. He’s an intellectual with a great sense of humor, and that reason is what really matters in all of this.”
  325. “Bull. Shit.” You tell her. “That dumbass barely knows how to drive a car, cheated his way through high school and literally watches TV all day long while eating pizza!”
  326. >“So? He-”
  327. “I’m not done yet! His idea of a decent and original joke is ‘Knock knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Banana you glad I didn’t say Orange?’ or ‘Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? Because there wasn’t a sidewalk!’. He literally puts no effort into his humor and tells lazily plot twisted versions of old jokes that everyone has already heard about. He told those and a bunch of other ones in front of everyone at the wedding and the only people who laughed un-ironically were him and his jackass friends. Everyone else either pretended to like it or turned away to cringe.”
  328. >”I thought it was cute!”
  329. “Where would you be right now if it weren’t for the money, Rachel? Where would you be?”
  330. >”My point is, you’re wrong for calling me a gold digger just because I simply chose somebody else. The reasons why I chose him aren’t relevant.”
  331. “Oh, so now the reasons why don’t matter, huh? You sure are dense, you know that?”
  332. >“I can’t believe I ever dated you.”
  333. “I can’t believe you stopped so you could marry a lottery winner!” You reply as you begin to walk away. “I’m sick of having this conversation with you, Rachel. You messed up and you messed up badly. And before you and that lowlife idiot move out of here, I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t done what you did. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go accompany one of the house’s potential maids. There’s going to be seven more after this one, you know.”
  334. >”Is that a threat? Or are you going to fall back on the whole overused ‘it’s a promise’ charade.”
  335. “Neither. It’s a fact. Mark my words, Rachel… because you’re going to eat yours. I’m done here.”
  336. >And with that, you quietly storm out of the front room. Rachel is left there to wallow in her own angst that she has towards you. The hallway softly echoes with your footsteps as you move towards the back of the house.
  337. >You can faintly hear the others talking with eachother upstairs, and you follow the sounds of their voices. They turn out to be just leaving one of the bedrooms once you join the group.
  338. “Oh hello, everyone.” You greet them as you walk up to them. “Rachel just decided she’ll just hang out downstairs instead of do all this walking.”
  339. >”Heh, yeah.” Jayden adds. “She’s always been like that. Women, am I right?”
  340. >”Mr. Gibbons!” Mr. Branderbonn firmly scolds him.
  341. >Miss Maud stands in place with the same emotionless expression on her face. It’s impossible to tell if she cares about Jayden’s big mouth, or if she even heard him. You can only imagine that she’s becoming a little bit fumed on the inside as she maintains her exterior zen.
  342. >Regardless, Jayden’s an idiot.
  343. >”Please excuse Mr. Gibbons. Most of the things he says, he doesn’t in the slightest bit mean.” Mr. Newburg conveys.
  344. >”Oh, uh, I just meant her.” Jayden insists as a form of damage control. “I meant to say like, women like Rachel. You know, like those co-workers that you just can’t stand at the office.”
  345. >”Are you referring to the talkative ones?” Miss Maud asks in a monotone voice. “I too consider them to be a meme. And I understand that you’re not the kind of gentleman who normally says the things the same way they sound in his head. I know people like that as well.”
  346. >”Oh. Uh, yeah. I am a not… thinker… person guy.” Jayden replies.
  347. >”Anyway, back on track.” Mr. Newburg changes the subject as he turns to face you. “Did you know how experienced Miss Maud is? She has been cleaning pretty much everything she could see ever since we started showing her around. Some places haven’t been this tidy in a long time.”
  348. “Oh, really?”
  349. >”Yes. I am overjoyed to show how I can pick out what most other maid don’t notice. I normally tune out all other thoughts from my head and focus on my work.”
  350. >She then continues down the hall to take a look at the tables and shelves as she passes by them. You have to admit, the tone of her voice is considerably bland. It’s obvious now that she is far from being the flirtatious type. She seems much more business oriented and driven to do her job with nothing else really occurring.
  351. >She even has Mr. Newburg impressed after only being in the residence for fifteen minutes, and his standards are normally really high. It’s interesting how she automatically goes straight to making things neat and cleaning things without being prompted to do so in the first place.
  352. >If anything, this lady is perfectly fit to be an actual maid in your opinion, rather than someone for you to build a relationship with. Doesn’t beat even around beat around the bush with conversation and goes straight to focusing on her job. She acts like she’s so used to this, that she doesn’t really care about anything else. She would make a perfect maid, not a perfect partner.
  353. >You’ll be damned if she doesn’t look great in that uniform, however. It looks particularly preppy on Miss Maud, neatly fitting on her body. Her hair really helps accent the outfit too, being in the type of style that correlates with the theme of what a maid’s appearance should be. It’s mostly how her bangs hang over her forehead to give her an orderly look.
  354. >The legs are the only things that are mostly uncovered, and they’re appealingly long and smooth. It’s a good thing it isn’t very cold in the mansion, so you’re sure she’s fairly comfortable in such a short skirt. You feel like you could get a good ass shot of her if the angle from which you’re looking is right. It’s hard to find a maid outfit that’s not revealing on the lower half, which is extremely convenient for your current week’s situation.
  355. >She probably won’t care if you do so anyway, given that she has seemed apathetic about pretty much everything else so far. You make sure to walk ahead of her before you all go back down the stairs.
  356. >”I’ll admit your house is already really well kept.” Miss Maud compliments. “Everything is really even and neatly arranged. Whoever was already working here has done a good job.”
  357. >Mr. Branderbonn smiles upon hearing this, knowing that the compliment is directed towards him.
  358. >The stairs are finally reached, and Miss Maud has pretty much analyzed everything she has walked past. Mr. Newburg seems to be in favor of hiring Miss Maud, as she is proving to be a persistent and excellent worker.
  359. >As she’s going down the stairs, she’s sliding a cloth on the railing, making sure it is free of handprints. You immediately go down the stairs first, being able to look back up at her as she does this.
  360. >She is bending over just a little bit, but that’s all it takes for you since you’re at the bottom of the stairs that she’s going down. You manage to get a glimpse of the panties that she’s wearing; they’re white. And her ass is pretty nice looking in your opinion as well. It’s too bad this girl doesn’t really dish out much personality.
  361. >Oh well, at least you got a good view while she was here.
  362. >Everyone makes it back to the front room, where Rachel is still standing. She doesn’t look too upset, just more annoyed and impatient. If you didn’t know any better, you would say she’s up to something.
  363. >Casual conversation continues and soon concludes between you and the rest of the group. Miss Maud fills out her paperwork and then gathers her things. Right as she leaves, you could swear that she smiled just a little bit in your direction.
  364. >It was most likely a very slight smile, something you would expect from a lady who hasn’t shown much emotion for her whole time here. Why she probably smiled at you, you can’t be certain. Though, your imagination likes to put up its own scenarios. And it does so with multiple faintly possible fantasies as you see Miss Maud’s car head down the driveway and escape your view.
  365. >”Well… that one sure seemed like a qualified individual.” Mr. Newburg states.
  366. “I agree. She was right on the ball with addressing her duties. I have to say that I see a lot of potential in that one.”
  367. >”Quite. But you you think that Miss Maud meets, ahem… your credentials?”
  368. >You pause for a second and consider the things that Miss Maud could do outside her duties. She did seem to smile at you after all.
  369. “I guess I’d have to wait and see what the other ones are going to be like.” You say to him. “Only then we can be sure.”
  370. >”Ah. Fair enough.” Mr. Newburg answers.
  371. >You all soon find yourselves patiently waiting in the front room for the next applicant to show up in about ten minutes or so.
  372. >…
  373. Thursday: Part 3.
  374. >Light discussion regarding the first two applicants largely makes up how you and the others pass the time while waiting for the third applicant. Many minutes pass, and the clock eventually strikes 5:00.
  375. >Mr. Newburg is expecting the next applicant to arrive any second now. He stands right in front of the door, awaiting the sound of someone knocking on it. During the next ten minutes or so, nothing happens. Everybody assumes that she’s approaching right as they wait.
  376. >But still, nobody shows up.
  377. >Jayden and Rachel decide to go into the kitchen and hang out there since they’re getting bored. You just know that they’re going to be speaking things involving you, especially from Rachel’s end. Let them, though.
  378. >It is now 5:19 PM, and there is still nobody arriving.
  379. >”Hmm…” Mr. Branderbonn infers. “Perhaps this one had a change of heart and decided not to come in after all.”
  380. “Now, we don’t know that for sure yet.” You tell him. “There’s still about forty minutes left for her to show up.”
  381. >”But the scheduled time was five o’clock on the dot. I’m sure the applicant would take this sort of interview seriously if she was actually going through with it.”
  382. >Just as Mr. Branderbonn says this, a car pulls up the long driveway. It stops at the front of the house and the door opens. You are watching everything through the windows.
  383. >”Well, it looks like she decided to come after all.” Mr. Newburg concludes.
  384. >After a quick knock on the door, Mr. Branderbonn opens the door to reveal the next applicant that has arrived 20 minutes late. The mansion does have a doorbell, but anyone who is new to the place always has a hard time finding it on the surface of the overly decorated exterior wall where the front door is.
  385. >Right away, you notice something different about this one. She’s wearing a tiny maid outfit that is a couple of sizes too small on her. The skirt barely goes over the hips, tightly hugging them. Not only this, but the front of the collar is low cut, exposing the girl’s cleavage. You have no idea how she got into that thing.
  386. >”Hi…” The girl nervously says to everyone as she walks into the door. “Sorry I’m late, the door to my dryer wouldn’t unlock and I had to run two more cycles until it finally was able to open. And this uniform was in there in the process, which is why it’s the way it is. And I know how you wanted me to come here in uniform.
  387. ”It’s alright, Miss Lyra.” You enthusiastically assure her, rubbing the back of your neck. “We’re just glad you still came prepared anyway. That kind of dedication is appreciated here. Come on in.”
  388. >Miss Lyra blushes as the doors close behind her. She definitely has the looks; it’s easier for you to tell right away since you can already see a lot more of her. But of course, that’s not the important part.
  389. >Time to see how this one is before we can call this a day.
  390. >”I kind of overslept today, didn’t really check my email until about two hours ago.” Miss Lyra apologizes again.
  391. “Ah, it’s all right. The important part is, you showed up.” You tell her. “We still have time left to do things.”
  392. >The thing is, if your own personal situation hadn’t been interwoven into this application process, Mr. Newburg would have likely told Miss Lyra to get lost as soon as she was at least ten minutes late. He hasn’t been the kind of man who tolerates people being late to things, and it’s supposedly not very CEO-like either.
  393. >Within the next five minutes, Miss Lyra is escorted through the hallways and through the mansion. Introductions are cut rather short as there is not as much time for this session as the other two.
  394. >She shyly walks through the hallways, keeping her arms crossed to keep herself covered. It’s clear to her that the ones showing her round are definitely eyeing her down, but she manages to power through it anyway, knowing it will all be done soon.
  395. >Of course, you and Jayden seem to be the only ones sneaking glances at Miss Lyra. Mr. Newburg and Mr. Branderbonn appear to have some sort of loyalty towards their wives. Especially Mr. Newburg, since his wife had passed away a couple of years back. You really with you could be less interested and more business orientated like them.
  396. >But that’s still not why you have Miss Lyra over here, at least it’s not your own personal reason.
  397. >Jayden eventually goes back to the front room, where Rachel probably is. Rachel has been unusually quiet ever since your confrontation with her. By experience, it’s not a good sign when someone you just argued with is being quieter than they usually are.
  398. >As the group makes it to a balcony on the back end of the house, Mr. Newburg turns to speak with the rest of you.
  399. >”It appears that the time to leave for my golf session has arrived.” The CEO announces. “I’m afraid I must be going for now and won’t be back until later this evening.”
  400. >You check your watch to find that the time is now 6:03 PM.
  401. >”Mr. Branderbonn, would you go to Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons in case they need you?” Asks Mr. Newburg.
  402. >”Yes. Right away, sir.” Mr. Branderbonn complies before immediately going back inside.
  403. “Is there anything you want me to do, Mr. Newburg?” You ask.
  404. >”Oh, yes. Since we didn’t have a chance to show Miss Lyra here anywhere in the house except for the first floor and backyard, would you kindly show her the rest during my absence?”
  405. “Of course. Not a problem, sir.”
  406. >”Thank you very much. I’m glad we’re able to coordinate. And with that, I shall be seeing you and the others later on.”
  407. “Goodbye, sir.”
  408. >”It was nice to meet you, Mr. Newburg.” Miss Lyra joins in.
  409. >”As it was you.” Mr. Newburg replies. “And I’m especially sure my colleague here would say the same.”
  410. >You nod in agreement as Mr. Newburg re-enters the mansion as well. Miss Lyra is left alone with you on the balcony just as the sun is getting ready to set. The reason why Mr. Newburg chose to play golf at 6pm, you probably won’t understand. He has had all day before 3 to do so while you were at work and nothing else was going on.
  411. >Miss Lyra giggles nervously as you lean on the railing next to her. You have decided that you’re going to try to get something in with this one, too. There are no applicants scheduled after Miss Lyra, so there really isn’t a set time limit for her visit at this point. Plus, she’s already standing right there, alone with you at the end of the day. Looking fine as can be with more showing than there’s supposed to be; why wouldn’t you give it a shot?
  412. “So anyway, where do you want to see next?” You ask her. “We apparently have an indefinite amount of time, so I guess we can take out time now if you want.”
  413. >”Um… I guess I’d like to see the basement first. Basements tend to get messy and things pretty often, so maybe I can see what I can do down there.”
  414. “Sure thing. Let’s go on down to the basement.”
  415. >You both go back inside and you escort Miss Lyra into the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, you switch on the light to reveal that the interior design of the basement is very elegant and well done. The walls, ceiling and floor are all completely finished. There are chairs, tables and shelves in appropriate places as well. If you didn’t know any better, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell that it is a basement.
  416. >”Wow, it looks really nice down here.” Compliments Miss Lyra. “Did Mr. Newburg design this himself?”
  417. “I believe he did, yes. He sure seemed picky about how the appearance fit him and his wife’s tastes.”
  418. >”Oh, I didn’t get a chance to meet his wife. Is she here?”
  419. “Well, no. That’s because she… passed some time ago.”
  420. >Miss Lyra falls silent for a second or two.
  421. >”Oh… oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.”
  422. ”It’s okay. It’s been a while since it’s happened, and Mr. Newburg has been doing alright.”
  423. >”Alright. So, are there any other people living here? Or is it just whoever’s here right now?”
  424. “There’s Rachel and Jayden Gibbons. They’ll be living here until Jayden finds a job and moves out on his own. They both got married recently.”
  425. >”Oh, I’m so happy for them.” Miss Lyra says. “Um, are you married? Just curious.”
  426. “Nah, I’m single.” You reply.
  427. >You sure wouldn’t be single if that Jayden hadn’t come around. Well, you’d probably be at least engaged by now. But no, you’re single. You can literally fool around with whoever you want and there are no ties that bind you to any specific person.
  428. >And you’re going to rub it right in Rachel’s face.
  429. >Miss Lyra continues to talk with you for the next five minutes or so. She looks around the basement to get a good idea of what it’s like down there and you both eventually head back upstairs to go to the second floor.
  430. >You take her through the hallways and show her all of the rooms that you go past. She keeps her arms crossed over her chest and takes very small steps so her skirt doesn’t ride up very much. So far, you like having her here.
  431. >”Again, I really am sorry about being late and everything. Things just got a little out of control. I hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience to you.” Miss Lyra apologizes again.
  432. “It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about it.” You assure her. “Mr. Newburg might be a little strict about timing sometimes, but I’m actually very lenient.”
  433. >”Yeah. I’m just glad I could keep you company for, however long I’ve been here now. Does Mr. Newburg have the final say in the application process?”
  434. “Well…” You start off. “It’s more of a split decision between Mr. Newburg and I. We both felt that we needed another maid working over here, therefore we both have a say in who we choose. But it’s fine, I’m sure Mr. Newburg would somehow look past the whole late thing and hire you.”
  435. >”Are there other people applying for this?” Miss Lyra asks.
  436. “Honestly, yes. We do let multiple people come in every week or so. There have already been a couple that Mr. Newburg seemed to like since the beginning of this month.”
  437. >”Oh. There have?”
  438. “Yeah. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance or anything. It’s not like you didn’t show up at all. There’s no need to be nervous.”
  439. >”But I know that I can’t deny that I wasn’t exactly prepared. Not only was a late, but I also ruined my uniform on the way here.” Miss Lyra points out. “And about that… it wasn’t too much of a distraction for you, was it?”
  440. >She’s starting to make the conversation drift into risky territory. Considering how quickly the first applicant became willing, this one might take a bit longer. It’s still a good thing that you’re already getting a lot of good views of her.
  441. “Honestly, I really don’t even mind. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of, ahem, women before. And I have to say, this really is nothing much compared to other instances. I mean… you’re still somewhat decent, it’s not that big of a deal.”
  442. >”But you don’t think that I only came here the way I did so I would look more appealing than everyone else by showing more, do you? I don’t want to give that kind of impression.”
  443. “Oh, you don’t want to look like you’re trying to bribe me or anything?”
  444. >”Yes, that. Like I said, it was all an accident. And it’s the only maid uniform I have.”
  445. “Well, I don’t know about the others, but I personally wouldn’t care if you were doing that anyway.” You tell her. “And I wouldn’t even really blame you either. I mean, Mr. Newburg is an undoubtably powerful man. Which means that he is very likely to be strict about who he lets in and would also give his workers a high pay as well.”
  446. >”He did seem very conservative to me.” Recalls Miss Lyra.
  447. “He is. Trust me. But he likes me because I’ve gotten on his good side over the years. He’s not only my boss, but also my friend. And landlord too, by the way. He’d probably be more inclined to choose you if you proved to be an expert at taking care of things. I could tell him that, if you want.”
  448. >Miss Lyra stares at you for a couple of seconds with a subtly determined look on her face. She slowly uncrosses her arms and lets them rest at her sides. You don’t look directly at her cleavage, since it’s still not certain that she’d be okay with it yet.
  449. >You’re really used to being able to stay content in these situations.
  450. >”Well, what exactly are you looking for?” Miss Lyra asks you. “Is it the same is what Mr. Newburg wants?”
  451. >Might as well take the leap; you’ve done it enough times in the past to know what you’re doing.
  452. “Me? Eh, I’m going to be honest with you, Miss Lyra.” You admit to her. “I kind of like how you were more open with me than the other applicants. You seem like a nice woman, and I’m not all the way against choosing to hire you so you’d be around more.”
  453. >Miss Lyra silently listens to you. She looks very hopeful that you find her appealing somehow, and probably not in the way that’s very professional when it comes to hiring service workers. It’s pretty much her only hope now. So, it’s time to bring it all out.
  454. “And you’re appearance is… quite convincing to say the least.”
  455. >She chuckles nervously after you say this, now getting reddish in the face. It’s taking a few seconds for her to take it all in and let it dawn on her.
  456. >”So… how many others have you… checked out so far?” She asks.
  457. “Just two. But from the looks of things, I don’t think you should be too concerned here. Although, Mr. Newburg is probably going to want to choose one of the ones who came here before. She was really good at arranging thins and cleaning, exactly what Mr. Newburg was looking for. If anything, the deal is pretty much sealed on his end.”
  458. >”Oh… I see. So that means I don’t really have much of a chance, huh? Could you at least try to convince him?”
  459. >You know what she’s hinting now, there’s no doubt about it. But of course, you know exactly how Mr. Newburg is. He’s going to insist that Miss Maud is chosen, unless an even better candidate comes out of the remaining six applicants.
  460. “Probably not. But still, I guess you’re welcome to keep coming here. No reason we can’t socialize outside of business parameters.”
  461. >”Really?”
  462. “Yeah, why not? And especially on the weekends, since I don’t work then. I mean, I really do enjoy your presence. I’m sorry we got off to a bit of an awkward start. Although, it wasn’t really anyone’s fault either.”
  463. >”I… I guess so.” Lyra agrees. “So, since I already gave my contact info before, do you still want to show me the rest of the place?”
  464. “Well, there’s literally just one or two rooms left. Not really important. I can show you them if you want, even though it will only take a minute or so.”
  465. >”I’ll check them out. I just can’t wait to get out of this thing; I can barely breathe with it pressing so hard on my ribs.”
  466. >Coming up with an increasingly sinister idea, you formulate a reason for Miss Lyra to stay a little bit longer.
  467. “Are you sure you don’t want to change into something else here? I’m sure Rachel has a few clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore, and her room’s one of the two we haven’t looked at yet.”
  468. >”She’ll really be okay with that?” Lyra asks with a slight gleam in her eyes.
  469. “Of course. She even told me ahead of time that if any of you want to borrow something from her, feel free to choose something.”
  470. >”Wow… well that sure is nice of her.”
  471. “Yeah, it sure is.”
  472. >Both of you walk over to Rachel’s room and enter through the doorway. Miss Lyra stops right beside the bed.
  473. >”This place is really nice.” She compliments. “I’d imagine it would take a long time to clean if I had taken the job.”
  474. “Yeah. I’ve actually wondered about that. You know, people being a little bit less willing to apply after getting a good look at how big this place is. But I’m sure the pay is always worth it, am I right?”
  475. >”Yeah, that’s true.”
  476. >Miss Lyra sits down at the foot of the bed while you pace back and forth. The two of you exchange a couple of glances every now and then. It’s apparent that getting personal with this one is becoming more and more possible.
  477. >She smiles a little bit as you decide to sit down next to her. Next to her, you place a few blouses, T-shirts and pairs of pants. About 3 to 4 each.
  478. “So these are the clothes that Rachel told me she doesn’t really like to wear anymore. She said that she’s going to donate them somewhere at some point, but I guess she hasn’t really gotten around to it.” You bring out.
  479. >This is entirely untrue, as what you had pulled out were some of Rachel’s favorite outfits that she wears when she goes clubbing. She only doesn’t wear them that often because they’re mostly for special occasions. Yes, even the T-shirts; Rachel picks strange favorites.
  480. >”Oh wow, they look kind of nice. I can only imagine what some of the clothes she still wears look like.”
  481. “Eh, I don’t tend to look as those as very special from my point of view. But of course, it’s her choice. And I respect that.”
  482. >You slide away from the clothes that are between you two. Miss Lyra reaches over with both of her hands to look through and pick which outfit she wants to wear. Cooly sitting next to her, you take a number of glances at her as she sifts through the clothing on the bed.
  483. >She couldn’t possibly be anything less than an 8 out of 10 in that maid uniform. It’s because it’s way too small on her, you know it.
  484. >Miss Lyra’s chest is pushed together by her arms, making her cleavage much more prominent. This only heightens your interest in this girl, making you want to start fooling around once you get the chance. The way she’s pressing her boobs together with her arms almost seems like it’s on purpose. She making sure to face herself directly towards you as this happens.
  485. >You can only hold back a giggle or two during the thought of Rachel soon finding out that some of her clothes are missing. There’s no way she’ll be able to find out or anything.
  486. >”Maybe this one?” She says, holding up the selected top only high enough so the upper half of her body is still completely in your view. “Or should I go with something more low cut?”
  487. >It’s pretty clear now that she’s hinting something. It’s mostly in the tone of her voice as she suggests that she wears something more “low cut”. She’s probably more likely interested than not interested.
  488. “Well, I’m not opposed to something more low cut.” You tell her.
  489. >”Yeah, I think I see what you mean. Do you like how what I’m wearing now is doing that?”
  490. >No doubt now. She’s going for it.
  491. “Miss Lyra, I really feel like I have to bring this out in the open, are you still trying to get the job? I feel like you’re trying to convince me or something, though I know you already said that the whole small outfit thing was an accident.” You say to her. “I mean, it’s not like it would be completely impossible for you. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it out or something, but if you want more than just my vote, I think you’d have to do a little bit more than just letting yourself show a little bit. You know, like be good at housekeeping and stuff.”
  492. >”Oh. Well I guess I could still try. But yes, I’ll admit I was aware that I was making it so you could see things. I’m sorry if I seemed a little too…”
  493. “Oh, no no. It’s all fine with me. I’m just saying that my vote isn’t the only one that contributes to the final say. If it were all up to me, then you would have a much bigger chance. That little thing you’re letting happen there is… persuading.”
  494. >”Well if you must know, I actually wasn’t doing it to make you want to choose me. I guess… I just kind of like how you like it. A little bit.”
  495. “That’s still just as good on my end.”
  496. >”It’s actually more along the lines of the idea that you’re inviting people over here partially because you want to check them out. Since that was one of the credentials that one of you were looking for, I guess the mistake I made before leaving my house today turned into some kind of a blessing.”
  497. “Ah, so you could use it to your advantage.”
  498. >”I guess. I just figured ‘why not?’ and at least catch your interest or something. I mean, you know a powerful man.”
  499. “I see where you’re coming from.”
  500. >”So… I guess I’d still want to at least be in touch with you somehow even if I don’t get the position. That’s what I’m trying to say.” Miss Lyra articulates, now starting to seem nervous again.
  501. “It’s okay. I know what you’re trying to say. Your contact info is already in the applicant records I can get to, so we’re pretty much already in touch. Although, you being open about everything here really matters too.”
  502. >Miss Lyra grins at you.
  503. >”Thanks. So anyway… what do you think of me?” She asks as she sets the pile of clothes on the other side of her so there’s nothing between you and her. “Just curious.”
  504. >You scoot in towards her, almost close enough for your shoulders to touch.
  505. “I honestly really like where this is going with you, Miss Lyra. You’re a sweet and attractive young lady, and I wouldn’t mind seeing you again at least a few more times.”
  506. >”Aw, thank you. I think you’re quite handsome myself. I’d like to get to know you more too. Glad we had a chance to meet eachother here.” Lyra says. “So anyway, should I change into one of these right now? Or… do you want to close the door and wait a little while before I put on something else? Does the door have a lock?”
  507. >Yup, there is definitely no denying it at this point.
  508. “Yes. Yes it does.” You affirm as you stand up. “How about I go ahead and take care of that?”
  509. >Miss Lyra giggles a little bit as you walk over to the door to close it. Smiling back at Miss Lyra the whole time, you grab the doorknob and swing it almost all the way shut before something stops it. Turn your head downward to find a dress shoe jutting its way between the door and the frame.
  510. >”I see you two found my room.” Rachel lightly mocks as the door slowly swings back open. “Oh, and some of my clothes, too.”
  511. “Oh… hi, Rachel.”
  512. >”Hi, Rachel! I just want to take a moment to thank you for giving me the okay to borrow some of the clothes you were going to donate. That was so sweet of you.” Miss Lyra greets her.
  513. >Rachel gives you a funny look. She squints her eyes as she instantly deciphers what Miss Lyra is talking about. You can only look back with a blank face, knowing that Rachel can take this in a variety of directions.
  514. >”Oh, don’t mention it!” Rachel chimes with an airy tone. “But the thing is, I want to be able to get these clothes to the donation place before they close for the evening. That’s why I came up here.”
  515. >”Ah… really?” Miss Lyra replies. “Well… it’s quite alright. I suppose I can wait until I change out of this thing.”
  516. >”That’s okay. You were about to stay in uniform anyway, right?”
  517. >Miss Lyra freezes, realizing that Rachel must have been listening the whole time. She blushes heavily as Rachel continues.
  518. >”Aw, don’t worry about it. My good friend here is known for being like that a lot. He used to be that way when I was with him for over a year. I know him very, very well.” Rachel points out.
  519. >”Oh… that’s nice to hear.” Miss Lyra sighs with a hint of dejection. “Are you sure you can’t lend just a shirt or something to me and take the rest to wherever you’re going?”
  520. >”I’m… afraid not.” Rachel concludes as she picks her favorite clothes up. “There’s a lot of people out there on the streets that could use my help. It’s a shame I don’t have anything children size to offer. Although, that cute little outfit your wearing right now looks like it could fit that category.”
  521. >Both you and Miss Lyra are speechless.
  522. >”Nothing personal, I’m just being silly.” Rachel chuckles. “Now if you two don’t mind, could I get in here for a bit so I can shower before I go out?”
  523. >Her and Jayden share the room together, private bathroom included.
  524. “Oh, of course.” You agree, already scheming a way to strike back at some point. “We’ll go ahead and get out of your way.”
  525. >It’s wise to let her have this one and make a comeback back later. You are in her room, after all. There’s no need to start anything right now.
  526. >You and Miss Lyra exit the room as Rachel tosses the clothes to the middle of the bed and shuts the door. She doesn’t even say any quick little taunt like “ciao!” or something. She knows she doesn’t even need to.
  527. >”Well, that was…” Miss Lyra trails off as she stares down the hallway. “I didn’t expect her to be so… like that.”
  528. “Eh, it’s alright. Don’t worry about it.” You assure her. “We can go back to my room. It’s right there down the hall.”
  529. >As Miss Lyra had already observed during the first time she saw your room, there were a few piles of paperwork on your floor. Just a few things from work that you like to keep track of from time to time in case you need them. It’s a little bit messy right now, but you don’t really have a problem with her being in there.
  530. >After the two of you make it back to your room, you hear shower water start to run through the walls from Rachel and Jayden’s bathroom. It turns out Rachel really is going to take a shower after all.
  531. “I’m sorry I couldn’t really get this place very organized. Wasn’t really planning for anyone else being in here for a while.” You apologize. “Anyway, we are still alone, aren’t we? She can’t really do anything if we’re in here.”
  532. >Just as you say this, you can hear the sound of rap music playing loudly from the running shower. Miss Lyra looks down to the floor as she waits to see what you’re going to do about this. You remember that everyone else is out right now.
  533. “Oh. Well, that’s a bit rude.” You say. “More so in an annoying way.”
  534. >”If you’re still up to it, I can still stay here longer if you want.” Miss Lyra proposes.
  535. “It’s okay. Miss Lyra. Like I said, we can already contact eachother. What do you say we get a little more in depth next time when there’s not so many… distractions? Let’s not let her ruin our first time.”
  536. >”Alright. I totally understand. Is she… trying to stop you from doing this?”
  537. “I… think so. But she doesn’t really know much about what I’m doing anyway. I’ve actually changed things in this place to… facilitate what I’m doing on my end. You know, to evaluate the ones who come in here.”
  538. >”Oh, wow. What else did you do?”
  539. “The only other thing I did was position the security cameras so they get a better view of the people walking through the halls. That’s really the only thing that I’ve done that Rachel could potentially have any sort of control over.”
  540. >”That’s… actually a little clever. So you’re getting good images on the cameras. Did… did you get a good shot of me? Just wondering.”
  541. “Well, I don’t know yet. It feels a little strange to talk about this.”
  542. >”Oh, right. Well, you’re doing that to look at what I would look like when I’m cleaning things, right?”
  543. “Yeah.”
  544. >”Would you like to just see me do that here in person? Maybe I could give you a little taste before we meet again. You know, if you want to.”
  545. “I’d like that. I guess I’ll just ignore Rachel’s nonsense for now, then. And when we find somewhere better than here, we can go further. Agreed?”
  546. >”Agreed.” Miss Lyra concludes.
  547. >The two of you face eachother for a few seconds before Miss Lyra speaks again.
  548. >”So would you like me to clean these papers up for you, sir?”
  549. >You nod to her. At this instant, Miss Lyra walks over to the paperwork on your floor and bends over to pick it up. Her extremely short black skirt cannot possibly cover up her beautiful ass as it rides up. Miss Lyra’s bright green panties can easily be seen firmly wrapped onto her, pressing onto the surface of her lower body.
  550. >Miss Lyra is sure to take her time with evening out the papers and aligning them, letting you examine her bright skin that openly peeks out. She eventually stands back up, causing the skirt to go back to almost covering her again. The very bottom of her cheeks are still somewhat visible.
  551. >You tell her to arrange each pile that she picks up onto your desk. She puts the first organized pile on the desk and goes for a second one. As Miss Lyra bends over again, you walk up right behind her as her ass is unveiled again. That little outfit just can cover her whenever she bends over.
  552. >Her cheeks are a little firm when your hands make contact with them. They already feel warm in comparison to your cold hands. Miss Lyra flinches a little bit as she feels your chilling fingers grab her exposed ass.
  553. >”Oh… oh my…”
  554. “Just making sure you’re comfortable, Miss Lyra.”
  555. >This continues to happen every time Miss Lyra bends over to pick up some papers. You gently cup her ass cheeks in your palms and massage her a little bit, slightly squeezing her soft flesh. She stays in the same position for about 20 seconds each time before standing back up after you get a good feel of her. Though, you keep your hands under the back of her skirt, still feeling around as she places the last stack of papers on the desk.
  556. “Okay then, Miss Lyra. The only thing left is to evenly arrange the piles on my desk so I can easily go through them.” You instruct her as you hug her from behind. “Could you alphabetize them by the titles on the left hand corners please?”
  557. >”Right away, sir.” Miss Lyra affirms.
  558. >You reach your hands around to the front of her body, briefly letting your fingers venture under the elastic waistband of her panties. Her hips sure have a smooth feel to them, sticking out just about as much as they should. Your right hand slips down inside the front of her panties for a couple of seconds and brushes over Miss Lyra’s pussy. She’s very soft up front and underneath; supple enough to comfortably slip your shaft between with a lot of cushioning.
  559. >Miss Lyra shudders a little bit as she feels you run your hand along the length of her slit. Her slight shaking is countered with your other hand stroking the side of her arm a couple of time.
  560. “It’s okay, Miss Lyra. Just want to feel you a little.” You whisper into her ear before slowly slipping your hand back out.
  561. >”I know, master. I wasn’t expecting it at first, is all.” Lyra responds as she continues with your papers. “Do you like it?”
  562. “You bet I do.” You tell her as you slip your hand back in. “You feel so nice down there. I’d love to feel that with more than just my hands when we get some real alone time.”
  563. >Miss Lyra moans as you finish up playing with her beneath her her underwear. Your other hand eagerly gropes her breasts, starting to pull the front of her blouse down. Her breasts are already mostly uncovered, practically spilling out of the tight outfit. The hand pulls the small sleeves off of Miss Lyra’s shoulders.
  564. >”Master.” Miss Lyra tells you. “My top is coming down.”
  565. “That’s okay. Just keep focusing on organizing those papers.”
  566. >You pull the top of her outfit halfway down her body. Your hands grab onto her breasts and squeeze just enough to make Miss Lyra inhale sharply. She calmly organizes your papers as her body is fondled by your hands.
  567. >Miss Lyra feels amazing, and you just don’t want to wait to explore her even more. Everything about this one checks out pretty damn fine.
  568. >From the shower across the hall, Rachel begins to blast dubstep at full volume from her radio. She’s even singing along to the vocal parts of the songs. The walls themselves begin to vibrate from the bass drops. It eventually becomes apparent that the music is too much of a nuisance for the two of you to keep going.
  569. >Miss Lyra eventually finishes up with the papers. You don’t take your hands off of her, however. All Miss Lyra does after she’s done with her task is turns around and meets you face to face with a passionate kiss. She holds you back as you keep feeling her.
  570. >The rest of your “meeting” with Miss Lyra concludes in a rather rushed make-out session with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites playing loudly in the background. It only takes a few minutes for Miss Lyra to eventually leave the room in a pair or jeans and T-shirt that you lent her from your own wardrobe. She could barely breathe in that sexy-as-fuck maid uniform that was three sizes too small.
  571. >So close, yet so far.
  572. >But if Rachel wants to play rough, then you’re going to play rough. It’s a lot more fun than playing fair anyway.
  573. ”I’m sorry about what happened with Rachel. I’ll be ready whenever you are the next time we meet, Miss Lyra.” You apologize once again as the two of you stand in the main entrance.
  574. >”It’s okay. And since I’m probably not going to get the position anyway, you can just call me Lyra if you want.”
  575. “You sure? I mean, you still have a chance.”
  576. >”It’s okay, it’s okay. I actually think it would be nice to sit on the sidelines and see who would be the winner. I like being informal anyway.”
  577. “Um… alright then. If that’s the way you really want it.”
  578. >Lyra nods with a certain smile on her face.
  579. “Welp. With all that out of the way, I should probably get some sleep soon. I’m getting up really early tomorrow, and I don’t want to be late for work. Plus, there’s six more applicants that I haven’t seen yet.”
  580. >”Whoa, six?”
  581. “Yup. I have a busy couple of days ahead of me. I sure hope all of the security cameras have enough storage in them.” You jokingly tell her.
  582. >Lyra hesitates before leaving the front doors.
  583. >”Wait…” She says to you. “I can help you.”
  584. “Oh? Help me how?” You ask Lyra as she walks back up to you.
  585. >”Would you mind showing me one of these cameras that you have set up?” She asks.
  586. >There are a total of 14 cameras in the mansion. Most of which are stationed in hallways and most public areas, such as right outside. One of which is positioned right above one of the hallway entrances from the front room so it can monitor the front door from the inside.
  587. “There’s one of them right there.” You tell her while pointing out the camera. “They don’t have audio or anything, just the ability to see and record what’s going on.”
  588. >”You said you can move them around sometimes, right?”
  589. “Well yeah, but I can’t really take them off of the walls.”
  590. >”Oh. Darn… well do you have any like, spare security cameras nearby? You know, in case if one breaks or something?”
  591. >If there was such a thing as extra security cameras or something like that, you’re sure you would have at least heard of those by now. Mr. Newburg isn’t exactly one to keep secrets from those he has high levels of trust for.
  592. “Um, probably not.” You say. “But I do have a video camera of my own. You know, for life events such as birthdays and… weddings and stuff. Why do you ask?”
  593. >”Well, you’re checking out everyone who applies here, right?” Lyra plans. “I can help you hide a camera in a place where you can see the women changing their clothes. You know, like a secret camera or something.”
  594. >You widen your eyes at the though of this girl being so suddenly devious.
  595. “I understand what you mean.” You tell her. “But everyone comes while already in their uniform, remember?”
  596. >”That’s the other thing. You can tell Mr. Newburg that I suggested that arriving in uniform could be optional, due to my situation. I’m not sure how that directly relates to what happened with me, but he probably won’t care enough to think too hardly about it.”
  597. “So… you’re saying that the applicants should come over in their regular clothes, and then change into uniform if they want after making sure nothing went wrong with it.?” You propose.
  598. >”Yes. That’s exactly it. That way, they have an excuse to use some place to change in, and you’ll have a way to film them doing this.”
  599. >It’s hard to believe that this girl is actually helping you do this. Although, it’s very possible that it’s just because of the newfound angst that Lyra feels towards Rachel. That’s probably why she’s so willing to help you do this.
  600. “I… I like this idea.”
  601. >”Great. I’ll help you set things up if you want.”
  602. “Um, sure. Rachel still seems to be occupied with playing her loud music in the shower, and everyone else still seems to be gone. There’s no way we can be heard. Let me go get my camera from my room, then hide it so none of the security cameras can pick it up.”
  603. >”Nice…” Lyra mutters as you make your way back up the stairs.
  604. >You quickly creep into your room and rummage through everything
  605. >…
  606. >A light shines into the window, followed by an ominous ticking.
  607. >A giant clock emerges from behind the fourth wall.
  608. >It starts moving faster.
  609. >Time is fast forwarded.
  610. >The security camera dilemma is solved, and the maid trials go as as how both you and Lyra intended.
  611. >More antics are had, Rachel tries to stop you, but you’re ultimately successful in pissing her off and eventually choose Luna to be the Maid for the mansion since she can clean everything during the night and do naughty things with you right as you wake up for the morning before she herself goes to bed.
  612. >Something happens to get Rachel and whoever her husband was again arrested, and you end up victorious. But that’s just the first part.
  613. >This new guy, Anon, is starting to look like he’s making a move on your Luna. Meanwhile, you have Lyra sticking around as a friend anyway because you and her kind of planned the whole thing.
  614. >You have to keep Anon from third wheeling you and Luna as Rachel and husband guy are returned to mansion. They eventually team up with Anon, but you always manage to stay two steps ahead of them in their antics, day after day.
  615. >Soon do something to get all three of them arrested, Luna joins in on the scheme, it’s successful.
  616. >You live happily ever after with your maid with benefits Luna, your friend with benefits Lyra and your now second main with benefits Rarity since she was chosen too but then turned down the job at first.
  617. >All is well, Newburg dies a year later, Branderbonn An heroes from depression.
  618. END
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