Hinoka X Marx C-S Support

Jul 1st, 2015
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  1. ==================================================================================================
  2. Marx (or Xander) and Hinoka Support Conversation
  3. ===================================================================================================
  4. C-rank
  6. Hinoka : Prince Marx... Do you have time now?
  8. Marx : Princess Hinoka. Is something the matter?
  10. Hinoka : There's something I'd like you to hear... Actually, it seems that Ryouma-niisama is preparing a ceremonial dinner for me.
  12. Marx : ...Ho. Isn't it a good thing? What a kind big brother he is, eh.
  14. Hinoka : ...Well, yeah, but... there's a bit of problem.
  16. Marx : Problem?
  18. Hinoka : Somehow, it seems that the ceremonial dinner was planned in secrecy from me. But, it's already too late as I have found out about this ceremonial dinner. ...When this kind of thing happens, how do you think I should behave myself?
  20. Marx : Wait. How did you find out about this ceremonial dinner, Princess Hinoka?
  22. Hinoka : I overheard Ryouma-niisama's whispering regarding this matter.
  24. Marx : ...I see. So that's why.
  26. Hinoka : I can't possibly discuss this talk with anyone else. (I assume she means anyone related to the Hoshido royals). That is why, I thought I could rely on Prince Marx.
  28. Marx : ........ Do you know what kind of ceremonial dinner is it?
  30. Hinoka : Who knows... It's not even my birthday... Could it be, the anniversary of my first time seizing a victory...? (?unsure, but it's something like that)
  31. If that's really the case, then it's in a few days... Although it should have stopped after a number of years.
  33. Marx : I see. That's why you've been thinking so hard on this. Anyway, just try to pretend as if you don't know anything. When the ceremonial dinner begins, you should just be obedient and enjoy it. If you worry about it too much, you won't be able to enjoy the ceremonial dinner (?not so sure about this last sentence).
  35. Hinoka : T-that's right... I see... Thanks, Prince Marx. Then, I will do so.
  36. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. B rank
  39. Hinoka : Prince Marx...
  41. Marx : What's wrong? You have such a sullen expression...
  42. If it's about the ceremonial dinner, didn't I tell you not to think about it too much?
  44. Hinoka : Ah... That's right, but...
  45. My First-Victory Day has passed.
  47. Marx : ?
  49. Hinoka : Which means that the ceremonial dinner didn't happen. I wonder if I probably misheard about that...
  51. Marx : I see...
  53. Hinoka : ....
  54. I am... such a fool. Even though there was no ceremonial dinner... I was way too excited for it... When I was talking with Ryouma-niisama and the others, too... I was so nervous.... And when the appointed day came, I couldn't get a grip of anything else... I kept wondering when will Ryouma-niisama's invitation come, and I was also waiting for it I couldn't even finish my meal neatly... But... That day passed without nothing special happening...
  56. Marx : Princess Hinoka... What a disappointment it was.
  57. ...but don't feel too bad about it. It might not be a commemoration of your first victory, it could have been a ceremonial dinner for another thing.
  59. Hinoka :, there is none. Because, there is no other reason or any commemorative day for the ceremonial dinner to be held.
  61. Marx : I see...
  62. ... I understand. Today, I will listen thoroughly to you.
  64. Hinoka : Prince Marx... Thank you... Just as I expected of you... you're a kind person.
  66. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. A rank
  69. Hinoka : Prince Marx!
  71. Marx : Princess Hinoka. You have a nice expression today.
  73. Hinoka : Isn't it a given? I just received a wonderful ceremonial dinner.
  75. Marx : That's why I told you right. Do not think bad about it.
  77. Hinoka : Ah. That's true. ...But,there's something that's been bothering me until this day. I wonder why was the ceremonial dinner held... It was not my First-Victory Day, nor was it my birthday...
  78. ... But there is another thing that bothers me more. Why was Prince Marx present in that place?
  80. Marx : That is...
  82. Hinoka: …………Ah! Could it be... it was all Prince Marx's doing? I'm sure the ceremonial dinner thing was only my misheard, in actuality, that kind of event never existed... Even so, I still grieved when thinking about that, and then (you) forcibly gathered everyone...(?sorry, I am quite unsure about the meaning of the last sentence.)
  84. Marx : Who knows. Anyway, the food served was high quality. That's what we're certain about.
  86. Hinoka ... Oh my... so that's how you truly are... I heard that the first prince of Nohr Kingdom was cold-headed, but in actuality, you're a very considerate person, eh...
  88. Marx : Hahaha. I don't really care about people's opinion, but I think you overestimated me.
  90. Hinoka : ...Prince Marx. I'm truly grateful.
  91. ...That's right. To express my gratitude, what if I offer you a ride on my Pegasus? I know a secret place that's so beautiful no words could ever express its beauty.
  93. Marx : That's a good idea. I'm looking forward to it.
  95. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. S rank
  98. Hinoka : Prince Marx, what's wrong? Why did you call me here?
  100. Marx : Pardon me. No matter what, I had to meet Princess Hinoka today.
  102. Hinoka : Today? Is there something?
  104. Marx : There is a special day in Nohr that happens once per decade. People say that in that day, if a man and woman have a meal together, they will be tied by a very strong bond (can also be translated as "they will be united [in a marriage]")
  106. Hinoka : ? ...Eh? ...A man and woman... eating meal together?
  108. Marx : Actually, the ceremonial dinner that Prince Ryouma was talking about was this. It was not for your birthday, or for the commemoration of your first victory... In this precious day that only comes once a decade, I wanted to have a dinner together with Princess Hinoka.
  110. Hinoka : ...Huh?
  112. Marx : But, since it was hard for me to ask you out on a dinner personally, I had a consultation with Prince Ryouma.
  114. Hinoka : ...C-could it be, Ryouma-niisama's whisperings that I heard was...
  116. Marx : Yeah. It was about my proposal on the ceremonial dinner.
  117. ...So, how about it? Would you like to dine with me here?
  119. Hinoka : ...
  120. If I dine together with Prince Marx, our bond will be tied together, right?
  122. Marx : ...So I heard.
  124. Hinoka : I-I get it. I will keep company with you.
  126. Marx : I see. If that's the case... then, will you also accept this?
  128. Hinoka : T-this is... a ring...
  130. Marx : Yeah. It is a wedding ring. At first... I planned to hold the ceremonial dinner in order to strengthen the friendship of both kingdoms. But, as I kept talking with Princess Hinoka, my feelings gradually changed. I want to be joined in marriage with you. I would love to have... a powerful bond forever.
  132. Hinoka : Prince Marx...
  133. ... A day that only happens once a decade, eh...
  134. W-well, it would be rude of me to not receive it.
  136. Marx : Thank you. Prince Hinoka. The preparation of the ceremonial dinner should be done anytime now.
  137. Why don't we eat the food slowly?
  139. Hinoka :Yes!
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