BritAnon- Post WW2 Anon

Sep 11th, 2016
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  1. Context of the story was something along these lines:
  2. >"Our bloodiest war cost the lives of 328 guards, how can your wars even compare to such an atrocity?"~ Celestia
  8. >Celestia's words ring in your ears
  9. >328 guards? That's barely even a skirmish
  10. >Battles on your world have easily seen 1000 times that amount
  11. >Wars with collective casualties numbering in the tens of millions
  12. >And she's concerned over 328
  13. >As if that's a high body count
  14. >As if your planet's wars could ever even compare
  15. >You feel your palms trembling
  16. >You feel a burning sensation in your chest as memories surface
  17. >Anger?
  18. >Revulsion?
  19. >But in the end, all you feel is sorrow
  20. >Sorrow for the war torn world you left behind
  21. >For those millions cut down in their prime, ripped to pieces on blasted desolate battlefields
  22. >And sorrow that this bright and vibrant world which you now find yourself in has also known the vile touch of war and slaughter
  23. >Your voice shakes as you stammer back your reply, trying to keep your composure
  24. "I- I'm sorry your subjects d-died"
  25. >That's it?
  26. >That's all you can say?
  27. >You feel the dam breaking, the mask is slipping
  28. >Before you lose it you turn around and walk briskly out of the throne room to your sleeping quarters.
  30. >Your rest is fitful to say the least
  31. >Memories of the war haunt your dreams, waking you up in a cold sweat, and often screaming incoherently
  32. >You dreamed of the endless bombing raids night after night that shook you to your very core
  33. >Then of the allied invasion of your town, watching your countrymen fight like rabid dogs, only to prolong the inevitable
  34. >Your father lying in a pool of his own blood after the window was raked by machine gun fire
  35. >The soldier kicking open the door as you clutched the rifle you barely knew how to use
  36. >Shooting in a blind panic
  37. >You never wanted to kill him but the jagged gash in his neck gushing blood meant that you had
  39. >You leap out of bed screaming and crying in terror
  40. >You had also pissed the bed
  41. >Suddenly the door implodes as several guard ponies charge in, weapons ready
  42. >And all you see is the soldier you killed
  43. >You curl up into a ball in the corner, bawling like an infant
  44. >The guards try and comfort you, not knowing what the matter is
  45. >One sends for another to go and fetch Luna and tell her that something is wrong with the guest
  46. >He gallops off immediately
  48. >30 minutes later
  49. >You hear hooves clopping on tile floor as the princess of the night enters your room, flanked by a royal guard
  50. >She smiles warmly, though concern is evident on her face
  51. "I hear you've been having some bad dreams anon?"
  52. "I-It's nothing really"
  53. >You stammer back weakly
  54. "I'm uses to it now"
  55. >The princess's frown of concern deepens at these words
  56. >The guards have changed the sheets, but the stench of your accident still lingers in the air
  57. >To add to the image you are white as a sheet and your hair is matted with sweat
  58. >You aren't fooling anypony
  59. >In an authorative tone she dismisses all the guards present and shuts the door so it is just you and her in the room
  60. >She sits down next to you on the bed and drapes a large, soft wing around you just like a blanket, pulling you into a hug
  61. >Just like mother would do when the bombs came
  62. >You stifle a sob, sniffling pathetically
  63. "Tell me Anon, what troubles you so much? We have never seen you like this"
  64. "Do you miss your friends? Your family? Your home?"
  65. >Each question sends a stab of pain like a knife into your soul, and you sob again
  66. >You miss them all dearly, but they were all gone before you even came to this land
  67. >You wish you could pour your heart and soul out to luna
  68. >The way she holds you, says such kind words in that soft voice reminds you of your mother
  69. >You sniffle again
  70. "I can't tell you Luna, I'm sorry. Even if I could you would never believe me. You would think I'm a monster..."
  71. >Your voice catches in your throat at that last word
  72. >A 15 year old boy, a killer
  73. >A murderer
  74. >A monster
  75. >And then it all comes out
  76. >You cry for all you're worth
  77. >Crying for your parents
  78. >For the god that has forsaken you
  79. >For the sheer fucking futility of all the mindless bloodshed you have witnessed
  80. >And eventually you cry yourself to sleep, still wrapped in her embrace.
  82. >You wake up groggily with a pounding headache
  83. >Sitting up, you realise that Luna is still there in bed with you, though she is sat bolt upright
  84. >Her eyes are unfocused as she seems to stare right through you
  85. >You have seen this stare before on the faces of every German citizen you passed after the allies had swept through
  86. >An empty stare, a reflection of untold horrors that the mind has seen but has a complete inability to process
  87. >But what has she seen?
  88. >Cautiously you try to rouse her
  89. "Luna? Are you ok? What happened, what's wrong?"
  90. >Slowly she focuses her gaze on you, though she looks petrified
  91. "I... you... di-did you actually see those things? I-I-In person?"
  92. "What things Luna? What are you talking about?"
  93. >Her reply comes in a tiny voice, as if she can hardly dare to even speak the words
  94. "The d--d-dreams, Anon?"
  95. >The words hit you like a ton of bricks as a multitude of questions spring to mind
  96. >How can she see your dreams?
  97. >How much did she see?
  98. >Will she be alright?
  99. "I'm sorry you saw that, Luna"
  100. >Is all you can think to say
  101. >You've traumatised this pony, a princess no less
  102. >She will never forget the images, much like you won't
  103. >You're in the shit now for sure
  104. >Celestia will probably banish you, or lock you up
  105. >Perhaps even execute you...
  106. >As you begin to shake you feel a pair of hooves wrap around you tightly, squeezing you into a hug
  107. >You calm down a little at the feeling of this unexpected embrace, and Luna speaks quietly
  109. "We have never seen such horrors, Anonymous. Such atrocities inflicted by one another on their own kind"
  110. "The fact that you have 'gotten used to this' disturbs us greatly. We must inform our sister, Celestia. Only then can we figure out how best to help you."
  111. >Shit. You knew Celestia wasn't going to react well to this
  112. >But you were resigned to your fate, you honestly didn't care what the world threw at you anymore
  114. >Before you set off to the throneroom to meet your fate, you decide it best to get changed
  115. >Still fascinated by human biology, you allow the princess to stay in the room, so long as she averts her gaze when you are fully indecent
  116. >As you remove your shirt, you notice her scrunch up her face in a grimace
  117. >Suddenly you remember the scars on your back
  118. "What happened?"
  119. >She asks tentatively
  120. "There was an explosion close to me when they sent the tanks in. My back was burned and peppered with shrapnel from the blast"
  121. >You think to explain what a tank actually is, however the queasy expression on her face is indication that you should stop
  122. >You hurriedly get changed, deciding that any conversation with Celestia is bound to be less awkward than this pony stood here pitying you
  123. >Once you are dressed and notice that some colour has returned to her face, you make your way to the throneroom with Luna.
  125. >When you reach the throneroom, you are greeted by Celestia, who is sat on her large throne
  126. "Greetings Anonymous. Is there something you need?
  127. >You are reluctant to speak, but a look from Luna gives you the strength to speak
  128. "A-Actually Celestia, I need to discuss something with you, It's about the talk we had last night"
  129. >Her face flushes with anger and sadness
  130. "I do not wish to further discuss with you the war we fought against Sombra. You cannot comprehend the atrocities inflicted, nor do I want to corrupt your mind by the imagery of war."
  131. >The words stung but you decided to press on
  132. "Well actually Celestia, I wanted to tell you of a war on my planet. Of my war, if you will hear it"
  133. >Celestia seemed to perk at your apparent familiarity with the topic
  134. "Very well anonymous, I shall hear it, though I doubt it shall compare"
  136. >You begin with Hitler coming to power, how at first life seemed better, how you joined the Hitler youth as soon as you could
  137. >Then how life took a turn, as your country invaded Czechoslovakia and then Poland, provoking a war
  138. >You decide to leave out the Holocaust. You still couldn't bring yourself to believe that it was true, let alone these innocent creatures.
  139. >Your older brother left to go and fight in 1942, the last thing you ever heard from him was that he was being deployed to the eastern front and somewhere called Stalingrad
  140. >You never heard from him again after that
  141. >The situation began to deteriorate at home
  142. >Grieving families, extreme rationing
  143. >Then the bombing began
  144. >At first it was the odd air raid
  145. >Then soon enough it was every single night
  146. >Then in the day too, bombs falling endlessly
  147. >Your mother was killed in the bombing, on the third week of it
  148. >You saw her mangled corpse when the bombing stopped as the soldier pulled a tarp over her
  149. >That is the last memory you have of your mother
  150. >Not too long after that, the allied forces began drawing near to your town
  151. >Every night you could hear gunfire and explosions
  152. >Then they reached your town
  153. >That day it was raining heavily, the ground. Slippery bog
  154. >And still the men fought and died for this pitiful town, their blood mixing into the puddles, turning the streets into ribbons of crimson
  155. >You saw neighbours and friends gunned down, caught in the crossfire
  156. >You saw your father die, shaking in a pool of his own blood, looking straight into your eyes as the life bled out of him
  157. >You saw the soldier again, his eyes bulging with shock as you shot him
  158. >Murdered him
  160. >You don't know when you started crying, but your face is drenched with tears
  161. >Both the princesses and the guards present are stood in astonished silence, their faces too streaked with tears
  162. "So uh, yeah, that was my war"
  163. >You finish lamely
  164. >It takes around 5 minutes for anyone to calm down enough to speak
  165. >Finally, Celestia breaks the snivelling
  166. "How many people died Anon? I need to know. How many died?"
  167. "I-In my town?"
  168. >You pray to god that she just means your town
  169. "No Anon, the war. How many died in that war?"
  170. >You can't lie. You don't really want to lie at this point
  171. "We don't know for certain, but it is estimated to be between 50 and 80 million"
  172. >The princess of the sun promptly faints, and Luna and several guards throw up
  174. >1 year later
  175. >You are now living in Ponyville in a castle with Twilight Sparkle, your closest friend
  176. >The town vaguely reminds you of your old home in Germany
  177. >It makes you sad, even though you are happy here
  178. >Celestia arranged for you to live here with Twilight after she finally recovered from what you said
  179. >Since then you have become great friends with everyone in the town
  180. >There is no fighting here, no wars, and petty quarrels are few and far between
  181. >You are happy here, even the night terrors have subsided and become less frequent
  182. >You smile as you watch the sun set, without fear of a bombing raid or attack
  183. >Without worrying if you will see another day
  184. >You are finally at peace
  185. >You are home
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