TacticalTortoise 40k Event Rules Judgements - Updated 3/1/23

Oct 16th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. (NOTE) Rulings in this document marked (FAQ) describe how common rules interactions function together, but do not add new interpretation or information. Rulings marked (JUDGEMENT) are rules judgements that represent new or uncommon interpretations of rules that may be played differently in other communities. Entries marked (NOTE) are just explanatory and don't represent any rules implications.
  6. (JUDGEMENT) If a unit's datasheet does not exist within a Codex, and its datasheet lists that it has ability but does not specify what the effects of that ability are, it is assumed to have the most recent version of that ability (even if its datasheet references a different publication).
  8. (JUDGEMENT) Unit's **Battlefield Roles** are as printed in their entry in the Munitorum Field Manual, unless it has been changed by a subsequent print publication or Errata.
  9. You can watch this video to find out why:
  12. (JUDGEMENT) Units with multiple abilities allowing them to fire Overwatch may not fire multiple times in response to a single charging unit.
  14. (FAQ) Abilities used when a unit is selected to shoot may not be used when firing overwatch, since units are only selected to shoot in the shooting phase.
  16. (JUDGEMENT) Models without Line of Sight to a character benefitting from Look Out Sir may not target that character, even if their weapon would normally not require Line of Sight.
  18. (JUDGEMENT) Armor saving throws and damage rolls are resolved one at a time, even if the attacks generating them were rolled together using the Fast Dice Rolling method. To speed up gameplay, multiple saves on models in a unit with identical equipment and rules may be rolled together during resolution of an attack targeting that unit, however none of the saves rolled together may then be re-rolled (such as using the Command Re-roll stratagem).
  19. Multiple damage rolls inflicted on a single model may be rolled together, however none of the damage rolls rolled together may then be re-rolled.
  21. (FAQ) When a psychic power is "resisted" its effects are not resolved, however the power is not considered to have been "denied". Rules that "resist" psychic powers do not affect psychic actions.
  23. (JUDGEMENT) If a model that uses its hull for measurement cannot be placed wholly within its deployment zone without extending over the table edge, it may instead be placed with any part of its hull in line with the edge of the battlefield. During the first round that model’s unit cannot do any of the following: make a Normal Move, Advance, Fall Back, Remain Stationary; attempt to manifest or deny psychic powers; make any attacks with ranged weapons; declare a charge; perform a Heroic Intervention; perform any actions or psychic actions.
  24. A model that uses its base for measurement need only be deployed such that its base is wholly within its controllers deployment zone; components of the model may extend over the deployment line.
  26. (FAQ) For units consisting of a single model; the terms "model" and "unit" are considered synonymous.
  27. NOTE: This is not explicitly stated within the rules; but is implied by many interactions.
  30. (JUDGEMENT) Models that use their base for measurement may be placed so that their model (not base) overlaps the battlefield or deployment zone edges during deployment. Models that use their hull for measurement may not. Models that do so must move so that they no longer overlap the battlefield edge during their first movement phase.
  31. Remember; aircraft that begin a move overlapping the battlefield edge will automatically enter Strategic Reserve with their first move. NOTE: Per the Jan2021 FAQ; this exception to this are models that are physically too large to fit within the deployment zone (see the core rule judgement above).
  33. (FAQ) Models with a Movement characteristic of "-" may be the target of Desperate Breakout. If they are, they cannot perform the optional Fall Back move as part of the stratagem, and as such are not automatically destroyed after the stratagem is resolved (they are still destroyed on the 1d6 roll of a '1'.
  35. (FAQ) Units that use abilities to set up as Reinforcements during the battle, but started the game on the battlefield, are not considered Reinforcements. As such, these units may arrive on the battlefield after Battle Round 3, and are not considered destroyed at the end of the game (unless otherwise specified).
  36. NOTE: Keep in mind that these units will still arrive on the battlefield as reinforcements for the purposes of rules governing that arrival, and that any units in Strategic Reserve are destroyed at the end of the game as normal.
  38. (JUDGEMENT) When a unit "fires a weapon twice" or "fires all of its weapons twice", it is subject to the "Shoot Again" rare rules section. Attacks generated as a result of these rules must be resolved immediately after the unit has completed its shooting attacks as normal (keep in mind that "shoot again" stratagems that trigger at the end of the phase are still resolved at the end of the phase).
  40. (JUDGEMENT) The terms "charge distance" and "charge roll" should be considered synonymous. Interactions that affect one will affect both.
  42. (FAQ) Effects that can re-roll specific multi-dice rolls take into account the TOTAL of the roll before determining whether or not it is re-rolled. For example; an effect that "re-rolls rolls of 1 when determining the number of attacks a weapon makes", would not be able to re-roll the number of attacks from a 2d6 shot weapon that rolled a total of 2 attacks.
  43. NOTE: Keep in mind that this is not the case for effects that re-roll dice results. Dice results constitute the number facing of individual d6s, while dice rolls are composed of the final sum of all the dice results obtained for that single roll.
  45. (JUDGEMENT) A unit that has Remained Stationary is NOT automatically treated as not having moved in the movement phase, and vise versa.
  47. (FAQ) Models that count as multiple models for the control of objective markers (such as Adeptus Custodes infantry models) do not automatically do so for the purposes of secondary objectives (such as Engage On All Fronts or Retrieve Nephilim Data).
  49. (JUDGEMENT) In WARZONE NEPHILIM games, players may use stratagems to give their characters Warlord Traits and Relics regardless of the whether or not that stratagem is a Requisition Stratagem.
  51. (JUDGEMENT) "Additional hits" (such as those generated by the No Mukkin' About Ork Clan Kultur) are considered to be additional attacks made with the same weapon of the attack that triggered the additional hit.
  52. NOTE: This is not explicitly rules as written, but seems the intended interaction, and breaks the attack sequence if untrue.
  54. (FAQ) Abilities that come into effect deployment (such as Advanced Positions), do not apply at any other time in the game; such as when the unit is redeployed outside the Deploy Armies step, or set up out of Strategic Reserves.
  55. NOTE: This is explicitly called out in the "during deployment" rules.
  58. (NOTE) In some cases in this document the term "line of fire" may be used. This term refers to the line drawn between an attacking model's base or hull to determine whether a target model receives the benefits of dense cover, or cover from an obstacle terrain feature. (this is just an easier term to use xD )
  60. (FAQ) Models that use their base for measurement may be placed so that their model (not base) intersects with other models or terrain that they could not normally be placed on/within. Models that use their hull for measurement may not.
  61. If this causes the model to protrude through the terrain feature or model, the protruding portions may be visible to models on the other side as normal.
  62. (JUDGEMENT) When tracing line of sight FROM a model intersecting terrain in this way, ignore portions of the model on the opposite side of that terrain feature from the model's base. Keep in mind that those parts may make the model visible when line of sight is drawn TO that model.
  64. (JUDGEMENT) Models in base contact with obstacles with **both the Obscuring and Unstable Position keywords** may ignore the Obscuring keyword of that obstacle when determining line of sight.
  66. (FAQ) The hit penalty for **Dense Cover** will always apply when making attacks against models that are overlapping the area of the cover, unless the penalty for that feature can be ignored by the attacking model (e.g. they are also within the area of the same terrain feature etc.).
  68. (JUDGEMENT) The hit penalty for Dense Cover does not apply to a unit making attacks while within the area of dense cover, unless the target of the attack is overlapping a terrain feature with the Dense Cover trait, or the attacker's line of fire traces over a terrain feature with the Dense Cover trait.
  69. NOTE: this is contrary to the rules as written, but called out as the intended interaction by a Designers Note.
  73. (FAQ) Per the Unit Coherency rules, models must be placed in coherency with existing models in the unit they are being returned to. When this occurs simultaneously (such as during the resolution of the Dead Walk Again stratagem), ALL the models being replaced must be positioned in coherency of existing models on the table (i.e "daisy chaining", to manipulate the position of the unit by placing models in coherency with other models being replaced is not permitted).
  74. NOTE: This is NOT the case for model replacement effects that resolve sequentially, such as Reanimation Protocols.
  76. (JUDGEMENT) Effects that inflict a capped number of Mortal Wounds and end the attack sequence of attacks as a result (such as the Blessed Bolts stratagem) do not continue to end the attack sequence of attacks during that resolution of a unit's attacks after the maximum number of Mortal Wounds have been dealt.
  78. (FAQ) Models may not be counted as having remained stationary in the same turn they disembarked from a transport.
  80. (JUDGEMENT) Any fortifications (such as the Battle Sanctum) with multiple independent components whose setup are not described on its datasheet must be deployed with all of those components in contact with one another.
  82. (FAQ) During the Declare Reserves and Transports step of the game, units with the Drop Pod Assault or Aerial Seeding abilities (and units embarked within them) are discounted when calculating the total number of units in the army, and the number of units that are reinforcements.
  83. NOTE: These units are NOT discounted when calculating the total points value of units in reserve or in the army.
  85. (FAQ) Units that are not part of the game when the game begins (e.g. units like Spore Mines that are created and begin the game being set up on the battlefield) are not automatically considered Reinforcements.
  86. NOTE: For a unit to be considered a Reinforcement it must have begun the game in play.
  88. (JUDGEMENT) The crew models of units with the Artillery and Crew special rule may not be left off the battlefield. Because distances are only measured to the gun, they may be moved onto and across by other models. LOS cannot be drawn from or to them, but they can potentially block the LOS of other units.
  90. (JUDGEMENT) Effects that remove a unit from the battlefield in a movement phase and set that unit back up on the battlefield of that same movement phase (such as the Veil of Darkness, Solar Flare, Veilbreaker Plate or Barbicant's Key relics) must be used and resolved entirely before the end of the Reinforcements step of that movement phase.
  92. (FAQ) The No Prisoners secondary objective does not add points to the "kill tally" for models that are destroyed as a result of morale.
  93. NOTE: This is because the rule that adds points to the tally never triggers, per the fleeing model rules.
  96. (JUDGEMENT) If the Dimensional Corridor stratagem is used, but the selected Infantry unit cannot be legally set up on the battlefield, it is destroyed.
  98. (FAQ) Per the "Powers of the C'tan" rules, the Strange Echoes stratagem cannot be used to select a C'tan Power that has been selected already during the battle (unless all other powers have already been selected, as normal). It can be used to select C'tan powers that were rolled for, however.
  100. (FAQ) The Empyric Damping stratagem must be resolved BEFORE a unit is chosen to Deny the Witch (this is because the timing of the stratagem is synchronous with the manifestation attempt, so the player controlling the Psyker can sequence the stratagem to resolve first).
  103. (FAQ) Mortarion's Daemon Primarch ability only checks for rules on other units' datasheets when determining when you can choose for Mortarion to be the army's Warlord. Because of this, if a Supreme Command detachment is included in the army, and no other units have a rule on their datasheet requiring them to be the Warlord, the detachment MUST contain Mortarion.
  105. AELDARI
  106. (FAQ) A Harlequins army that includes units without the <Saedath> keyword (such as Solitaires or the Webway Gate) will still gain Luck re-rolls at the start of the battle round (this is because the selection of which Saedath is performed/employed/followed affects the entirety of the army, even if the units in question are not benefitting from the <Saedath> characteristic).
  108. (FAQ) A Craftworlds army that includes units without a <Craftworld> keyword (such as the Webway Gate) will not benefit from Strands of Fate (unless that unit gains the <Craftworld> keyword, or the unit in question has an exemption elsewhere).
  110. (FAQ) The Yncarne's Inevitable Death ability does not allow the Yncarne to be placed in response to the removal a model destroyed due to morale.
  111. NOTE: This is because a the term model and unit is synonymous when considering a single model unit; and rules that trigger when that model would be destroyed are ignored due to the morale rules.
  114. (JUDGEMENT) The Trooper 'Try Again' Bragg ability only allows the model to shoot again if attacks were made with Trooper 'Try Again' Bragg's Autocannon weapon and none of those attacks resulted in a hit. Keep in mind that the ability is also subject to the 'shoot again' rules.
  117. (FAQ) Tyranid units still benefit from a Synaptic Imperative ability due to Hive Nexus even if the Tyranids Warlord is not on the battlefield.
  119. (JUDGEMENT) A unit benefitting from the Spore Cysts wargear or PREDATORY GUILE Synaptic Imperative is not considered to be recieving the benefits of Cover from terrain for the purposes of the Naturalized Camoflauge biomorphology.
  121. T'AU EMPIRE
  122. Vehicle and Drone units that can move without Markerlight actions failing may perform any kind of move (including advancing) without the action failing.
  123. NOTE: This is not the case for units that are not innately able to move and complete the Fire Markerlights action, even if they are counted as Remaining Stationary, since counting as Remaining Stationary does not apply to the completion of actions.
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