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Jan 6th, 2013
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  1. Summary:
  2. If you are in need to copy QUICKLY a keynote presentation from your MacBook to the iPad THAT is a complete and massively exhaused EPIC MEGAFAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT Is a fu**ing PAIN IN THE ASS! And it does not work in any way as advertised.
  4. Steps to Reproduce:
  5. 1) have you presentation ready as a .key file on the MacBook
  6. 2) fire up iTunes (latest version will do) on the MacBook
  7. 3) connect your iPad with the MacBook using a damn fucking USB-cable because ya know, SD-Cards that is stuf nobody wants NOT EVEN PRO'S want SD-Cards thats why NO ONE uses them on high priced professional cameras ya know?
  8. 4) tab, eh, click the iPad entry in iTunes
  9. 5) click the app-tab of the iPad and experience laggyness of iTunes doing anything for several seconds while you try to do this)
  10. 6) Search the keynote app... this is not any easy one, ya know iTunes keeps some kind of INCEPTION waiting for you right now... SCROLL AREAS inside of SCROLL AREAS that's the latest and greatest shit ya know. Everyone should do this. IT IS great, everyone wants that, thats why even mobile OS's are doing that all over the place ya know? BONUS: try scrolling and finding keynote using JUST the touchpad of your MacBook so NO MOUSE allowed buddy. This is fun, really, try it!
  11. 7) Now see that the Documents-folder of keynote-app just does NOT reveal anything than a weird "INBOX" folder which isn't either clickable, or in any other way of use.
  12. 8) now try to add something to this document area... using "Hinzufügen..." or "Add..." if you like the EN bettr.
  13. 9) Yeah, see how NOTHING happens. and it keeps beeing this way.
  14. 10) try any other trick, like e.g. "Anwenden" or "Apply"
  15. 11) even try to initiate a fuc*ing SYNC... haha... remember this QUICK-COPY-APPROACH? see how it is right now exploding in front of your eyeballs in a quantizillion of particles like a giant OpenGL-mega-anaimation? nice, right?
  17. Expected Results:
  18. It just should fucking work as advertised WHEN it is needed.
  20. Actual Results:
  21. Nothing happens.
  23. Regression:
  24. No idea. See screenshot attached from iTunes displaying this weirdo INBOX thingy folder.
  26. Notes:
  27. Guys... if you wanna roll the NEX BIG THING on the upcoming keynote... JUST ADD an SD-CARD-SLOT to the iPad... and you're set for the "Apple has done it again!"-thingy.
  29. TL;DR?
  31. That's not my department.
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