All Shortcuts Notes

Feb 24th, 2015
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  1. Spelunky All Shortcuts Speedrun Notes.
  3. The goal is to get the three shortcuts as fast as possible. Timer starts when you press the button for selecting the character and ends as soon as you give the key to tunnel man and unlock the temple shortcut.
  5. First, you have to delete your save file so you don't have any of the shortcuts and the tutorial isn't done yet. (you can always backup your main save if you actually care for it)
  7. Also, you should get a timer. The best timer is called Livesplit and can be found here:
  8. Choose a character and do the tutorial.
  10. The tutorial is the only part that's not random of this run, so it's not very hard to learn. Here's an example of a decent tutorial:
  12. The beginning of the run is really simple, beat the mines, give tunnel man a bomb and quick restart. When you quick restart you go back to the last place/world you entered, so it's much faster than just going back to the lobby every time.
  14. Beat the mines again give rope to tunnel man and quick restart again.
  16. Now get 10k, give it to tunnel man. This time, don't end adventure. Beat the jungle, give tunnel man two bombs and end adventure in the ice caves. Now don't quick restart, just go back to the lobby and enter the jungle shortcut.
  18. Now beat the jungle, and give tunnel man two ropes.
  20. Now you need a shotgun. You can either quick restart and hope for a dead are restless level, a shop or a random visible black market, or go back to the lobby, start from the mines and get a shotgun from the 1-2 shop, which is pretty much guaranteed.(Try not to waste any ropes or bombs on this run, but if you have to, no problem it just wastes a little bit of time)
  22. After giving the tunnel man the shotgun, don't end adventure. Keep going and go to the mothership (if you have 3 or more bombs only. If you don't just end adventure, go back to the lobby and enter the ice caves shortcut and you'll have 4 bombs and 4 ropes again, of course) Tunnel man actually appears on the mothership exit and you can give him 3 bombs. Then go through the mothership and beat the second 3-4 and tunnel man will be there again. This saves a big amount of time, but if you don't feel good about the mothership, just do the ice caves twice.
  24. Now you only need to give him the key. After you give tunnel man 3 bombs and 3 ropes, end adventure and go back to the lobby. Enter the mines and get the key to the temple.
  26. The current fastest time is 16:17 by Pibonacci and you can find it here:
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