intestinal metaplasia

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. intestinal metaplasia - red korean ginseng
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  3. sigrid.grobys
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  6. Dear nat Chatters,
  8. I have been researching some interventions for a client with intestinal metaplasia. There is a study describing red korean ginseng in the reversal of intestinal metaplasia and another one out of China using the formula "xiao wei yan" (showing 90% I am a bit suspicious but trying to stay optimistic).
  10. Does anyone have experience with any of those treatments (or others) in reversing intestinal metaplasia? Interestingly, my client was shown to be negative for H.Pylori.
  12. Thanks,
  14. Sigrid Grobys N.D.
  15. An Apple a Day
  16. Singapore
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