Pokemon G/S SHINKA files

Apr 30th, 2020
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  1. I decided to do a light analysis of a bunch of the evolution .fmj files (shinka) in mons2\Document\ポケモン金銀\資料old
  3. I know other anon did some analysis too but I wanted to be as clear as possible.
  5. I am mostly doing this to clear up misconceptions of which pokemon evolved from what, which pokemon turned into what, etc.
  7. These files have full movelists, evolution methods, and dex numbers, but no typing, sprites, TM moves, or pokedex files, so please use these in conjunction with those to find out how pokemon changed throughout versions.
  9. The shinka files use their own versioning scheme.
  10. SHINKA2.DAT (11/03/97 17:34:46) SHINKA.OLD < SHINKA.NEW < 3.4 ....... < SHINKA.DAT (09/12/99, contains commented code for e3) [format: month/day/year]
  12. shinka ver3.4 is dated 1999/09/14, 3.9 is 1999/08/16, 4.4 is dated 1999/08/23, 4.7 is 1999/08/30, 5.1 is dated 1999/09/13, and 5.2 is from 1999/09/22. 3.4 obviously comes before the others, so put it at maybe the beginning of August.
  14. These pokemon are sorted by dex number. They also have the "new" Johto dex numbers but I'm ignoring them so if you wanna know if the new dex hopped around please look at it yourself.
  16. I will be analyzing these pokemon-by-pokemon. I will be ignoring most changes in movelists and evolution levels; please find a way to export all of this text to a proper database if you want to do this. I've mostly only paid attention to 3.4-4.4, so if they changed some stuff up after 4.4, I won't be covering it here.
  19. NOTE: There's a file called SHINKA.OLD in mons2\MAKE\DATA. I believe this predates 3.4. Please see for more info, thanks anon!
  21. *******************************************************
  23. Just because something doesn't evolve into something it should in SHINKA.OLD doesn't mean it wasn't originally part of that pokemon's evolutionary line. I think they were still implementing evolution methods.
  24. **************************************
  25. What this is missing:
  27. What happened to everything in between sw97 and sw99? What are all those black and white beta pokes? Scratchpad analysis?
  29. Let's go.
  44. The first pokemon of note is Golbat (42), which evolves into X-ing (エクシング) at high happiness. This evolution was renamed Crobat (クロバット) by 3.9.
  45. *****Golbat actually evolves into X-ing via LOW happiness in SHINKA.OLD. This, combined with an older movelist, and the lack of implemented evolutions means SHINKA.OLD in mons2\MAKE\DATA is slightly older than 3.4.
  47. The next is Gloom (44), which now also evolves into Bellossom via sun stone in all versions (except SHINKA.OLD).
  49. Next is Poliwhirl (dex 61), which evolves into Politoed via trading while holding a King's Rock in all versions (except SHINKA.OLD).
  51. Weepinbell (70) evolves to Tsubomit (ツボミット) via Sun's Stone in both 3.4 and 3.9. (but not SHINKA.OLD) This reference has been deleted in 4.4.
  53. Slowpoke (79) evolves into Slowking via trading while holding a King's Rock in all versions (except SHINKA.OLD).
  55. Farfetch'd (83) evolves into Madame (マダーム) via high happiness in 3.4 and 3.9 (not SHINKA.OLD), but not in 4.4 on.
  57. Onix (95) evolves into Steelix in 3.4 via trade holding a metal coat. (In SHINKA.OLD, it evolves...into "Nothing", despite Steelix existing.)
  59. Seadra (230) evolves into Kingdra via trading while holding a Dragon's Scale in all versions (except SHINKA.OLD).
  61. Scyther (123) evolves into Scizzors(シザース) by trading while holding a King's Rock in 3.4. This was changed to Scizor's real name, and Metal Coat by 3.9. (In SHINKA.OLD he also evolves into "Nothing".)
  63. Pinsir (127) evolves into Plux (プラックス) by trading with a King's Rock in 3.4 ("Nothing" in SHINKA.OLD). This reference to Plux was removed in 4.7.
  65. Eevee (133) evolves into Espeon and Umbreon via "high happiness" in 3.4. (Umbreon uses low happiness in SHINKA.OLD) In 3.9 they clarify it to mean high happiness in day or night. Side note, these databases have a maximum of 6 evolution slots. I suspect this is because Eevee started with 6 evolutions before proto-Leafeon was removed.
  67. Porygon (137) evolves into Porygon2 while trading and holding an Upgrade in all versions.
  69. -------------
  71. Chikorita (152) is called Chikorino (チコリーノ) in 3.4 and SHINKA.OLD only. Bayleef is known as Undecided01 (ミテイ01) in SHINKA.OLD and Meganium has its name already. Bayleef gets its name in 3.4.
  73. Cyndaquil (155) has its name in 3.4 & SHINKA.OLD, but weirdly, it is listed as evolving into Volbear (155) and Dynabear (156). I believe this was on one of the bug reports. They were corrected to their proper final names, Quilava and Typhlosion, in 3.9. Their movesets were not changed. This leads me to believe that Cyndaquil's line was the last to be finalized.
  75. Totodile (158) and his evolutions all have their proper names in SHINKA.OLD! This makes him the first starter to be finalized.
  77. Sentret (161) is named Moruten (モルテン) in 3.4, and it evolves into Furret (162), who is named Ninten(ニンテン) in SHINKA.OLD and Dakuten(ダクテン) in 3.4. Weird names. They were given their real names in 3.9.
  79. Ledyba (165) evolves into Mitsuboshi (166) (ミツボシ) in 3.4. Mitsuboshi means 3 stars, it might have also been a pun on its markings and nectar/mother. The evo's name was changed to Ledian in 3.9.
  81. Spinarak (167) is still called Koumo and it evolves into Twohead (168) in 3.4. They were given the names Spinarak and Ariados in 3.9.
  83. Crobat (169) was named X-ing until 3.9.
  85. ----
  86. Here's our first weird one.
  87. Yanma had the pokedex number 170 in 3.4. It evolves at level 10 to "Undecided03" (みてい03), dex number 171. Neither of these pokemon have any moves besides tackle, indicating they were very early in their design.
  88. In 3.9 it was given a movelist, and its evolution was removed. In 4.4 it was moved to pokedex number 193 and stayed there. I don't believe Yanma's evolution ever existed past the vague idea phase.
  90. In 4.4, pokedex numbers 170 and 171 were given to new pokemon Chinchou and its level 27 evo Lanturn, complete with appropriate movelists.
  92. ----
  94. Pichu (172) is listed as evolving into Pikachu at level 10 in 3.4, but this is switched to happiness in 3.9.
  96. Cleffa (173) and Igglybuff (174) both evolved at level 10 until 4.7, when they were given happiness evos instead.
  98. Togepi (175) had a happiness evolution in version 3.4.
  101. Mareep (179) was named Hachimei (ハチメイ) [crackle-baa] in 3.4. Name was finalized in 3.9, and its family's evolution levels were raised from 13 to 15 and 26 to 30 in 4.7. Flaafy and Ampharos both exist and have their real names.
  103. Marril (183) evolves into Undecided04 (みてい04)(184) at level 18 in 3.4. Strangely, Undecided04 has move data, so I think they just took a long time to name this poor guy. They named it Azumarill in 4.4.
  105. Sudowoodo (185) has his name in 3.4 but no move data besides a move called ものまね, which turned into まねっこ, Copycat. He was fleshed out with moves in 3.7.
  107. --------
  108. Next one's annoying.
  109. In 3.4, Hoppip (187)(who has a beta name, Haneko (ハネコ), instead of Hanekko (ハネッコ)) evolves into Poponeko(188) ポポネコ at level 18, and Wataneko(189) ワタネコ at 27. In 3.7 Haneko became Hanebouzu(ハネボーズ) and Poponeko became Popobouzu(ポポボーズ). In 5.1 their names were all finally changed to hanekko, popokko and watakko, or Hoppip, Jumpluff and Skiploom.
  110. --------
  112. We're deep in it now!
  113. 3.4's 190 is Mizuuo (ミズウオ). It has no evolutions, and it has a movelist including Water Gun, Earthquake and Amnesia. In 3.9 it was renamed to Quagsire (ヌオー), and still had no evolutionary family.
  115. In 4.4, Quagsire's dex number was changed to 195. Wooper (194) was created at the same time, to evolve to it at level 20.
  117. I believe that this means the spaceworld 99 beta must have been around version 3.9. Wooper and Quagsire both have their real names and numbers in 4.4, so it would logically have to be before that version, but some other pokemon use data from just after it. Maybe a revision we're missing explains the discrepancy.
  118. --------
  120. 3.4's 191 is Undecided01 (みてい01). It evolves at level 20 into Sunny (192)(サニー). They both only know Tackle. In 3.9, Undecided01 was orphaned, and Sunny became Sunflora(192), as a single pokemon, and was given a movelist.
  121. In 4.4, Sunkern (191) was created and given a movelist. It evolves into Sunflora via a Sun Stone.
  123. I have no idea why Sunflora had a stage taken away and then re-added in between versions.
  125. --------
  127. 193 is Tsubomitto (ツボミット) Weepinbell's alternate evolution, from 3.4 until 4.4, when it was deleted. Poor guy.
  128. Yanma was moved in 4.4 to take its place in the list.
  129. ****Tsubomitto was not in Weepenbell's line in SHINKA.OLD.
  131. 194 is known as Tail (テイル) in 3.4. Nice name. It was renamed to Aipom in 3.9, and moved in the dex to #190 in 4.7.
  133. 195 is Madame (マダーム) in 3.4 and 3.9. By 4.4 it was deleted and replaced with Quagsire, leading to all sorts of inaccurate fan theories.
  135. ---------
  136. 200 was norowara (ノロワラ), and this one is difficult to explain without sprites. He stayed in #200 through all revisions. He started out just knowing curse (noroi) in 3.4, given a full movelist in 3.9, and had it altered slightly in 4.4.
  137. Norowara is just short for cursed straw doll, and his design was a pretty average Japanese-style voodoo doll (wara-ningyou). I believe his design wasn't changed because it was infringing on anything, it was changed because it was too generic to copyright. His name was changed to Misdreavus all the way in 5.1.
  140. ----
  141. 202 is basically impossible to explain without sprites.
  142. 202 started out as a pokemon called Twinz (ツインズ). In SHINKA.OLD, it evolved into Girafarig (203) at level 17, and from there to Undecided05(204) (みてい05) at 34. None of these pokemon had movelists.
  143. In 3.9, Undecided05 was deleted, its evolution level was adjusted to 24, and they were both given movelists. However, by 4.4, Twinz had been deleted entirely, leaving Girafarig on its own.
  144. Judging by the different movelists, a completely new pokemon was added to #202, named Kagebouzu (カゲボーズ), which is *Shuppet*'s name. There is a beta Shuppet sprite in the scratchpads, to taunt me. There's a second beta sprite that looks like a winking white blob. By 5.1 this pokemon was renamed while keeping the same movelist... to...Wobbuffet.
  145. I really hope the pokedex entries can shed some light on this because I just don't know anymore. Was Twinz's concept reworked to fit Wobbuffet's tail? How does this explain the appearance and disappearance of Shuppet? Did he look too similar to Misdreavus? Who knows!
  146. ----
  147. Jumping to 205, 205 was originally Shuckle in 3.4 and 3.9 Weirdly, Shuckle was listed as having an evolution in 3.4 named Undecided06(みてい06) (#206), but this reference was deleted by 3.9. Shuckle was moved to spot 213 in 4.4.
  149. In 3.9, #204 Pineco (kunugidama in Japanese) shows up out of nowhere and is immediately given a full moveset including self-destruct. It is given an evolution named Hirakunugi (ヒラクヌギ)(#205) in 4.4, which is renamed to Forretress in 4.7.
  151. In 3.9, a deleted placeholder pokemon is replaced with Dunsparce (206), who already has his final name and number. This is that cute fat, wide snakey boy. He doesn't evolve into or from any boats.
  154. ===============UNFINISHED==============
  155. 207 is called Sasoriga (サソリガ) which is a very stabby name. [changed to gligar]
  156. 208 Steelix
  158. 209 Scizzors シザース -> final name Scizor in 3.9
  160. 213 Plux プラックス ->deleted after 3.9
  162. 216 Kokuma コクマ renamed to Teddiursa in 3.9
  164. 218 みてい07 until 3.9 , then Slugma is born with no evolutions
  165. 219 みてい08 until 4.4, Magcargo is born as its evolution
  167. 220 - originally piloswine was gonna be in the middle of a 3-stage.
  168. 220: みてい09 -> lvl 22 221: Piloswine -> lvl 42 222: みてい10
  169. evo levels adjusted a couple times,
  170. Swinub was named in 3.9, 3rd stage placeholder was deleted in 4.4
  172. 222: 4.4 Corsola, named Corale コラール, changed to Corsola in 5.1
  174. 225: Gift ギフト changes its name to Delibird in 5.1
  176. 226: Hane'ei ハネエイ renamed to Mantine in 5.1
  178. 227: Yoroidori renamed to Skarmory in 5.1
  180. 228: Devil (デビル) changes its name to Houndoor (delvil) in 4.7
  182. 234: Meshika メシカ (which is a very deer-sounding name) changes name to Stantler in 3.9
  184. 235: Painter ペインター renamed to Smeargle in 3.9
  186. 236: Gong is given proper evolution descriptions in 3.9, finalizes name to Tyrogue in 5.1
  188. 237: starts off as Lip リップ then Kisskiss キスキス in 3.9 and then Smoochum in 5.1
  190. Magby is named booby in Japanese and I just wanted everyone to know that
  192. 242 Happy ハッピー changes name to Blissey in 3.9
  194. Rai ライ  En エン  Sui スイ are given their final names in 4.4 (Raikou, Entei, Suicune)
  196. 246 is Igaru イガルー . This does not mean igloo. Iga means burr, like the spiky plant. This uses the spiky cindaquil sprite. It evolves lvl 28-> みてい11 lvl 42 -> Giras ギラス.  My theory is it was moved here to give Tyranitar's line ideas for a starter. Pupitar was fully implemented in 3.9 and the whole line changed names in 3.9 to Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, and their levels were adjusted to 30 and 55.
  198. 251 Celebi wasn't created with moves until 4.4. It was みてい12 until then.
  202. Thanks!
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