Malaysia & Philippines Sabah Dispute

Mar 1st, 2013
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  2. Greetings Malaysia and the Philippines!
  4. It has come to our attention that over the dispute of territorial claims between the Malaysian Government and Sultan Kiram of the Philippines, that our brothers from both countries are feuding over this matter. It seems that it was all on the attention of the Anonymous Malaysia's video post that is provoking the Philippine citizens of a cyber-war against the Philippine Government.
  6. We perfectly understand that this is a territorial dispute and both countries are in a test of defending each other's sovereignity against the other.
  8. As far as we are concerned, Anonymous has nowhere to side yet over this concern. For we still lack information about the nature of the claim. So we are asking from the Philippines, if our brothers have copies of documented basis on the claims by the respected Sultan. We also ask our brothers from Malaysia do produce similar information as well.
  10. In this manner, we can study the historical nature of this dispute and we would be able to determine the strength of the claim, and if tyranny is clouding this matter so we can take a united action as needed. If either both governments tries to hide information that are vital to peaceful resolution, and seeks to bend information to gain leverage over the other, then that would be the perfect time that we will need to step in, extract all information we can get and leak the truth out in the open for both countries to see, and for the whole world to see.
  12. Our collective experience on this type of political matters raises concern that our petty fighting would rise up to the level of both nation's governments and provoke an all-out war, just because we are all fighting over a concern that both parties don't have strong proof for resolution yet.
  14. Please don't forget what nightmares war will bring. Remeber our brothers who sacrificed in Syria, Egypt, Iran, USA, UK, Bahrain, Spain, and other countries we have launched an operation in an aggressive effort to stop the voilence in the recent chaose we have been invovled with.
  16. As of now, Bahrain and Spain are in a brink of collapse, we just need to remind that this reaction due to an immature video posted on Facebook is just a petty joke considered to the seriousness of events happening in other countries where literally hundred thousand citizens are fighting against a corrupt government.
  18. We urge those who are joining this argument over a petty cyber-war to stop for this will only provoke further misunderstandings. We urge the collective to research on historical backgrounds to figure out how we can contribute to the resolution careless fighting. Sorry for the inconvenience of this letter, but we are trying to change the world, not seek to destroy it.
  20. Kindly be reminded that the whole collective should be sought for proper brainstorming over this matter. We count every person who would be poisoned of our wrongly-represented existence.
  22. People may see us as perpetrators of chaos instead of peace.
  24. We are urging both parties to please, communicate with the whole collective for the resolution of this issue. We are all equal and all have rights to defend what belongs to us. But we seek a peaceful resolution, as we repeatedly emphasize on this letter.
  26. The petty cyber-war will gain us nothing but wrong impressions from ordinary people. Our goal is to peacefully unite the collective consciousness of humanity.
  28. We urge our brothers from both countries to sit and tallk. Not blabber out words then fight like kids. We have no place for petty arguments and to surrender to provocative actions that we know we can answer with a larger and bolder approach.
  30. Let's be reminded of our cause.
  32. We are Anonymous
  33. We are Legion and we are all united
  34. We do not forgive those who oppress ordinary people
  35. We do not forget that we fight for freedom and peace
  36. Expect us, the whole collective to be open to conversations.
  38. Let us help both The Philippines and Malaysia unite, not find a reason to fight
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