The Great and Pregnant Trixie

Dec 8th, 2013
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  1. >You close the curtains on Trixie’s show, possibly the last one that you could foresee her doing in a while.
  2. >The crowd’s cheer audible as Trixie undoes her cape and hat.
  3. >“The show was…adequate. Not quite as big as the great and powerful Trixie. You, anon was it? Why wasn’t the flare bigger? Do you want the great and powerful Trixie to flop on her last performance of the season?”
  4. >You flinched, placing your hands into your pocket and clenching them.
  5. “I’ve told you time and time again this is the biggest that we can go. Any bigger and we’ll burn the stage down.”
  6. >She glared at you, her contempt replaced by a smug grin.
  7. >“I suppose that the great and powerful Trixie can’t be upstaged by a mere human.”
  8. >You cast your eyes away, dismissing her haughty attitude.
  9. >You were not so lucky. She noticed your body language.
  10. >“So you don’t like listening to the great and powerful Trixie? Well, the great and powerful Trixie will give you an earful that you won’t certainly forget.”
  11. >You groan, putting down your equipment and waiting for her lecture.
  12. >”Later. After you’re done with your menial work. The great and powerful Trixie needs to freshen up.”
  13. >You work slowly, every other pony leaving after they dismantle and pack up the equipment.
  14. >Trixie strutted up to you, her usual sneer fading as she looked about, her demeanor changing from self-indulgence to a more radiant and humble persona.
  15. >You place your things down and kneel, accepting her joyful necking.
  16. >She smiled sheepishly, dragging a hoof across the stage.
  17. >“Sorry…for making a fool out of you. I wanted to talk with you, but you know…” She apologized, her eyes reflecting a genuine desire for recompense.
  18. >You brush it off, flashing her a smile for her sake.
  19. “I know. People have expectations. They want larger-than-life characters.”
  20. >”So you’re not..”
  21. >Before she could finish, you croon over and place a kiss on her neck.
  22. “I’m not angry. As long as you’re doing it for the show.”
  23. >She sighed in relief, closing and opening her eyes again.
  24. >“By the way, Anon. How’d you ever pull off such stunning pyrotechnics?”
  25. “Well, as a kid, I went to a lot of big shows and they always had great finales. I wanted to be the guy that helped the stars look bigger and more fantastic.”
  26. >She snorted and smirked. “I guess you ponied up with the wrong pony. The great and powerful Trixie is as big as they come.”
  27. >You snicker, looking her up and down.
  28. “I’ll say. I haven’t even seen a mare that comes close to how full you look now.”
  29. >She blushed and cut her eyes at you, and you simply smile back, feeling accomplished that you can at least get her goat.
  30. >She turned around and stood up on her haunches, leaning back against you. “You’re not as great as me, but you do have some worth.” She mused, turning her head to look back at you with her violet eyes.
  31. >You gather her in your hands, her warm body radiating heat across your own front. Your hands run down her front, stopping at her thick teats and look down at her, her eyes transfixed on you with an odd sense of softness.
  32. >She wordlessly pleaded for you not to, but your hand gripped tightly on the teat.
  33. >She whines as she is milked, the colostrum spilling along your digits.
  34. >You pull you hand up, rubbing the thick substance on her belly.
  35. “And so the great and powerful Trixie is not as dominating as she appears to be, eh?”
  36. >Trixie nodded, the imposing mare reduced to a whimpering puddle in your hand.
  37. >You leaned back, holding yourself and her up by the support beam, your free arm forming a gate about her front.
  38. >You pressed on her full teats, squirting in front of you small rivulets of her stored milk.
  39. >You think about taking the chance, but stop yourself from helping yourself to Trixie, out of fear that somepony might find you.
  40. >Much to your chagrin, when you were separating from each other, you hit the curtain-raising button, the ponies that stayed behind snickering as they got a small view of what was going on backstage.
  41. >You frantically push the curtain down button, trying to save Trixie’s face.
  42. >Trixie blushed furiously, cuddling into you and whispers. “I’ll leave you to pick up. Meet me on the train?”
  43. >You nod, swatting her plot and moving to pick up your equipment and such, trolleying it to the train station.
  44. >You send the luggage down to baggage and hop on the train, finding your silver-maned partner preening over her belly, casting her eyes up as she spots you.
  45. >”The great and powerful Trixie is not amused. You dare to keep her waiting? I should have left you and got myself another technician who’s at least half as good as I am.” She chastised, shuffling over to let you get into the booth and close the door.
  46. >Her hardened face softened once more, her volume getting lower as she spoke to you in private.
  47. >“Thank you for coming with me on this adventure.” She whispered, leaning upon Anon.
  48. “Where there is adventure, there’s bound to be events for fireworks.”
  49. >She chuckled heartily and smiled, placing her hooves on your hand, cupping her hoof with your hand.
  50. >”That was a terrible excuse, but I’m glad that you thought of it.”
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