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  1. About Parfait:
  3. Parfait is a character played by me (@facelessmeido) that's mostly just for fun. I still take everything seriously with her, though - if you're sad and end up talking to her, she'll respond in-character to cheer you up, so she's also like an extension of me. That might be slightly obvious, since we're both faceless maids.
  5. Things you might want to know about the character:
  6. -She's sees the world slightly differently, and reacts to things in a way most humans wouldn't.
  7. -She's somehow able to "eat" anybody that hurts her friends, but she can't explain how she does it, or what "eating" actually MEANS.
  8. -She has no face. She takes this quite well, all things considered.
  9. -Whatever she is, she's not quite human.
  10. -She's easily bribed with ice cream and other sweet treats, to the point where she'll sometimes even give up her dignity if she's hungry enough.
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