PQ - Merchants and their Inventories (Updated 4 April 2020)

Jul 30th, 2018
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  3. Description: In the back of every Sunday issue of the Ribcage Informant is a mail-order section, listing various goods for sale, as well as a foldable box made of enchanted papyrus, and an itemized order form for easy filling. In order to place an order, all that you have to do is write down what goods you want and in what quantity, put the order and your money (shipping and handling included) into the box, and seal it. Once the box is sealed, it will magically teleport to Marvelous Margarita's headquarters, where your order will be processed, and then delivered to you via magic transport.
  5. ///// Weapons /////
  7. Lasso Leash (Tag: Ranged): A long coil of sturdy rope, made from monster's hair and enchanted by a skilled wizard with a penchant for pet monsters. On one end is a handle bound with lizardskin leather, and on the other is an adjustable lasso loop. When an enemy is at or below 50% health, the lasso can be thrown at them to capture them, and the captured enemy must roll against the capture roll in order to resist it, which is not instant and takes one of their actions for the turn. If they fail, they are subdued by the lasso's magic, and made into the user's captive. If they are a non-sapient creature such as a monster, they can be made into a minion, with appropriate adjusted stats for balance purposes. A sapient creature can't be made into a minion, but is at the user's mercy until they are released.
  8. Price: 300 Bits
  10. Official Crimson King Brand Duplicoins™ (Tags: Great, Ranged): A bag of fake, enchanted coins that look quite convincing to all except those who are experts in forgery. The coins magically register the first person that touches them. When they are touched by another person, they explode with the force of a small firecracker. They are often used as bombs in combat, but this enchantment gives them a variety of unconventional uses in other situations (such as secretly planing them on an unwitting target). Individually, they aren't very powerful, and attacks with them deal 1 fewer hit of damage, down to a minimum of 1 per attack. However, their ease of use means that Cleave attacks made with them have a -2 to their critfail range. After the coins explode, they magically regenerate within the bag.
  11. Price: 250 Bits
  13. Bassetrang (Tag: Ranged): A boomerang carved from the wood of a peculiar tree whose scent dogs seem to love. A basset hound's head in profile is etched into either side. It can be used as a weapon, but is most often favored for its enchantment. Like the hunting dogs that share its name, this boomerang sniffs out objects of interest, and highlights them for the user once it returns. The boomerang can also be used to swipe an object from a far-off target and bring it back to the user, or to transport an item from the user to the target. For example, one can steal an enemy's weapon from afar with the boomerang, or it can transport a healing potion to someone's ally faster than it would take for the user to get to the ally on foot.
  14. Price: 200 Bits
  16. ///// Minions /////
  18. The Clockwork Orange: A clockwork minion that disguises itself as a humble orange. In actuality, this minion is an enchanted spyglass mounted inside a clockwork, spider-like body, including eight legs that can fold in on themselves, and it has an orange-like outside for a disgusie. The minion comes with a remote control, and in the center of the remote is a scrying orb linked to the minion's spyglass, which transmits everything that the minion is able to see. It cannot attack, but can record video and audio.
  19. H/W: 4/4
  20. Skills: Disguise (Orange), Stealth, Innocent (when disguised), Record (Automatic: Captures video and audio footage of whatever the spyglass is looking at).
  21. Bonuses: +1 to Disguise and Stealth
  22. Price: 300 Bits
  24. Observant Winged Loyalist (OWL): A magitech construction in the shape of an owl. Most common designs are screech owls and barn owls, but any sub-species of owl can be ordered. This minion is designed for both combat and reconaissance purposes, and if it is destroyed, it can be revived either by taking it to a technician who can work with magitech, or by using the Repair skill.
  25. H/W: 5/5
  26. Skills: Arcane Arms (Lightning Element), Tumble, Tackle, Misogi
  27. Bonuses: +1 to Tumble and Tackle
  28. Price: 400 Bits
  30. ///// Jewelry /////
  32. Tin Monocle: A monocle with a frame made of tin, bearing an enchantment. When you close the eye that the monocle doesn't cover, the enchantment activates. The monocle's magic looks for anything that has been deliberately hidden, from things like secret weapon holsters to back-alley speakeasys. Grants the use of Master Thief to those who don't have it, and those who do have it gain a -2 Crit Range instead.
  33. Price: 200 Bits
  35. Sea-Servant's Ring: A silver ring with an inscription of a sea-pony on it. The term Sea-Servant refers to a mysterious religious order whose members are comprised of the various sea-pony tribes that wander the world's oceans. The Sea-Servants protect endangered fish species, remove litter and other pollutants from the water, and rescue crews that are lost at sea. However, they are also sometimes accused of luring crews with beautiful songs to their deaths, or creating storms and whirlpools to attack ships that hunt in waters that they arbritrarily declare to be under their protection after the fact. In spite of these rumors, they are generally looked to as heroes, so long as you stay on their good side.
  36. Effect: Allows one to communicate with any creature that lives underwater.
  37. Price: 100 Bits
  39. Poisondrinker Pendant: A murky green pendant with a piece of obsidian inlaid in the center. Inspired by the tale of a prince condemned to death by his treacherous uncle, who framed him of unspeakable crimes in order to claim the throne for himself. The prince was set to be executed by drinking poison, but the prince received the pendant from a benevolent spirit on the eve of the execution. Using it to fake his death, the prince escaped the kingdom, and returned with a fleet of pirates to retake his rightful inheritance.
  40. Effect: While worn, the user is completely immune to all poisons.
  41. Price: 150 Bits
  43. ///// Clothing /////
  45. Medium-Quality Clothing: Clothing that is commonly worn by the middle class members of society, like merchants, scribes, tradesmen, spellcasters, teachers, and the servants of lords' houses. A variety of clothing styles are here, and are of good material and fit.
  46. Price: 10 Bits per clothing piece.
  48. Seeing-Eyepatch: Although it appears to be an ordinary eyepatch, it has a special enchantment. When worn, the user can see through walls and other thin surfaces with the eye that the eyepatch covers. However, the user must close their uncovered eye, and be within three meters of the surface they want to see through in order for it to work.
  49. Price: 150 Bits.
  51. Dyes: An assortment of dyes for changing the color of your outfits and armor. One jar is enough to change the color of a clothing item or piece of armor, and one jar naturally contains only one color.
  52. Price: 10 Bits per jar.
  54. ///// Consumables /////
  56. Glib Grog: A special cocktail of rum, nutmeg, sugar and cinnamon that relaxes you and enhances your socializing skills. After you consume it, you will gain an air of disarming friendliness and good energy, making people more likely to believe you, share information, take your advice or follow your instructions. Dialogue-based rolls are at DC-2, and you gain the Innocent tag for the purposes of dialogue if you don't have it already. Failures with dialogue-based rolls have greatly reduced consequences. Lasts for 24 hours.
  57. Price: 100 Bits per bottle
  59. Luchador's Lucky Lime: A tequila-based drink that is popular among the honorable luchadors of Mexicolt and the various islands where Mexicoltan explorers have landed. After you consume it, you can reroll failed actions in combat, but can only reroll one action per turn. You can also roll to get up from helplessness as an instant action. Lasts for 24 hours.
  60. Price: 100 Bits per bottle
  62. Ocean Spirit's Cider: A cider that originates from Shaka, the Ribcage's most famous mage's guild. Shaka's mages pursue very practical magic centered around the manipulation of water. One such branch of their magic is called "The Art of Flow," which deals with traveling via water, such as swimming, sailing, surfing and even riding on sea-creatures. This cider acts as a shot of temporary mastery in the Art of Flow. After you consume it, you become greatly skilled at all sorts of water-based travel. If you pick up a surfboard, you can surf as though you were an old pro. If you decide to swim, you are as mobile as a dolphin and have the stamina to match. If you steer a boat, you can handle it against any rough and stormy currents. And, if you are in the water and can manage to get ahold of a sea-critter big enough to support your weight, you can take command of it as if it were an obedient steed. Lasts for 24 hours.
  63. Price: 100 Bits per bottle
  65. ///// Furniture and room decor /////
  67. Paint, Finish, Caulk, Pitch and Tools: A crate of supplies used for maintaining and decorating a ship, as well as its many rooms. Includes a variety of waterproof paints and finishes and the tools to apply them, in addition to the standard shipwright tools for repairing and waterproofing the hull.
  68. Price: 250 Bits
  70. Ordinary Oak Furniture: Various furniture pieces, such as chairs, drawers, tables, desks, cabinets, clothes-racks, etc., all carved from oak. Sturdy and rugged, but not very flashy, but can be made nicer with some decoration.
  71. Price: 20 Bits per furniture piece
  73. Ordinary Sheets and Cloths: A variety of cloth- and linen-based sheets, such as tablecloths, bedsheets, blankets, curtains, mats, rugs, etc. A bit on the ordinary side, but come in many colors and from the many cultures of the Ribcage, providing ample resources for decoration.
  74. Price: 20 Bits per item
  76. ///// Miscellaneous /////
  78. Saddlebags of Holding: Bags of various size and design, such as knapsacks, backpacks, saddlebags, fanny packs, totes, et., each with a carrying capacity of 100 pounds and an enchantment that gives them a larger internal space than their external space would allow.
  79. Price: 30 Bits per bag
  81. Picture-Box: An amazing feat of magitech, consisting of a rectangular, wooden red box and a spyglass lens coming out of one side. A button on the top allows the box to capture an image, and print it out onto a sheet of papyrus, with color and everything. Comes with a roll of film.
  82. It's a camera.
  83. Price: 100 Bits
  85. Monster Cage: A small cage that can house captive monsters. Enchanted with Aura so that it cannot be broken from the inside, and makes its captive docile while in the cage.
  86. Price: 100 Bits
  88. Playing-card Deck: A deck of cards, but with a unique set of suits found only in the Ribcage. The four suits consist of the Pistol, the Sabre, the Cannon, and the Bottle o'Rum. The face cards are the Captain, the First Mate, the Lookout and the Swab, and the Bard takes the place of the Joker. Includes instructions for various games that can be played with one or two decks.
  89. Price: 5 Bits
  91. Witches and Wargs 3.0: A tabletop game that comes with a set of dice of various sizes, from the humble d4 all the way to the d20. Included is a brief rules booklet, which includes character sheets and figurines.
  92. Price: 20 Bits
  94. Empty Aquarium: An aquarium (3 x 4 x .5 meters) with a special Aura enchantment upon it. When the aquarium is filled with water taken from a specific place, it will start to generate fish and plantlife from that area. The fish and plants are real, and will remain even after they are removed from the aquarium, enabling one to make a little fish farm. It takes 24 hours for fish to generate once the aquarium is filled with water, and another 24 to replenish if the fish are removed from the tank.
  95. Price: 200 Bits
  97. Pen Pal Journal: A journal with an Aura enchantment that links it to another journal, somewhere out there in the world. When one person writes in their journal, the writing appears in the journal that is linked to it.
  98. Price: 50 Bits
  100. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102. ////// ORB-WEAVER'S CARAVAN OF CURIOS //////
  104. Description: Orb-Weaver, a member of the Krikral race of sapient bugs, is a spider about three feet tall, dressed in well-to-do adventurer's garb with many pockets full of baubles and gizmos. His caravan consists of a wheeled bazaar-stand which he carries on a cart. He is a shrewd bargainer but not a cruel penny-pincher.
  106. ///// Weapons //////
  108. Spiked club (Tag: Single): A wooden club with a strip of metal wrapped around the end, with short spikes jutting out of it. Causes Bleed on hit.
  109. Bleed: The target loses 1 Hit/round for 3 rounds or until healed
  110. Price: 30 Bits
  112. (Purchased by Alder) Medic's Knife (Tag: Single): A dagger with a magical enchantment that heals whosoever touches any part of the blade. Allows the user to use the Heal skill and apply their bonuses from basic attacks to that roll, including the lowered DC from Single.
  113. Price: 100 Bits
  115. The Hook (Tag: Single): A hook attached to a gauntlet that covers one's hand/hoof entirely. Makes walking awkward. Grants +1 to Grappling rolls.
  116. Price: 20 Bits
  118. ////// Armor //////
  120. (Purchased by Alder) Light Leather Armor: Simple armor made out of monster hide. Grants +2 to your maximum Hits.
  121. Price: 50 Bits
  123. (Purchased by Cloud) Bluestalker Armor: Scale armor made from the Bluestalker, a reptilian predator which is highly resistant to non-elemental magic. Reduces incoming damage from non-elemental magic sources by 3 Hits, reducing it to a minimum of 1 damage.
  124. Price: 150 Bits
  126. Rubber Leather Armor: Leather gear that is insulated with rubber and sealed with pitch. Reduces incoming damage from Lightning-based damage sources by 3 Hits, reducing it to a minimum of 1 damage.
  127. Price: 150 Bits
  129. ////// Jewelry //////
  131. Bullet Bangle: A loose onyx bracelet with a hollowed-out bullet instead of a jewel on it. When worn, all attacks made using a gun or cannon gain an additional roll, and the higher result is taken.
  132. Price: 200 Bits
  134. (Purhcased by Cerulean) Eye of Wisdom: A magic brooch with a sapphire on an ivory background, resembling an eye. There is an old folktale about a great warrior who gave up parts of his body in exchange for supernatural power. The eye, it is said, was given up in exchange for wisdom and insight beyond measure. The holder can ask the eye for a hint about a situation or problem.
  135. Price: 200 Bits
  137. ////// Clothing //////
  139. Low Quality Clothing: Various clothing pieces that are rather drab, worn chiefly by the poor and by pirates.
  140. Price: 3 Bits per clothing piece
  142. (Purchased by Cloud) Navigator's Hat: A sturdy pirate's hat that keeps the sun and sweat out of your eyes. Provides +1 to navigation whether on land or sea.
  143. Price: 15 Bits
  145. Dyes: An assortment of dyes for changing the color of your outfits and armor. One jar is enough to change the color of a clothing item or piece of armor, and one jar naturally contains only one color.
  146. Price: 10 Bits per jar.
  148. ////// Consumables //////
  150. Scroll of Conjure Minion: A magic scroll imbued with the Conjure Minion spell, allowing the user to roll for it even if they have no magic ability. A successful use consumes the scroll, but a failed roll does not. Using a scroll is Instant.
  151. Price: 100 Bits
  153. Scroll of Quake: A magic scroll imbued with a magical form of the Quake ability, allowing the user to roll for it even if they have no magic ability. A successful use consumes the scroll, but a failed roll does not. Using a scroll is instant.
  154. Price: 200 Bits
  156. Scroll of Haste: A magic scroll imbued with the Haste spell, allowing the user to roll for it even if they have no magic ability. A successful use consumes the scroll, but a failed roll does not. Using a scroll is instant.
  157. Price: 300 Bits
  159. ////// Miscellaneous //////
  161. (Purchased by Cerulean) Beetleband Song Pack 1: A collection of small parchment rectangles that are compatible with Beetlebands. Loading them into the slots on the backs of Beetlebands teaches them music.
  162. Contains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnF7HuBpEOc&list=PL5v3s8VCp-ShVl-HvaUu9IAuWUwcR1dfG&index=1
  163. Price: 20 Bits
  165. (Purchased by Cerulean) Beetleband Song Pack 2: A collection of small parchment rectangles that are compatible with Beetlebands. Loading them into the slots on the backs of Beetlebands teaches them music.
  166. Contains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOld-kvQYm0
  167. Price: 30 Bits
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