Half-Moon in Equestria 35

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  1. For a split second, you can see the bullet and casing, before they shoot off in their own directions. Immediately after, you hear a cry of pain and you bolt to your feet, looking around. Grabbing your pistol, you see the guards, as well as Trixie and Twilight are all grouped up, and you waste no time running over. "Who got hit?" You ask, and the guards part a bit revealing Shining. He is not quite cradling his horn, which has a visible crack on it.
  2. "Anon! What happened?" Twilight asks, moving beside you "The ground shook, then there was a bang and now Shinings horn is damaged."
  3. "I'm not entirely sure, but we need to get him to the hospital to prevent any further damage." Twilights horn glows, but you cut it off by quickly grabbing it. "No magic. It might make the crack worse or cause a reaction with his horn." She nods, and you release her. Between the guards, they manage to get shining onto your back, and you start off jogging to the hospital.
  4. The other guards run ahead and fan out, keeping the path clear, while Trixie teleports ahead to alert the staff. Twilight sticks beside you, keeping Shining conscious with constant questions. His voice is gone and all he can make is pained squeaks, and you keep hurrying to the hospital.
  5. A trio of ponys approach, two levitating a stretcher between them, and you lower him down onto it when they are near. He is immediately whisked away, and Twilight pauses to glance at you, before running after. Walking back to Twilights, you take a moment to ask ponys you pass about the earthquake, and most don't know what that is, and many didn't feel anything.
  6. Opening the door, you see Spike napping on a bed of books, and he quickly shoots awake when he hears the door close. "Hey Spike?" I'm going to need to send a letter to Celestia in a moment. Do you think you can help?
  7. "Yeah, sure. Get your letter ready, and I can send it." He says, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Quickly writing up a letter, you pass it over and he burns it to magical smoke with his green fire. Within a minute, he burps up a reply and you open it.
  9. *As you requested, I informed his wife, and She shall be there in moments. The injury is not life threatening, and the speed at which you brought him there will minimize the potential damage.
  10. From: Princess Celestia
  11. ps: Tell Twilight I am proud of her for passing her first test.*
  13. Taking the letter, you step outside, and come chest to face with a cotton candy pink alicorn. "Might you be Shining Armors wife?" You ask, and when she nods, you say "If you would be so kind as to follow me, I can take you to him."
  14. She smiles sweetly "Please. My name is princess Mi Amore Cadenza, but you may call me Cadence if you wish. You must be Anonymous, correct? The one Shining went to train with."
  15. Walking, you say "It is a pleasure to meet you Cadence. I must appologise though, Taking Shining away from Canterlot on such short notice."
  16. Elegantly trotting along side you, she shakes her head daintily "No, it is not a problem. He wished to do this, and though I am unsure as to the effectiveness of the results, I will support him wholeheartedly in this endeavour."
  17. The rest of the journey is filled with small talk, and you are met outside the hospital by two guards. "Anonymous, you are requested by Twilight." One says, and you quickly head inside, Cadence close behind. More guards escort you through the white halls and to the room, where you and Cadence quietly enter. Several doctors are working on Shinings horn, and Twilight and Trixie are sitting silently to one side.
  18. Twilight gives a quiet gasp as she spots you and Cadence, and runs over. "Cadence, when did you get here?" She asks, leaning against her in a hug.
  19. "Anonymous informed Celestia of the accident, and she told me. I felt it would be best if I came immediately, and Anonymous escorted me here." Stepping over, she looks at her husband, unconscious on the bed "Will he be alright?"
  20. One of the doctors steps over and pulls off his mask. "He should be fine to leave tomorrow. Keep him from using magic for the next few weeks, but after that, he will be fine."
  21. Everyone breaths an audible sigh of relief, and Twilight looks to you. "You said something earlier about an idea as to what happened, Right?"
  22. "Yes, but it would be better if we went somewhere private to talk." Trixie steps over to you, and the for of you get teleported back to Twilights treehouse. In truth, his injury i partly my fault." The otehr three gasp, and you continue "I was attempting to replicate one of the parts of my weapon, when the earth shook. The part tipped and a spark from the circle caused it to discharge."
  23. Cadence interupts, and says "Pardon me, but what kind of weapon? A crossbow wouldn't trigger like that, and I cant think of anything that would"
  24. "I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Shining Armor. I am not going to give any information about it to a world as peaceful as this." You say "Now, why the earth shook I don't know Does Ponyville have a history of earthquakes?"
  25. All three of them look slightly confused, and Twilight asks "An earthquake i what happened? I don't think anything like that has happened in Equestria, ever." Cadence nods in agreement, and a shiver runs down your spine.
  26. A sharp pain stabs into your right arm, and you pull up your sleeve. Halfway up your forearm is a rectangular chunk of swirling black and grey void.
  27. "Anon Whats happening?" Twilight asks, staring at the spot.
  28. Gingerly, you reach out and touch it, and it feels as slid a your normal flesh. "I need to get to Canterlot. NOW!"
  29. Cadence speaks up "You may use my chariot, I will stay here for the time being and attend my husband, so I wont need it."
  30. Taking a hoof in hand, you bow and plant a quick kiss on it "I thank you, my lady. Twilight, alert Celestia that I will be coming, and that its an emergency. You two are staying here. No arguments." Standing, you remove your robe and don one of the shirts Rarity made. Taking only your gun, ammo and watch, you step outside and climb into the chariot.
  31. Despite there being no ponys to pull it, it takes off at incredible speeds. After soaring across the ground for a moment, it lifts off and shoots straight for Canterlot.
  32. The moment it lands, a number of guards are around you, but when they recognize you they form up around as an honor guard. Making your way to the throne room, Te doors are opened for you and a scroll pops into existence in front of Celestia as you enter. "I assume this letter is to announce your arrival Anonymous?" Celestia asks, moving the letter aside "By the urgency of your arrival, I am led to assume something has happened with Shining Armor?"
  33. "Not quite" You say, turning your arm so she can see the black void. "The problem is, I don't know what it is or what is causing it." Celestia steps forward, Luna close behind her. "The unusual thing is, it still acts as though it isnt missing." You add, pressing against it with a finger.
  34. "Has this appeared anywhere else?" Celestia asks, stepping back so Luna may observe. When you answer no. she asks "What happened before it appeared? were there and strange happenings?"
  35. After a moment of pondering, you say "Actually, besides the pain when it dissapered, nothing has realy happened out of the ordinary." Transmuting a chair, you sit and scratch your chin. "An earthquake happened when shining was injured, but Twilight and the others mention it has never happened here. It must have been artificially created, but the timing seems so..."
  36. Everything clicks for the three of you and you all chorus "Chaotic!"
  37. "But Discords gone." Celestia says "How could he have triggered an event like that?"
  38. Remember sister, only his body and mind are gone" Luna explains "His essence, the essence of chaos remains. It could have been a fragment of his will remained with it, and it caused the event, but to what end?"
  39. The three of you sit in your respective chairs, contemplating, but none of you come up with anything. "We should go check the orb; see if it still is the same." Celestia suggests, and you and Luna readily agree.
  40. Several day and night guards form up around the pricesses as you step out into the statue garden. questioning one of them reveals chaotic things have sporadically happened around the orb, and their presence is purely precautionary. Past the statues of monsters and great ponys alike, you come to where the statue of Discord used to rest.
  41. As you approach alone, the princesses being kept back, something crushes underfoot. Kneeling down to examine it, you feel a sting and a few drops of blood leak from your fingertips. "Shards of glass?" You say, picking one up "Curved shards of... SHIT!" Racing to the pillar, your fears are confirmed.
  42. The essence of Chaos has been released.
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